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Fan Casting Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves for Rogue Origin Films

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

The short film Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves is finally here, if you haven't seen it watch it now. Starring Christian Howard as Terry Bogard and Josh Mabie as Rock Howard. Now considering the last time Christian Howard did a short film based off a Fighting Game it blew up into a full fledge web series. Assuming this happens with Fatal Fury we would like to take a stab at who they could cast. Plus Rogue Origin Film hinted at a possibility to continue a series after the short based on the Mark of the Wolves game. So we will look at the characters present in that game to fan cast. We will assume Christian Howard will reprise his role as Terry Bogard and Josh Mabie as Rock Howard, al though during their Cast and Crew Roundtable video, Director and Actor Josh Mabie did claim ideally he would have "hired someone younger to be Rock." But as this was short fan film with a low budget. They did exceptionally well with what they had. But lets take a look at the characters from the Mark of the Wolves game and see who we could cast if Rogue Origin film hypothetically had unlimited resources, time and money to have who ever they want for the cast.

Jenet Berhn: Katrina Durden

First off is Jenet Berhn. A British pirate leader of the Lillien Knights. Her motivation for joining the Tournament is to rob Kain for his valuables (what do you expect from a pirate?). Her "LK" fighting style seems to be based off French Savate, a kicking style martial art. Personality wise she is a cheerful and ambitious party girl who is comfortable around men being a dominant pirate leader and all. She also holds an attraction for Terry Bogard. For the role of Jenet, we felt British martial arts actress Katrina Durden would be the most appropriate. She is skilled in martial arts (with Taekwondo as one of her main styles), fire play, weaponry and equestrianism. She notably worked on Dr Strange as "the Blonde Zealot" alongside Scott Adkins and Mads Mikkelsen. She worked with Christian Howard on Street Fighter: Resurrection as Decapre and was likely intended to play Cammy White for Street Fighter: World Warrior if the project didn't fall through. So it'd be a no brainer for Howard and Durden to work together again and Durden natural British accent would fit the character. Agewise Durden in her 20s whilst Jenet is 19 but tbh she aint that far off and we did have Josh Mabie as Rock Howard.

Kim Dong Hwan: Brandon Soo Hoo

Kim Dong Hwan the older brother of Kim Jae Hoon and the eldest son of Kim Kaphwan. Much like his father, he is a taekwondo practitioner and is very proud of his skills. He can come across as a cocky, brash and arrogant slacker type but he is quite a skilled fighter and can even summon electricity with his moves. For the role of Kim Dong Hwan, he suggest Chinese American Martial Arts actor Brandon Soo Hoo. Brandon is best known for Tran in Tropic Thunder, young Storm Shadow in G.I.Joe, he voiced Beastboy in the Justice League vs Teen Titans film and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. He also appeared in Supah Ninjas as Connor and in the Dusk Till Dawn TV Series as Scott Fuller. He is a practitioner of Taekwondo which is perfect for Dong Hwan and being around 25 is a reasonable age for Dong Hwan who is 20. Also Josh Mabie already has Brandon Soo Hoo in mind for his Street Fighter fan film.

Kim Jae Hoon: Ryan Potter

Kim Jae Hoon the younger brother of Kim Dong Hwan and the youngest son of Kim Kaphwan. Much like his brother and father, he is a taekwondo practitioner and he resembles his father's personality more. Having a strong sense of justice, is serious about his studies and training, but is also an Animal lover. Unlike his electric brother Kim Jae Hoon has fire related abilities. For the role of Jae Hoon, we felt Japanese American Martial Artist and actor Ryan Potter would be a suitable. He is the same age as Brandon Soo Hoo coincidently but is a practitioner of kung fu rather than Taekwondo. However this doesn't stop him from being an appropriate actor for Jae Hoon. He happened to play Beast boy in Titans though this is live action as opposed to a voice role like Brandon Soo Hoo. He also appeared in Supah Ninjas as Mike Fukanaga and did the voice role for Hiro Himada in Big Hero 6. So we can definitely see Ryan Potter and Brandon Soo Hoo portraying on screen Brothers.

