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Kumail Nanjiani Will Be a Bollywood Star in Marvel's Eternals

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

The rising comedian has become increasingly popular with films like the Big Sick, Stuber and the up and coming Lovebirds. He is the first South Asian actor to be playing a major comic book hero in an MCU film and one of the few Pakistani actors in the MCU as a whole.

Initially Kumail has become a "thirst trap" due to posting a photo of his new and improved super hero physique. According to the actor himself, he underwent an extremely intense bodybuilding work out and strict diet since his team up with Dave Bautista in Stuber and his casting into the MCU. Nanjiani's newly muscled body, vasodilated veins on his arms and "7 pack abs" has lead to his photo also being used as the main photo for the Muscular Men category of Pornhub. He was also offered $15K by a manager of a strip club to host and perform for the clubs opening. Nanjiani commented on twitter about the responses as being a weird week.

However the latest news regarding Nanjiani's role in Eternals has been revealed that his character Kingo Sunen will be a Bollywood star and have a Bollywood style song and dance in the film featuring South Asian back up dancers. Considering DC's Legend of Tomorrow has done this same bollywood-esque formula with Tale Ashe's Zari and Sachin Bhatt's Sanjay, it seem to be the Superhero genre have some major bollywood fans in their creative team. Nanjiani commented that he took months of Bollywood dance classes in preparation for this side of the character.

In the comics, Kingo Sunen is originally a Japanese Samurai during the 16th century and a master of Japanese martial arts especially Kendo/Kenjutsu. However by the time of the modern day, Comics Kingo Sunen becomes an A-List actor in modern day Japan specialising in martial arts films. With Kumail Nanjiani being of Pakistani descent, the MCU version of Kingo will appear to be from 16th century South Asia (maybe even before then) and likely a Rajput Warrior with experience in martial arts such as Sqay or Gatka.

It seems to be that the Eternals will hide among humans in modern day to blend in and to allow Humans to solve their own problems and fight their own battles. During this time it seems the MCU Kingo Sunen is an extreme show boater and decides to become the biggest actor in Bollywood as his alter ego.

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