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HBO Max Wants Original Batman Series! Affleck, Leto, and Manganiello to Return!

Sources close to 'The Cultured Nerd' have confirmed it. This follows reports last week that AT&T and WarnerMedia want Affleck to return as the Caped Crusader. Affleck is also in talks to return to the director’s chair and to adapt his original script that got scrapped and has Zack Snyder on board to produce it.

Apparently Affleck's original 'The Batman' script featured a dual villain storyline with Jerad Leto's 'The Joker' and Manganiello's 'Deathstroke'. If this is all to go forward, Affleck sounds like he's already on board and we would need Leto to jump back from the Marvel-Sony ship & back into the shoes of the Clown Prince, and of course we already know how eager Manganiello is to reprise his role after his 'end credits' tweet with the announcement of the Snyder Cut!

Here's a trailer from Batman Arkham Origins to give you a taster of what could be:

But wait, now there's two Batmen...Batman's...Batpeople? (we'll come back to that plural)

Yes, we will end up having two Batman's just like we have two Jokers. But the DCEU has extended out to Movies, The Arrowverse, HBO Max, DC Universe, DC Animated Movies & Shorts, Video Games & even Lego Movies so we think everyone can understand the concept of the Multiverse. Besides, who's going to complain about a double Batman?!

Affleck's Batman is heavily inspired by 'The Dark Knight Returns' comics where Bruce Wayne is an older, scarred, OP version of The Batman.

Pattinson's Batman will be in his prime, inspired by The Detective Comics.

At the moment these are just very accurate and trustworthy rumours, but if they are true...sound the Bat signal. Coz Batfleck's back!

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