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Hollywood's Scott Adkins and Bollywood's Vidyut Jamwal Want To Do A UK-India Action Film

So during the gloom that is 2020. Two martial arts actor headed to YouTube to start their own web cam based YouTube Series. Starting off close to home is British Actor Scott Adkins with his series Art of Action. Adkins is best known for his action roles ranging from Uri Boyka from the Undisputed series, Ryan Reynold's stunt double as Weapon XI in Wolverine's Origins, Casey Bowman in the Ninja films, Hector in The Expendables 2, Danny Harvey in Green Street 3, King Amphytrion in The Legend of Hercules, Pavel Lukashenko in Grimsby, Lucian in Marvel's Doctor Strange and Mike Fallon in Accident Man. He has appeared in way more.

For his series Art of Action he talks to many martial arts actor or choreographers about their careers and experience in the action/martial arts industry and he has featured to likes of Chilean Palestinian Marko Zaror, African American Michael Jai White, Thai Tony Jaa, Swedish Dolph Lundgren, Japanese American Kane Kosugi and many more. One of these also include Vidyut Jamwal.

Who is Vidyut Jamwal? well he is a Bollywood actor and an action star. no not like that one scene of the Indian cop that you've all seen before. Vidyut is a real deal. A practitioner of Kalaripayattu, one of the oldest martial arts to ever exist and survive in modern day. He has made a career our of his skill whilst also intends to teach the world about his style and the culture of Indian Martial Arts.

Vidyut Jamwal has also created his own YouTube series in the same way Scott Adkins has named X-Rayed where he too features several martial artists and action stars to interview, so far he has interview Michael Jai White, Tony Jaa and Scott Adkins. Hopefully we will see more of him in future as Vidyut and Adkins, Jaa and Jai White have all expressed interest in working together for a film project soon. Whilst Adkins, Jaa and Jai White can all teamed up for the film Triple Threat (worth the watch on Netflix). None have had the chance to work with Vidyut... yet.

Interestingly whilst Scott Adkins and Vidyut Jamwal have shown interest in making a UK-India action film together (Vidyut's film Commando 3 was filmed in Bradford), British Martial Arts actor Christian Howard suggested the idea years ago in his interview with Kung Fu Kingdom stating if the US and China can have a buddy cop film together like Rush Hour why can't the UK and India? Honestly we would look forward to seeing that happen maybe with Welsh director Gareth Evans (of The Raid Franchise and Gangs of London) would be the perfect man to direct the film.

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