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HBO Max Reveal a Green Lantern Series

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

DC has been doing a lot in term of their live action franchises as of late. The DCEU films has heavily improved in quality and popularity with Wonderwoman, Aquaman and Shazam despite their set backs. The CW's 'Arrowverse' has built its cult following over the years and 'Titans' has set a new standard for DCTV. Other shows such as Gotham and Krypton exist as explored the home worlds of Batman and Superman.

Despite all this we have not had a live action green latern since Ryan Reynolds took on the power ring as Hal Jordan and lets say it underperformed. We had a glimpse of a Lantern in Warner Bros failed Justice League movie, but it has not stopped fans from wanting to see their favourite Green Mean Lantern Machine make an appearance again - in the right way!

There are 6 human Green Laterns in the comics, and despite all of them being American (some how) they are fairly diverse amonst each other with different backgrounds and personalities. Some fans even suggested the idea of the different Laterns showing up in the different DC medias. Such as Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner for the DCEU (a mentor/student film idea), John Stewart and Guy Gardner as the CWs Laterns (John Diggle from Arrow is hinted to be John Stewart in The Flash of Earth 90's universe) and finally the sidekick orientated Titansverse could include Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz as a young duo forced to work together as young trainee lanterns on earth much like their comic counterparts currently are.

Left to Right. Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Hal Jordan, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz. The Human green lanterns.

Whilst its unknown if any of these ideas would have come true, HBO Max is intending to release a Green Lantern TV series for a May 2020 release alongside other new shows such as Strange Adventures (revolving around Adam Strange) and DC Super hero high, "a hour half comedy series about super powered teenagers at a boarding school for gifted children"

However for many fans of the Green Lanterns see this is perfect for them. It is unknown if HBO Max will connect to Titans or CW or DCEU universe or be its own universe "HBOverse" Anyhow we are excited and we would also like to cover the 6 Lanterns of Earth and maybe even the possible actors that we could portraying them.

Hal Jordan

The first human to become a Green Lantern was Hal Jordan. He was an ace pilot for the US Airforce but was discharged and found work as a test pilot. As we all would have seen Hal's origin from the Green Lantern film, many of our first impressions from him likely came from the recent Green Lantern Animated Series or The Batman 2004 or even further back with DC Super Friends (yes this was a show). Whilst Ryan Reynolds and fans have both asserted to not want Reynolds to return, there are many actor fans want to see for Hal Jordan. Some fan favourites are Alex Skarsgard, Armie Hammer, Chase Crawford, Ewan McGregor, James Marsden, Jensen Ackles, John Krasinski, Liam Hemsworth, Ryan Gosling and Josh Duhamel.

John Stewart

The next green lantern, maybe even the best known and most popular would be John Stewart. He was among one of many early African American superheroes of his time and one of many ethnic minority successors of a white hero. However he was never portrayed as a sidekick to Hal or even looming in his shadow. This was helped with most of his fans being the first Green Lantern they grew up with in the Justice League animated show. As a character he was an architech but retconned to being also a former marine in the US military. While in the comics he succeeds Guy Gardner after Guy gets injured. He ends up being selected by the guardians themselves and prove himself worthy to Hal in his earlier issues. He was also portrayed as a main stay in Justice League whilst Hal was off world. In the animated series is the Green Lantern who joins the first Justice League (whilst Hal is part of founding team in the comics, he is M.I.A in the series). He is known for his no nonsensical and professional attitude at all times. Many fan favourites for this character are Idris Elba, Boris Kodjoe, DeMark Thompson, Jason Winston George, Lance Gross, Omari Hardwick, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Tyrese Gibson and of course David Ramsey (if he portrays John Stewart for Crisis on Infinite Earths)

Guy Gardner

Whilst he is the second green lantern after Hal Jordan he is generally is less popular than his successor John Stewart. But this hasn't stopped him from still being the main green lantern of the Batman the Brave and the Bold series. Guy is unique being one of the few ginger male super heroes as well as being another example of a firey tempered redhead. What he lacks in popularity has not hindered his chances of being a fan favourite to at least appear in a Green Lantern series or film as a cameo, teaser character or even just a ginger fan favourite. Many choices for the role of Guy are unsurprisingly red head actors like Rupert Grint, Damian Lewis, Charlie Clements, Domhall Gleeson, Kevin McKidd, Michael C Hall, Rupert Perry Jones, KJ Apa (fake redhead tho) and Nic Sampson.

