• Amir-Hamza

Fan Film Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves starring Street Fighter's Christian Howard is Out Now

OK so we are a week or so late. But what do you expect from Asians? Punctuality? nah bruv Diary of a Badman already explained years ago that Asians are always late but anyways back onto topic here. Few weeks back we did an article covering the trailer for the fan film Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves by YouTube Channel Rogue Origin Films. Well now the film is out starring Christian Howard as Terry Bogard and Josh Mabie as Rock Howard and can be viewed on YouTube or just check it out down here.

According to comments from the Rogue Origins YouTube channel, they may have plans to do a full series following this short based on the Fatal Fury: mark of the Wolves game and even asked fans their opinion on casting the other characters.

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