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First Look at Avan Jogia as Leon Kennedy and Set Photos for Resident Evil Reboot

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

We've had a few new updates on the Resident Evil reboot film. Firstly a few new photos have been shared by Twitter user Erick Freakin' Wesker (I wonder if he was part of the Project Wesker) highlighting the Emmys shop featured in the games.

Lets take a look at Emmy's Diner and Gun Shop Kendo.

Lets compare the location to their game counterparts.

Finally we get our first look of British Indo-Canadian actor Avan Jogia as Leon Scott Kennedy in costume and few of the RCPD cars hinting at a RE2 and RE3 setting.

Many fans have noticed that whilst Avan Jogia fits the role of a long hair pretty boy like Leon and even fits the height and physique. But being the only South Asian male actor (and technically character) has had many fans disappointed at acting a half Indian actor for Leon Scott Kennedy. Even more so some fans have noted that Avan has not seem to have dyed his hair blond/brunet much like Leon's hair in game. Though it could be possible that his hair will be dyed before filming or possibly will wear a wig or use hair spray. But as of now that is yet to be confirmed.

Leon Scott Kennedy? or Lukman Singh Karandeep we joking obviously

As we haven't heard any word of the casting for Billy Coen or Carlos Oliveira who appear in Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 3 respectively tho many have compared Avan Jogia's long black hair and tan skin to these two. It is unlikely the Resident Evil reboot will be making Leon a composite character of Billy or Carlos. But we can't resist the chance to joke that if Avan played either of these two they might as well be renamed Bilal Khan and Khuroush Alavi. But for now it seems Leon Scott Kennedy is looking more like a Lukman Singh Karandeep. Banter aside we look forward to the new Resident Evil Reboot and what the new cast will bring to the table.

Avan Jogia looking more like Billy Coen and Carlos Oliveira or should we say Bilal Khan and Khuroush Alavi

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