Hotaru Futaba: Lyrica Okano

Hotaru Futaba was born to a Japanese family of martial artist. Though she herself is not fond of violence, her father trained her and her brother in Kung Fu. After the death of her mother and the disappearance of her Father and brother, Hotaru enters the King of Fighters tournament after hearing a rumour that her family have been spotted there. She does find Gato who she is adamant is her brother. For the role of Hotaru, we reckon Japanese American actress Lyrica Okano can fit the role. She is best known for playing Nico Minoru in Marvel's Runaways. She is also fluent in English and Japanese which would be perfect for the role of Hotaru. Lyrica also is proficient in Rhythmic Gymnastics, Karate and Kickboxing. Skills which would perfectly suit her role as Hotaru. Physically she matches the height too though she is around 26 now, making her 10 years older than Hotaru. She can still pass for late teens at least.

Gato: Joe Seo

Gato presumably the older brother of Hotaru. Though Gato seems to have lost his memory of her or is just pretending this to protect her. Gato was trained by his father in kung fu but then swore revenge against him when he murdered Gato's Mother and abandoned Gato. Gato's reason for entering the tournament is to seek out his father and make him pay. When fighting Kain, a stranger (implied to be his father) saves Kain and attacks Gato leaving him Blinded permanently. Gato tends to be quite distant and cold to others, having ruthless no nonsense attitude. It feels right for Korean American actor Joe Seo to play the character. Many may recognise Joe Seo as Kyler the bully from the Cobra Kai series. Despite playing a 17 year old. Joe Seo is actually around 30 making him older than Gato (who is 27) and he is around the right height standing at 5'11" too. Whilst his character Kyler is a petty, spiteful and cowardly bully who is somewhat a decent wrestler, Joe Seo's role was expanded in season 3 with Kyler learning Karate/Tang Doo So and likely will have more characterisation in the newer seasons. But take away the petty bullying side and just add a stoic ruthless fighter, Seo could actually fit Gato perfectly well.

Tizoc: Renes Rivera

Tizoc the Griffon Mask. Basically SNK's equivalent to Tekken's King. A Mexican wrestler who wears an Animal mask and also makes animal noises despite apparently being able to talk like a normal person. Not that we see or hear it in King's case. Much like fellow fighting game wrestlers like Street Fighter's Zangeif and Tekken's King. Tizoc is a friend to all children and wrestles to show he is a hero to them all. He joins the tournament to avenge his defeat to a mysterious stranger, again implied to be Gato's father. He also befriends the likes of Terry Bogard and Jenet Berhn by the time of King of Fighters. For the role of Tizoc, we can imagine having Latino American Renes Rivera for the role, he stands large at 6'6" (not quite 7'1" like Tizoc) and is a very heavy set man. He portrayed Mark Hallet aka Bulk/Sunder in the X-Men TV the Gifted show and was a wrestler during his secondary school years. So he'd be a great fit for Tizoc.

Marco Rodriguez: Laz Alonso

So is it Marco Rodriguez? or Khushnood Butt? well apparently Marco Rodriguez is actually name since the guy is Brazilian. Kushnood Butt is more of a South Asian name and its unlikely Kushnood Butt is even a common name for an Indian or South Asian Brazilian. The name change was done to avoid any controversy with real life martial artist Ricco Rodriguez. But anyways, Marco was an apprentice of Ryo Sakazaki and returned to his native Brazil to teach Karate there, until Ryuji Yamazaki had attacked his students. He is a wise master, with a. somewhat serious and goofy personality and sees Tizoc as a worthy opponent. For the role of Marco, we felt Afro-Cuban American actor Laz Alonso would be the perfect fit. While he isn't Afro-Brazilian, his Afro-Latino heritage means he can like learn Portuguese if he knows some Spanish (a closely related language). He has martial arts experience too with boxing and Korean martial arts as his main focus. He is one of the biggest names we've suggested here, being known for his role as the villain Fenix Calderon in the Fast and Furious franchise, Ramon Escobar in Jarhead, Tsu'tey in Avatar and most recently his best known role as Marvin T.Milk in The Boys. He is around the right age and height for Marco being in his 40s and around 6' tall too.

Hokutomaru: Nathaniel Oh

A shiranui ninja who trained under Andy Bogard. He maybe a small pint-sized powerhouse but after Andy sent him onto his own journey. Andy notes that Hokutomaru has grown beyond his position as a student and Andy will respect him as a rival. This kind of storyline can easily parallel Rock and Terry's relationship. The mentor and the student. As Hokutomaru is a tiny Japanese teen we felt Nathaniel Oh aka Nathaniel from Cobra Kai (yes the tiny one) could bring this mini ninja to life. It's likely through Cobra Kai that Oh has some martial arts experience to bring to the role even if its somewhat joked about that his character is pathetically weak because of his tiny stature. If X-men can make Dafne Keen look bad ass as X-23. Then lets see Rogue Origin films do the same for Nathaniel Oh as Hokutomaru.

