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First Look At Titans Season 3 RedHood

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

American actor Curran Walters has shared on his social media photos of Jason Todd in the Iconic Red Hood costume which he will wear for the third season of Titans and we can say that it looks bad ass.

This does beg the question on how will Jason Todd transition into the role of Red Hood. In the original comics, Jason was captured and tortured to death by the Joker back when he was still Robin. Jason was resurrected and took up the Joker form alias Red hood for himself and became a gunslinging no nonsense Vigilante who functions somewhere between Wintersoldier/Punisher to Batman's Captain America/Daredevil. He is willing to kill and will act on it. Jason is also known to use the Venom steroid (much like Bane) to enhance his physical strength which is fitting for the tallest and most muscular Robin Batman has ever had though we may not see this since Curran is much smaller than Brenton Thwaites who plays Nightwing. It does have us wondering what is in store for him.

One theory we have heard is that Jason after leaving the Titans may decide to become a vigilante on his own, his torture will be at the hands of a different villain with some fans guessing Scarecrow or Riddler will be the one to do this to Jason as Scarecrow's gas could be what drives him over the edge. In the case of Riddler, he was the one to cripple Jason in Nightwing's nightmare reality from Season 1. It is possible Jason may also find an enhancement serum similar to the one Deathstroke had as a reference to his occasional use of the Venom Steroid.

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