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HBO Max 'Green Lantern' Series Casting 'Simon Baz'

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

There have been some updates to the upcoming HBO Green Lantern project. According to rumours the HBO Green Lantern storyline will feature two parallel stories, similar to that of Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. One in the past and one in the present. The past will center around Abin Sur and Sinestro to slowly show us what kind of lantern was Abin Sur and how Sinestro dark side would develop. It is believed this story of the past will lead into Abin Sur's eventual death and handing his ring over to Hal Jordan. Despite the end of Arrow showing John Diggle become CWs John Stewart with his own lantern ring. Rumours have fans believe John will be the main Lantern for the CW series, with Hal Jordan being reserved for a potential Green Lantern movie.

It is said the second timeline or present Timeline of the show will center on two modern rookie lanterns from Earth. Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz will be "Beat Cops of Sector 2814".

Casting is underway calling for a "Middle Eastern male between 25-35" and a "Hispanic female between 21-29" heavily hinting at Baz and Cruz being the protagonist for the present day storyline similar to Ryu and Ken in Street Fighter.

Since HBO Max announced that they will be making a Green Lantern show. Whats exciting is the many different lanterns from the comics that they can use. The two youngest green lanterns are Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz. Simon is interesting as DC has not cast a Middle Eastern lead for their upcoming Black Adam (which is set in North Africa specifically Egypt or Kahndaq). When covering the HBO MAX Green Lantern show, we noticed unlike the other lanterns, there was no images featuring mulitple actors for the Lebanese American Simon Baz. But for the possibility of casting Simon Baz for a live action appearence there are plenty of actors from Muslim and/or North African, West Asian backgrounds that could play him.

Fady Elsayed

26 year old British Egyptian actor Fady Elsayed is best known for his roles in as Mo in My Brother the Devil (alongside James Floyd and Said Taghmaoui), Ram Singh in Class (part of the Whoinverse) and Wino in Brotherhood (part of Noel Clarke's Hood Trilogy). He has had minor and cameo appearences in Ill Manors as a member of "Marcel's Gang" and Citizen Khan as Alia's Tutor. Bonus points is that he not only can speak Arabic, but is in great physical shape since he passed his Personal Training course and comes from devout Muslim background wearing the Ayat Al-Kursi surah on his dog tag seen on his Instagram.

Mena Massoud

28 year old Egyptian Canadian actor Mena Massoud is best known for his role as Aladdin in the disney live action remake the role has made him a hosuehold name for all Disney fans. His other roles have included Breton Thomason in Poser, Jason in Cut to the Chase, Jared Malik in Open Heart, Tarek Kasser in Jack Ryan and Ethan Hart in Reprisal. He did voice acting for Arabic Superhero series The 99 where he portrays characters Hafiz the Preserver, Dave and Saad. He maybe of Arabic decent but is from a Coptic Christian background meaning unlike some Arab actors he may have to look into Islamic culture, which really shouldn't be hard for him as he "grew up in an Egyptian Household" and watched many countless Egyptian films which would have Muslims in it.

Haaz Sleiman

42 year old Lebanese born American actor. Despite being in his 40s, he was considered to be a fan favorite for the role of Simon being from a Muslim Lebanese family. He has roles as Heydar in 24, Tarek in The Visitor, Jesus in Killing Jesus, an Unknown role in the Upcoming Marvels Eternals, Mohammed De La Cruz in Nurse Jackie, Omar Habash in the Promise, Kasim Tariq in Nikita, Khalid Ansari in Covert Affairs, Jonothan in Kings and Prophets, Dr Rabia in the State and Ali in Jack Ryan. He has done voice acting for Assassin's Creed as Malik Al-Sayif, Suleiman I and Additional voices for Diablo.

Firass Dirani

36 year old Lebanese Australian actor. Best known for his roles as Nick Russel/Bowen the Red Ranger in Power Rangers Mystic Force, Sadiq Mohammad in the Last Dance, Justin in House Husband, Zain in Orange is the New Brown and John Ibrahim in Under Belly. He may be pintsize at 5'6" but his roles in Underbelly and Last Dance prove he can portray bad ass arab gangster types and Mystic Force where he portrays the Red Ranger a rare Arab/Asian Male lead for a super hero like genre. Bonus Points he naturally has green eyes too in real life.

Amir El-Masri

Award winning Egyptian born British actor Amir has appeared in many minor roles from the likes of Rosewater, Transporter the series, Tyrant, Jack Ryan and Informer. He has lent his voice to video games like Assassins Creed Origins and Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2, maybe its his turn to be super hero in the flesh. He also plays the main role Anmar Almadi in Arabian Warrior (aka Shoot 2018) as a young Arab American lad looking to make it big in Football.