Kevin Rian: Alain Moussi

Kevin Rian was a swat team member in south town. One day his partner on the force was murdered by the English serial killer Freeman. As a result he ends up as the guardian to Marky, the son of his deceased partner. But he can not let the death of Marky's parent go unsolved. This leads him to track down Freeman to the tournament where he fights Terry after mistaking him for the murderer. There's likely a father and son like bond between Kevin and Marky which will be the core to his story and again if it relates back to Terry, its going to be Terry and Rock's somewhat adoptive relationship being rocky at best. We can definitely see French Canadian actor Alain Moussi play Kevin Rian, outside of being the right age, height and build. Alain has worked with Christian Howard before in Street Fighter: Resurrection where he played Charlie Nash. Albeit, Kevin Rian is a much nicer character than Alain Moussi's portrayal of Charlie Nash, but we can definitely see Alain readopt that bad ass baritone for a big tough cop. Alain's other best known role is Kurt Sloane in the Kickboxer remakes and Jake in Jujutsu. He also stunt doubled for the Batman in Titans season 1, Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in X-Men Apocalypse, Jai Courtney's Boomerang in Suicide Squad and Henry Cavill in Immortals.

Freeman: Neil Newbon

A creepy English Serial Killer, with slashing fingers and a body that contorts. Freeman literally exists for one thing. KILLING. That's literally all he cares about. Whilst his origin could be interesting to flesh out, all that the games give us to work with is he is the one to murder Kevin Rian's partner on the force and is eventually sniped in the head and falls into a river. But his body was never found. For the role of this sadistic Brit we felt Neil Newbon would have some fun with this role. After all Neil Newbon is a British actor and stunt man who was notably the voice, visage and motion capture for Nicholai Ginovaef in the Resident Evil 3 remake, he also did the voice and motion capture for Elijah Kamski and Gavin Reed in Detroit Become Human. But before he frequented in Video Game Motion capture roles he had acted in British projects like Simon Walker in Hollyoaks, he played several roles in Police drama The Bill and was Luke Davenport in the Football drama Dream Ream. He seems to fit the tall lean and mean build of Freeman standing at 6'1" as well and would probably enjoy a crazed killer role.

Grant/Abel Cameron: Spencer Wilding

One of the first bosses of the Mark of the Wolves game is Grant or his real name Abel Cameron. Standing at an imposing 6'7". Grant was a close friend to the Heinlein siblings, (Rock's mum Marie and uncle Kain). When Marie was sent away to live life in luxury. Grant chose to stay with Kain and act as his guardian and bodyguard. Grant practically would do anything for Kain even taking a bullet to the heart. Well almost, the bullet missed Grant's heart but was so close they can't remove it. For such a massive imposing bad ass, we felt Welsh kickboxer Spencer Wilding can take a stab at this role, he stands at an impressive 6'6" tall and his kickboxing experience will help portray the Karate moves that Grant knows. Wilding has worked with Christian Howard too on Green Street 3 where Wilding plays the big bad, Wilding has also done body double work in Doctor Who, Harry Potter (Professor Lupin as a Werewolf) and was the body double for Darth Vader in Rogue One. Also he was the giant thug in Hobbs and Shaw. You know the one that Hobbs KOs in one punch. What a disgraceful waste of Spencer Wilding. Should have filmed a full fight scene between him and Dwayne the Rock Johnson. Kickboxing champ vs Wrestling super star.

Kain R.Heinlein: Matt Mullins

Kain R.Heinlein is the brother of Marie Heinlein, uncle of Rock Howard and brother in law to Geese Howard. Growing up rough in the streets, Kain once saw a child getting killed, an event that took him over the edge and made him ambitious for power. Likely not ever wanting to be a victim, Kain with the help of Grant worked his way up from street fighting in the slums of south town, to overthrowing the Kingpin Don Papas, to turning South Town into an independent city state where the strong rule over the weak. Adopting a social darwinist view point. We reckon American actor Matt Mullins could be the potential man to bring Kain to life. Many fighting game fans will remember Matt Mullins for his exceptional performance as Johnny Cage in the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth short film and the first season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy. I think we can agree that Mullins should definitely make a comeback. He also played Chris Redfield in a short film called Resident Evil: Vengeance too.

