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John Wick 4 casts Scott Adkins, Marko Zaror, Hiroyuki Sanada and Donnie Yen

We have a big update on John Wick 4, the action packed series starring Keanu Reeves as the titular character. True to its nature as an action packed franchise with some genuine martial arts talent, the fourth instalment has announced not one, not two, not even three but four martial arts stars are attached to the project. Now lets take a look at who these action heroes are and what they bring to the table.

The first of these is British actor Scott Adkins famous for his roles as Uri Boyka in the Undisputed franchise, Hector in Expendables 2, Danny in Green Street 3, Lucien Asrtor in Dr Strange and leading his own British action flick Mike Fallon in Accident Man.

Joining him will be Palestinian/Italian Chilean actor Marko Zaror who has starred alongside Adkins in Undisputed 3 as Colombian criminal Dolor and in Savage Dogs as Rastignac. He also appeared in Marvel's Defenders as Shaft, Bollywood film Sultan as Marcus and he has several Latin American action roles from Palestinian Chilean Zami in Kiltro, Zaror in Machete Kills and Pardo in Redeemer.

Japanese veteran actor Hiroyuki Sanada will also appear in the film. Many of you would recognise him as Kenji from Rush Hour 3, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion in the Mortal Kombat 2021 film, he also has appeared in Marvel as well as Akihiko in Avengers Endgame and in the X-Men franchise as Shingen Yashida in the Wolverine Japan film. Lets not forget he was in Army of the Dead with the cheesy line of: "It will be Easy Peasey Japanesey." (Yeah don't ask.)

And Finally the Wing Chun legend from China. We have Donnie Yen. Best known for his portrayal of Ip Man in the Ip Man film franchise. While he may not have jumped into Marvel just yet (maybe in a Shang Chi sequel). He has also appeared in Disney's Mulan as Commander Tung and alongside Vin Diesel in xXx: Return of Xander Cage where he portrays Xiang. From this line up John Wick 4 is gonna be lit af.

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