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'Harry Potter' star Afshan Azad Reveals She Could Have Been Latika in 'Slumdog Millionaire'

The British-Bangladeshi actress spoke to Mistah Islah on The Director's Cut Podcast about her journey into the Harry Potter franchise. This was a very interesting conversation as she explained she had never studied acting before but was selected alongside her co-star Shefali to be the two famous twins in the Harry Potter movies.

During the conversation the spoke about rejecting roles that weren't suitable for them because of cultural and moral values. Afshan then revealed that she was very close to the famous role of 'Latika' in 'Slumdog Millionaire' whilst in the same audition process as Dev Patel. She was in the final audition until she realised her contracts with Harry Potter would not allow her to land the role.

Afshan continued to say everything happens for a reason to which Mistah Islah jokingly said she would have had to 'kiss Dev Patel!'

Afshan didn't throw any shade to the star who did land the role at all, adding:

"I'm not saying 'This is why the hired Freida Pinto, I'm sure they were going to. But you know it's just one of those things like...you never know!"

You can watch the rest of the podcast on YouTube below!

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