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"Five Dates" interactive Rom-Com starring Dr.Who's Mandip Gill and Viking's Georgia Hirst

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Mandip Gill (Left) Georgia Hirst (Right)

Following the success of its debut interactive project The Complex, Cardiff-based producers Good Gate Media are heading into production on Five Dates, a fast-turnaround rom-com project that has been conceptualized and developed during lockdown.

Marisa Abela

The interactive Rom-Com will star multiple female talent from the UK. So far the cast we know of are: Mandip Gill who is best known for playing the first Asian companion of Dr Who Yasmeen Khan, Georgia Hirst who plays Torvi in Vikings, Marisa Abela best known for Ellie Sunderland in Cobra and will be playing Yasmin Yazdani in the upcoming Industry and finally British Thai/Irish singer and social media influencer Sinead Harnett will also make an appearance too.

Sinead Harnett

The project is an interactive romantic comedy aimed at "Millennials" with a script of more than 350 pages. Viewers will be able to guide the choices of those on screen to create their own outcomes. So it plays out like choice based video game.

The plot follows Vinny, a young man from London who joins a dating app for the first time while during the CoVid19 in lockdown. From a choice of five interested women, the player can choose who Vinny video dates and how he interacts with their very different personalities.

Director Paul Raschid

Producers have shipped iPhones and sound equipment directly to cast, with director and writer Paul Raschid (who helmed The Complex) set to steer filming, which begins on Wednesday, remotely! Further crew working remotely include producer John Giwa-Amu, Head of Production for Good Gate Media Sarah Barker, production and costume designer Chrissie Pegg, DOP Haridas Stewart, and casting director Heather Basten.

Wales Interactive, the video games and interactive publisher, co-developed the project and will handle distribution, as it did on The Complex. It will be released globally on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo and Steam.

The Complex, which follows the effects of a major bio-weapon attack from inside a London laboratory, was released across digital platforms on March 31, following in the footsteps of similar interactive projects such as Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch and the BAFTA-winning Late Shift. Producers said The Complex outperformed the likes of Late Shift in its first week of paid-for downloads

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