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Humza Production Releases "Hate" Short Film - TRENDING ON YouTube!

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

After the horrible attacks that happened in New Zealand, popular YouTube comedian, actor & writer Humza Arshad took to his platform to create something positive as a lesson to his viewers.

Humza began creatively producing the concept with his production company Big Deal Films and collaborated with The Metropolitan Police which introduced a new challenge for him, as the Met Police asked Humza to include themes around knife crime, gun crime, acid attacks, racism & Islamophobia. Many issues which we are facing day to day.

Some ideas in the film were inspired by true stories, having grown up in similar situations Humza had opened up at the screening over in the UK YouTube Space regarding a friend that he lost from a stabbing, as well as a separate incident in which his own cousin was hospitalised by a stabbing.

"On a serious note knife crime's been, unfortunately, a part of my life. I know I got all of my friends are here, we knew someone and that place we'd always hang around. He was a young guy, he got stabbed and when he died, II was in the studio and someone actually messaged me that so and so has been in a stabbing, and I was like 'I know you're kidding he wouldn't do anything like that.' They were like 'no check the news, It's on everywhere, He's dead.'

Some of the people around him they actually filmed him die and literally I remember it was him on the floor and then his chest gasping his last few breaths. It just affected me a lot, I didn't wanna see that but I couldn't look away at the same time."

When asked what did he want for the audience and his family to take away from this (Short Film), Humza answered:

" I want to inspired young people. I feel that the media sometimes portrays Islam and Muslims in a negative vibe and me as a youtuber, as a muslim as well, just wanna represent my community the best way I can. II want to convince young kids from, even if it's just literally one, one kid that feels like he needs to go out there with a knife and act bad, do something extreme, get points on how many people could stab, what place. It's Crazy"

Humza had been touring the short film around schools in London, visiting them in assemblies and screening the film to them with the Metropolitan Police. The officers that joined Humza on his tour also had a lot to say at the screening:

"some of the kids really picked up on it. A young lad who didn't wanna be there and was really adamant he didn't wanna be in the audience, He was actually trying to get out of it. But at the end of it all he said to his teacher was

'Im really glad you made me stay, that made me really think about what Im up to in my life'

Hearing that for us is a win."

Humza Arshad's "Hate" Short Film is currently trending on YouTube & is being covered by the Evening Standard, ITV News, Sky News & BBC News. You can watch the film online now via Humza Productions YouTube channel!

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