• Amir-Hamza

Sony's New Animated Short Film: Hair Love

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

In 2017, an African American father named Stephen had struggled to do up his daughter Zuri's hair which he posted a video on his Facebook account. This gained a lot of attention which led to a book being published on 2nd of May 2019. Written by director and writer Matthew A. Cherry with the help of Illustrator Vashti Harrison. The book was popular and Cherry made a kickstarter to fund the project initially before it was picked up by Sony.

Meet the real life Stephen and Zuri who influenced the film and hear their story from their perspective!

This film was the most highly funded short film on Kickstarter with a goal of 75k, but instead managed a 300k funding. Many viewers on twitter have nominated it for the Oscars as Best Animated Short. Let's hope it gets the recognition it deserves!

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