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Idris Elba Teases Bronze Tiger Role in The Suicide Squad

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Idris Elba hints at Bronze Tiger role

The Director of the upcoming Suicide Squad sequel, James Gunn just turned 54 on 5th of August this year. The cast of his Suicide Squad film (which includes Idris Elba) decided to send him their happy birthday messages. Check it out!

Notice anything around 00:18? Thats right. Idris Elba's happy birthday message is mixed in with the sound effects of a Tiger Roar. Hinting at his possible role being Bronze Tiger. Whilst he initially was believed to be replacing Will Smith as Deadshot, that is not the case. This video hints that he will be the DCEU's martial arts hero Bronze Tiger known for being one of the best martial artists in DC comics and was portrayed by African American Martial Arts actor Michael Jai White in the Arrowverse. Considering Idris Elba had started taking up Muay Thai in his early 40s and show cased much of his talent in Hobbs vs Shaw, we can imagine that he will live up to his predecessor, despite being a newcomer to Martial Arts in comparison

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