Young Rock Howard: Leo Howard

We all know Rock Howard, Son of Geese and Marie. Nephew to Kain. Adopted so of Terry Bogard after Terry kills Geese. So yeah there's some issues between Rock and his father figures. Josh Mabie mentioned ideally he'd have someone younger for Rock and while it is more practical to keep Josh as Rock, Josh is also the director and may want to explore Rock's backstory under Geese and Marie's care before being taken in by Terry. Street Fighter director Joey Ansah played Akuma but had Gaku Space play the younger version called Goki, so we can imagine Josh wanting to do the same with himself as the present day/late 20s Rock and maybe have someone like Leo Howard as the teenager version. Leo Howard is an American martial arts actor best known for his martial arts roles as Young SnakeEyes in G.I.Joe and Jack Brewer in Kickin it. His latest roles have included Grover Jones in Freakish, Gordie in Welcome to Howler, Tommy Harte in Why Women Kill and finally Ethan in Legacies. Notably Rogue Origin Films is working with Brandon Soo Hoo for their Street Fighter short film and Brandon Soo Hoo is well acquainted with Leo as the two of them were the young Storm Shadow and SnakeEyes and had a pretty decent fight scene, would be nice to reunite the two for Fatal Fury under Josh's direction.

Bonus inclusions. While we did say we were focusing on the Mark of the Wolves characters. Most Fatal Fury fans would love to see the characters from the Anime and Motion Picture brought to life. Who knowns if Josh Mabie wants to do an SNK expanded universe maybe we can help him out with the fan cast.

Andy Bogard: Kyle Pryor

Andy Bogard the younger brother of Terry Bogard. Nicknamed the human weapon. Andy was thirsty for vengeance against Geese for the murder of their adoptive father Jeff Bogard. To differentiate himself from his big brother. Andy spent a considerable amount of time training in Japan, befriending the likes of Joe Higashi and earning the affection of Mai Shiranui. For the role of Andy, we can see English martial arts actor Kyle Pryor take the role. He was initially suppose to play the younger version of Mr.Masters (Ken's Dad) in Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, likely was going to have a scene where Mr.Masters meet young Goken (Shogen). But due to scheduling issues he couldn't make the role. One thing to note is how much he resembles Christian Howard who would have been his on screen son (well the adult version). So its a no brainer for him and Christian Howard to play on screen brothers since the two are the same age and height and look so much alike its uncanny. Pryor is best known for his soap drama roles like Nate Cooper in Home and Away (which ironically had Kyle staying long term in Australia unable to join Howard for Street Fighter), Laurie Shelby in the British Soap Drama Hollyoaks and Will Dack in the Irish comedy Finding Joy.

Joe Higashi: David Sakurai

Joe Higashi, a Japanese Muay Thai fighter who seriously needs to get laid. lol. But on a serious note he is a close friend and ally to the Bogard brothers especially in the anime and motion picture where he frequently join them in their fights against the big bads, hell he even blocked a sniper bullet meant for them. We felt for the role of Joe Higashi, we'd like to see Danish Japanese martial arts actor David Sakurai bring Joe to life on screen. David Sakurai had lived in Denmark and Japan so can speak Danish, Japanese and English fluently. He is an expert in martial arts with Wing Chun Kung Fu being one of his mains. Marvel Netflix fans will remember him as Scythe (the singing Japanese fighter) in Season 1 Ironfist, he also appears in Crimes of Grindelwald as Krall (Making him the first and only Asian Male actor to play a named character in the Harry Potter franchise) and he also played Wester in the TV show Grow. On a side note his half Danish half Japanese heritage could make him the right choice for Tekken's Lars Alexandersson, who is coincidently a half Nordic half Japanese character (though Lars is half Swedish, David is half Danish).

Lily McGuire: Lauren Compton

Queen of South Town, Lily McGuire. She was a street child adopted by Geese to presumably distract his targets before killing them as seen when she grabbed Jeff Bogard's leg during an assassination attempt. She would grow up to regret and hate her position. When she and Terry meet again she is tasked with befriending him and tricking him into drinking poison but she is unable to go through with it especially after she recognises him from when she help kill his father Jeff. The two would fall in love but unfortunately she would not survive leaving Terry suffering from depression and guilt in the following films. For the role of Lily we felt that Josh can work with Lauren Compton. She is an American actress that has worked with the YouTube channel TrulyIndieStudios where she portrayed Powergirl in Heroes with Issues. She also portrayed Powergirl in Bat in the Sun's Waiting Room series. Considering that Christian Howard has worked with Amy Johnston from when she was still associated with Bat in the Sun. It is likely Howard can get a hold of Lauren Compton for the role of Lily McGuire. Lauren would probably be more than happy to help out in smaller projects like Fatal Fury so lets hope she will be down for this.

