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Indian-Nigerian Romance Film "Namaste Wahala" Coming This December

We all know Hollywood one of the biggest film industry in the world. But moving onto international industries we have Asian Bollywood from India and African Nollywood from Nigeria. But what happens when these two bring the two together? Here's a trailer to take a look at what to expect.

Well that's what Hamisha Daryanji Ahuja a business woman turned director has set out to do with her upcoming film Namaste Wahala. The name of the film translates from Hindi meaning "Hello Trouble". Starring Nigerian Nollywood beauty Ini Dima Okojie as the leading lady Didi with Indian Bollywood heartthrob Ruslan Mumtaz as her main love interest Raj. The film was set to release in April 2020 but was set back due to the CoVid19 pandemic. The film is set to release this December the 1st.

Joining the pair are a cast from both Nollywood and Bollywood such as Joke Silva, Richard Mofe Damijo and Sagal Sejata. The film will be spoken in English but expect to hear some Indian and Nigerian words most likely from Hindi and Yoruba. The Film will be set in Lagos, Nigeria and the plot was inspired by Ahuja's own experiences as she has lived in both India and Nigeria.

Speaking with CNN, Ahuja said, "I am Indian but I have lived in Nigeria my whole life. Everyone loves Bollywood and Nollywood, so I thought 'how is it that no one has done a love story between the two?'"

She added, "The story has been in my head for a long time but I wanted it to be completely accurate. I wanted both cultures to be portrayed the same, that no culture was above the other."

As an Indian-Nigerian love story, the movie fuses Nigerian and Indian weddings - both huge, colourful and lavish affairs.

According to Ahuja, "It is a fun comedy, a lot of laughs with a few tears."

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