Saif Al-Warith

31 year old Iraqi born British raised actor and model. He has appeared as Saif in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation and Mission Impossible Fallout, appeared in as Sagitari Thur in DC's Krypton (could show up again for DC), Jared in Bulletproof, Simon in The Red Tent, will be appearing in the upcoming film Blackbird as Sayid and also lent his voice for Assassin's Creed origins. He did stunt work for the film Red 2 aswell.

Ahmed Mesallati

Originally from the Middle East, Canadian fitness model, bodybuilder and actor Ahmed would be a decent choice for Simon Baz. He has made appearences in the Tamir Zamani in the Taken TV series, he appeared as a "Heavy Terrorist" in The Boys (the superhero show on Amazon prime with evil justice league expys) and Habib in the Target. Despite having a relatively small acting resume he does have a huge social media precense from his Bodybuilding background. He could even be strong contender for several action films.

Elyes Gabel

36 year old British actor of Anglo-Indian, French-Algerian, Dutch-Tunisian, Spanish, Portuguese and Irish descent (damn thats a lot of ancestries). Best known for P.E. Teacher Rob Cleaver in Waterloo Road, Starboy in Justice League vs the Fatal Five, Walter O'Brein in Scorpion, Gupreet Sandhu in Casualty and Rakharo in Game of Thrones.

Jay Ali

British Pakistani actor Jay Ali has recently come into the limelight for his portrayal of Rahul "Ray" Nadeem in season 3 of Daredevil. A role that gave him critical acclaim. He wil be appearing in the upcoming films with Chris Hemsworth in Dhaka and Iqbal Theba in The Illegal, as well as having roles in tv series like the Purge, Scorpion, Beauty and the Beast, Grey's Anatomy and of course The Fosters.

Jan Uddin

British Bangladeshi actor Jan Uddin has had interesting upbringing. Having been raised in a Muslim family but then later with his English Christian maternal grandmother after his father passed away. He has gone to live in London, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Sweden before settling in Los Angeles. From this he has had some interesting roles through out his career despite being under the rader. He has appeared as Jalil Iqbal Eastenders, Sweetboy in Shank, Ibn Idris Day of the Falcon (aka Black Gold), The Pharaoh in The Red Tent, Khalid/K.D in Lies We Tell, Colonel Tariq in Cliffs of Freedom and Isaiah/Enouch in Agents of Sheild.

Dana Abraham

Bangladeshi born Canadian 6'2" model and former amatuer boxer. Dana Abraham has recently begun to show a interest in acting while he has not gotten far and having a slow start he is making his way through short films like Brotherhood and Prisoner of Fear. He appears in Bedtime stories for men and the Rub. But he is also into producing films. Some may sleep on him but much like Amar Adatia in the UK, his producing and acting put together may pay off in the long run.

Karim Zeroual

25 year old British Moroccan actor and dancer. Karim is best known for his lead role in the CBBC show Sparticle Mystery as Sadiq. This is one of the few times an Arab/North African lead is seen in a British TV show. While he has focused mostly on presenting for the BBC, he has brushed up on his dancing for Strictly Come Dancing and has expressed interest in acting again. He has stated previously that he does have an interest to persue Hollywood. So maybe playing a young Muslim superhero like Simon Baz is the way to go for him.

Marwan Kenzari

Dutch Tunisian actor Marwan Kenzari is best known for his role as the villain Jafar in Aladdin. However his best roles before that are arguably his roles in Rabat and Wolf. Majid, his character in Wolf, most notably has similarities to Simon Baz. Both are Arab Muslim lads who grow up in a gang crime ridden city and are heavily involved in thefts and violence. However while Marwan seems to enjoy playing the villain type as he is in his next film Instinct. His roles outside of these three films are typically nice guys with a sweet heart.

Simo Mohamed Elhbabi

Norweigian Moroccan actor and dancer. Simo was arguably more of a minor actor in his role as Elias Bakkoush in Skam. Playing the athletic brother of Sana and the friend of Yusef. He is shown to be more of a chilled out kind of dude and also a very fit and athletic young man. One of the highlights of his role is showcasing his dance skills during a dance off in one episode of Skam. Simo has started to release YouTube videos with his minor co-stars of Skam online.

What do you think of these actors? Any of them look perfect for Simon Baz? Tell us what you think and who you'd wanna see play the live action Simon Baz..

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