Geese Howard: Ron Smoorenburg

Geese Howard the original big bad of the Fatal Fury series. The one who orchestrated the death of Jeff Bogard for the sake of some scrolls that could grant him immortality. He does eventually marry Marie Heinlein and sire Rock Howard as a son. But he is then confronted by the Bogards and Higashi for revenge. However Geese survives his encounter and stays in hiding to recover and grow stronger, leaving his bodyguard Billy Kane to report and update him on any news. His German Half Brother Wolfgang also shows up to try and deal with the Bogard brothers too in the sequel. For the role of Geese Howard, he felt Dutch martial arts actor Ron Smoorenburg could try for the role. He is best known for his work in Jackie Chan's Who Am I as one of the henchmen from the rooftop fight scene. He also appeared in Triple Threat as Steiner alongside the likes of Scott Adkins, Tony Jaa, Michael Jai White, Iko Uwais and Tiger Chen. He currently lives in Asia doing film work in Thai and Indian action films but it would be good to get him to do more prominent acting roles. Some may feel a bit put off by his Dutch accent for Geese but considering Geese actually sought out his German-Austrian father and lived long term in Europe. A slightly European-American mixed accent would be justified for Geese Howard and he certainly has an imposing physique too despite being in his late 40s (which is kinda young for Geese but we reckon it can work).

Jeff Bogard: Mark Killeen

The Adoptive father of the Bogard brothers, Jeff was an American martial artist and student of Tung Fu Rue. He allegedly scarred Wolfgang's head once in a fight before the events of the main game. Nothing much is there today about Jeff aside from that he is also a friend to Hanzo Shiranui. Considering this he has a some similarities to Mr.Masters from Street Fighter. So you know where we are going with this. British actor Mark Killeen could easily portray Jeff Bogard since he portrayed Christian Howard's father in Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. Why not do it allover again. Let reunite the on screen father and son.

Tung Fu Rue: Tony Leung Ka-Fai

Tung Fu Rue a kung fu master who once trained Jeff Bogard and Geese Howard. However he elected to choose Jeff as his successor, much to Geese Howard's jealously. Tung Fu Rue decided to not elect a successor after Geese murders Jeff. Leaving the orphans Terry and Andy Bogard in his care. For the role of this elderly Kung Fu master, we reckon that Tony Leung Ka-Fai could take a stab at it. Hong Kong actor has won several accolades for his acting in projects like Reign Behind the Curtain, Legendary La Rose Noire, Election, Cold War where he won the Hong Kong Film Award - Best Actor 4 four times. It would certainly up the ante having a such an acclaimed actor on board.

Billy Kane: Ray Park

Billy Kane the British billy club wielding bad boy. Geese Howard's right hand man and an overall Wasteman. Billy and his little sister Lilly were orphans in the streets of London, Billy having to steal to make sure she was well fed. Eventually whilst on business trip in Europe, Geese came across Billy and was impressed by his tenacity. So naturally took Billy in winning his loyalty and likely having Lilly live a better life away from Billy and Geese's crime syndicate. Billy would become a rival to the Bogard brothers and Joe Higashi when they try to take out Geese. For the role of Billy Kane, who better than British martial arts actor Ray Park. Many of you would recognise Park for his role as Darth Maul in Star Wars, Toad in X-Men, SnakeEyes in G.I.Joe and Edgar in Heroes. He also was Rughal Bernstein in the King of Fighters film but.... we don't talk about that. One of his recent roles was Mac in Scott Adkin's British action film Accident Man being one of Ray Parks most entertaining characters in terms of speaking roles. Yeah we reckon mans got some of that Billy Kane attitude.

Raiden: Nathan Jones

Raiden a ruthless Australian professional wrestler that can manhandle his opponents into submission. When he was visiting south town for a wrestling match. He caught the attention of Geese Howard who hired him as muscle alongside his right hand man Billy. Unlike Billy who stays loyal to Geese. Raiden tries to redeem himself under a new wrestling persona Big Bear. So a 6'8" Australian wrestler? well we know that perfectly sounds like Nathan Jones. An Australian wrestler who stands at a whopping 6'11". He has worked on several films too from several countries ranging from Hollywood film Troy as Boagrius, Bollywood superhero film Flying Jatt as the villain Aka, in the Thai film Tom Yum Goong he was the giant henchman T.K and finally in his native Australia he was Rictus Erectus in Mad Max. He is also rumoured to be in the upcoming Mortal Kombat film with fans believing him to be the motion capture for Goro, or he will be Reiko or Shao Kahn.