Kyle Rayner

The fourth Green Lantern, arguably the most powerful when he became the Omega Lantern (he has every colour power ring). He is one of the youngest lanterns being mentored by the older ones when he started off and then grew to be one of the most successful. Interestingly whilst he was originally concieved to be Irish-American (he even spoke Gaelic with his mum), the new 52 Kyle Raynor is revealed to be half Mestizo Mexican through his dad whilst he did not know this from the start. Many artists have played up his Latino heritage usually by portraying him with a slightly dark tan each time. Regardless of this he is usually recognised as Irish Mexican American and will be one of the first Latino leading super heroes for DC alongside the upcoming potential Blue Beetle films. Due to being a younger character and his mexican heritage favourites for the role have been David Gallagher, Diego Boneta, Michael Trevino, Ricardo Segarra, Ryan Guzman, Santiago Segurra, Tommy Savas, Tyler Posey and Sean Teale.

Simon Baz

Marvels Asian Muslim icon is currently Kamala Khan who will be getting her own series. But on the DC side it is with out a doubt the most well known Asian Muslim is Lebanese American Simon Baz. Thematically, despite their similar backgrounds (Asian Americans, Muslims, Brown, succeeds a galactic hero) Simon has is portrayed as more of a bad tempred cynic who gets by in life as a car thief and is usually involved in gang crime in the streets of Detriot which contrasts Marvel's preppy optimistic Kamala and her more brighter nature in New Jersey. Simon Baz becomes a green lantern but under the strict orders of Hal Jordan, he is to be confined to mostly Earth based mission with the Justice League and forced to share a Power Battery with his new partner Jessica Cruz (more on her later scroll down). An interesting thing covered about Simon Baz is due to years of growing up with Islamophic abuse and Anti-Asian/Arab sentiment all his life has lead him to develop forms of anger issues and anxiety to a point where he much like Guy Gardner has been stated to be a worthy candidate for the Red Lantern ring of Rage. He even used to carry a pistol as he felt he needed it if he couldn't protect himself or his family (a Yellow lantern even taunted him about him feeling victimised). Despite his initial gangster badman attitude deep down it is all just a front to protect his ego and sense of safety, something that is rarely covered in fiction regarding prejudice towards Asians and Muslim in the modern day and age. He does not want to be bad, but feels it the only way people see him and therefore must use it to deter anyone from hurting him. Choices for the character ranges from Arab, Asian or Muslim actors like Mena Massoud, Fady El-Sayed, Haaz Sleiman, Firass Dirani, Amir El-Masry, Saif Al-Warith, Ahmed Mesallati, Elyes Gabel, Jay Ali, Jan Uddin, Dana Abraham Hannan, Karim Zeraoul, Mawran Kenzari and Simo Mohamed Elhbabi.

Jessica Cruz

The first female green lantern and the second Latinx green lantern being of Mexican origin. Jessica Cruz is the latest Green Lantern alongsie her current partner Simon. The two of them get along like... well they don't. But they have potential as a buddy cop type of duo. Jessica Cruz has one of the more frightening origin stories. Involving her and her freinds witnessing men bury a body. The men murder Jessica's freind leaving her traumatised. The trauma was so great that the Ring of Volthoom had forcibily tortured her physically and psychically to make her acccept its power feeding off her fears. With the help of Batman and later Hal Jordan she is encouraged to become a green latern herself learning to control her ring. During her team up with Simon it is made quite clear Jessica still has fears and anxiety issues (something the Yellow lanterns try to take advantage of), much like her partner Simon she also used a gun. Though she used a shotgun to force the powerring to stay away from her before she became the lantern. Unlike Simon she doesnt feel she needs to be carring a skeng to fight her anxiety issues. Fan choices for Jessica Cruz range from Victoria Justice, Becky G, Selena Gomez, Andrea Martinez, Adria Arjona, Alexa Vega, Ana de Armas, Bianca Santos, Camila Banus, Camilla Belle, Eiza González, Genesis Rodriguez, Gina Rodriguez, Lindsey Morgan, Lorenza Izzo, Maria Valverde, Melissa Fumero, Natalie Martinez, Shakira Barrera, Sofia Black D'Elia.

Which Green Lantern are you most excited to see? let us know!

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