Ricardo Maia: Lateef Crowder Dos Santos

Lets be honest nearly every fighting game has to have at least one Capoeira fighter usually a Brazilian. Ricardo Maia pretty much fills this role the same way Eddy Gordo practically does for Tekken. He appears in the fatal fury games as a Brazilian immigrant to USA and owns a Brazilian themed nightclub owner who does not tolerate criminals. He joins the tournament due to an invitation but was defeated by the Bogards. For the role of Ricardo its obvious only one man exist for the role. Lateef Crowder Dos Santos, much like Ricardo, Lateef was born in Brazil but moved to the US. Lateef is very in touch with his Brazilian culture being fluent in Portuguese and a capable Capoeira fighter as seen in his many fight scenes such as Tom Yum Goong where he fights Tony Jaa in the temple, he was in the Tekken film appropriately as Eddy Gordo another Brazilian Capoeirista, in Undisputed 3 he plays the Brazilian prisoner Silva who fights against Scott Adkin's Uri Boyka and he played a realistic version of Mortal Kombat's Baraka in Mortal Kombat: Rebirth called Dr Alan Zane. He is also Pedro Pascal's stunt double for the Mandalorian so thank him for all that bad ass action moment from the lead character.

Mai Shiranui: Anri Okita

This was a difficult character to cast. Mai Shiranui is an extremely popular SNK character for obvious reasons so to cat her just right was hard but we felt British Japanese actress and singer Anri Okita could be the right choice albeit risky. But hear us out. Mai being a Japanese Kunoichi (Female Ninja) we definitely want someone fluent in English and Japanese, Anri Okita is half English half Japanese and lived between the UK and Japan, so she can speak both languages perfectly. Mai is also an extremely proud beauty and vain to the point of referring to herself as Japan's No 1 woman, in the games anytime someone criticises her outfit for being impractical or too skimpy will get her very angry and in the anime during a mission she decides to dance on stage simply for attention. So she is a sexually empowered woman too. Anri Okita who was a former JAV actress would have no issues with that kind of character and fits Mai's voluptuous build. On top of that Okita has some martial arts experience as she tweets about it, which is perfect for Mai. Anri Okita is around the same age (30s), build, height and skill set we need for Mai Shiranui. Whilst Anri Okita is known for her former JAV films, she has gone on to move away from that for mainstream Japanese projects and Christian Howard has worked with actors like Shogen, Hyunri and Akira Koeiyama all of whom have mostly worked on Japanese projects. So Howard can work well with her. While many may still be apprehensive about Okita, if Celine Tran can go from adult films to being a martial arts villain in Jail Break (with an impressive display of skills), we can give Anri Okita the benefit of the doubt. Her most recent acting roles have been in projects like Action Thriller Diamond Dogs as Dr Aimee, Comedy roles in Scoop, Naked Ambition 2 and Sci Fi comedy Assassination Classroom.

Kim Kaphwan: Ilram Choi

Kim Kaphwan the OG Taekwondo legend of fighting games. Well Tekken's Baek Doo San might have something to say about that. But either way Kim was known to be one of the earliest fighting game Taekwondo fighters. He appears in the fatal fury series as a rival to Terry as well as a man with a strong sense of justice. By the time of Mark of the Wolves, he has two sons looking to become champion fighters much like himself. Kim Kaphwan being a father of two men inter late teens or early 20s means we need a Korean actor who is realistically old enough for this. So we felt we'd go with Korean American actor Ilram Choi. Ilram maybe better known for his stunt work on several films but has had occasional acting roles one of his better known ones would be the North Korean prisoner Lam in Undisputed 3 where his characters faces off against Marko Zaror's Dolor. Ilram being in his mid to late 40s also makes him the appropriate age to be a father to Soo Hoo and Potter's characters. Skilled in Taekwondo and fluent in Korean and English. Choi would be a great fit for the role of Kim Kaphwan.

Jubei Yamada: Togo Igawa

The elderly Judo master Jubei was a friends with the ninja master Hanzo Shiranui. One day when Andy went to train under Hanzo. Hanzo sent his granddaughter Mai Shiranui to train with Jubei. Jubei is typically a wise, but beyond his prime sensei type. Still capable of giving Andy a good fight, he prefers to spend his retirement days relaxing, eating cookies and live like he is still young. Hey if he's loving life we hit gonna judge, so long as he behaves. For the role of Jubei, we felt British Japanese actor Togo Igawa would be the most appropriate choice, his years of experience and roles as Gotetsu/Goma in Street Fighter Assassin's Fist shows that he would be a valuable cast member to have. According to Joey Ansah, Togo Igawa upped the ante for all the actors on the Street Fighter series but also was the cultural advisor and script translator which would be helpful if Igawa would do this again. Im sure Christian Howard would be delighted to work with him again as well.

Axel Hawk: Coby Bell

Based off George Foreman, we have a large heavyweight African American boxer Axel Hawk. He is a defensive fighter that likes to tank hits and plough through fools with his superior strength. He ends up working for Krauser but at the same time worries for the health of his sick mother. Likely only working for Krauser to earn money for her healthcare having somewhat a similar story to Street Fighter's Boxer Mike who is caring for his ill sister. For the role of Axel Hawk we felt Coby Bell would be a decent fit. Standing at an imposing height of 6'3" (Axel is 6'5" btw) and having quite a fit physique, considering he plays tennis and basketball regularly it makes sense. Coby is best known to X-Men fans for his role as the police officer Jace Turner in the Gifted series, since then he has appeared in Seal Team as Glen Mack and in Walker as Larry James.

Laurence Blood: Marko Zaror

Well if Geese Howard has Billy Kane as his right hand man. Wolfgang Krauser has the Spaniard Laurence Blood, a man who fights with the skills of a matador and fencer mixed in with some Savate and Zipota. Much like Krauser, Laurence is descended from European nobility and their families have close ties as friends so naturally we can understand that the two of them likely were freinds from a young age. For the role of this sadistic spaniard we felt Italian/Palestinian Chilean actor Marko Zaror would be appropriate for the role. Being fluent in Spanish, skilled in many fighting styles including ones that use bladed weapons too and he stands at an tall height of 6'2" (Blood is 6'4"). He would fit the character quite well, he would have to work on changing his Chilean accent into a Spanish one, but aside from that we see it working. Marko Zaror has an extensive resume in his martial arts film career from Latino films like Kiltro as Zami, Mirageman as Marco Gutierrez, Machete Kills as Zaror and in Redeemer as Pardo. He has worked in other countries like Bollywood film Sultan as Marcus, American martial arts films like Undisputed 3 as Dolor and Savage Dog as Rastignac and also some TV series too like Marvel's Netflix Defenders as Shaft and Zolo in Dusk till Dawn the TV series.

Wolfgang Krauser: Dolph Lundgren

The older half brother of Geese Howard straight outta Germany, we have Wolfgang Krauser a man so bad ass even Geese is fearful of him. Wolfgang shows up in Fatal Fury 2 after the defeat of Geese to confront Terry Bogard to really test his strength. A practitioner of a German styler Kampfrigen, Krauser makes it clear that he is levels above Geese during his first encounter with Terry. Most of the Fatal Fury 2 storyline centres around the main characters having to stop him and help Terry regain his confidence after losing to him. As Krauser is much larger, older and tougher than Geese Howard, we felt that Swedish action hero Dolph Lundgren would be a great fit. Whilst he may be a bit high on the payroll, he is open to working with martial arts actor lie Van Damme, Scott Adkins and Tony Jaa. Considering the mutual connection between Scott Adkins, who knows maybe Christian Howard could pull a favour to have Dolph Lundgren portray the German aristrocrat. Lundgren has shown in his recent role as the Russian Ivan Drago in Creed 2 that he is more than willing to learn the Russian language and accent for the role. Considering Swedish is much closer to German linguistically than to Russian, he can probably master a German accent and language a lot easier and he fits the height, build and age for Krauser. Plus he was a competitive Karate fighter before he got into acting so it makes sense.

Sulia Gaudeamus: Tonia Sotiropoulou

A psychic powered Greek woman who was believe to be a descendant of a fictional warrior Gaudremaus (a warrior so great that Alexander the Great feared him). She is a character exclusive to the motion picture which acts like a third film to the Fatal Fury Anime films. She seeks out Terry Bogard help when her brother Laocorn starts to collect the pieces of Mars' armour, knowing her brother is possessed by the evil war god. She also develops an attraction to Terry along the way but sacrifices herself to help stop the resurrected Mars. For the role of Sulia, we felt British based Greek actress Tonia Sotiropoulou could be the right shout. Many would recognise her for Skyfall as one of James Bonds lovers, she appeared in the British Urban film Brotherhood as Jennette, Vixen in Hercules, Katia in the Waiting Room and Elena in the British horror/thriller film Berberian Sound Studio.

Laocorn Gaudeamus: Dean Alexandrou

The main villain of Fatal Fury the Motion Picture is Laocorn Gaudeamus the brother of Sulia. He gets possessed by the armour of Mars when he uses it to defend himself against his Father's murdered and former friend who betrayed the Gaudeamus family. Since then Laocorn with his minions travel the world searching for the Armour pieces of Mars. Naturally Laocorn become more and more powerful over the course of the film, falling further into Mars' influence until his sister getting hurt finally snaps him out of it. For the role of Laocorn Gaudeamous, we can see British martial arts actor Dean Alexandrou (who is partially British Greek-Cypriot) take the wheel for his. He has mostly worked in small action roles for British, American and Thai action films but we feel if we was working under the direction of Josh Mabie with Christian Howard there's some untapped potential in Dean Alexandrou. He was also acquainted with Ray Park who we suggested for Billy Kane.

Panni: Yasmin Kassim

Next up is Laocorn's female minion and possibly love interest, Panni. A woman with the power of water bending, something she used to essentially drown Laurence Blood into submission. Interestingly her name Panni seems to be from the Sanskrit word Paaniya meaning drink or drinkable. Which is appropriate for someone with water based abilities and the fact that Paani in some South Asian languages means Water or Drink. Judging by this she is likely of South Asian origin of some kind. For the role of Panni, we can easily imagine Josh Mabie bringing in Yasmin Jade Kassim who is born to a White Australian mum and Singoporean father of Malaysian Indian origins. She played the water bender Katara in Josh Mabie's Avatar the Last Airbender: Agni Kai for the YouTube channel Re:Anime. Considering Josh Mabie was the director he can probably call Yasmin Kassim to play Panni especially considering the water bending similarities. Outside of her work with Josh, Yasmin has worked with Daniel Radcliffe in Jungle as Kina, she appeared in Australian Soap opera Neighbours as Shay Daeng and Lucinda in the Australian TV show Dive Club.

Hauer: Mathis Landwehr

The next minion of Laocorn is the narcissistic air slasher Hauer whose name fittingly is German for cutter or chopper. He somewhat plays a similar role to Street Fighter's Vega especially when Mai Shiranui is concerned, it parrallels Chun-Li and Vega pretty well. The biggest difference is Mai admits Hauer is attractive but she prefers Andy much to Hauer's anger. To portray this vain pretty boy we can see German actor and stunt man Matthis Landwehr pul this off. He has the pretty boy looks for Hauer and the moves to perform the fights too. Additionally he is shown to speak English fluently as seen in the Darth Maul: Apprentice fan film where he plays a Jedi master not unlike that of Obi Wan.

Jamin: Mohammed "Michel" Qissi

Jamin the right hand man of Laocorn, quite literally his name is from the Semetic term meaning right hand. In fact the name Benjamin or Benyamin means "son of the right hand" in Semetic languages like Arabic and Hebrew which is fitting as Jamin appears to be of North African or West Asian origins. He is utterly loyal to Laocorn much like Grant is to Kain. Though he regrets not trying to stop Laocorn from collecting the armour of Mars out of some unexplained sense of Duty. Much like Panni and Hauer he is also associated with an element. Fire in his case, He is also fast enough to catch and throw bullets with lethal force and prefers a fair and honourable fight . For the role of this large bruiser of a character, we felt 6'3" Belgian Moroccan martial arts actor Mohammed Qissi or better known as Michel Qissi, could be the right shout. Many fans would recognise him for his role as the Muay Thai villain Tong Po in the classic Kickboxer films. Well he is still active in martial arts film most notably is working with British Croatian-Italian martial arts actor Silvio Simac (who worked with Christian Howard in Street Fighter: Resurrection as M.Bison) in the Dutch Martial Arts film Out for Vengeance where he will play Tariq El-Yuzdi. So lets just add a spiky red haired wig and we kinda have a suitable Jamin

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