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Everything You Need to Know About Disney's 'Mulan'

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Disney is on a cinematic roll when it comes to their new live action remakes of their classic Disney Films. With successful releases like Aladdin, Lion King, Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast. It's no surprise Disney is continuing to make more live action films. Upcoming for a 2020 release is Mulan.

So what and who is Mulan?

Glad you asked. Or I asked. Or...whatever

In the original source material, Hua Mulan is a legendary Chinese warrioress originally described in the Ballad of Mulan. Most interpretations of the Hua Mulan story centre on her impersonating a man to represent her family in the Chinese Military to spare her veteran father from service. Mulan has always been a story with interesting themes of gender roles, children and parental duties in East Asian cultures and concepts of bringing your family honour in an Asian environment. Here is a taste of Mulan's amazing voice. Let's hope the same will be seen for this live action film.

Whilst this is a live action remake of Disney's original Animated Film there will be some noted differences. The film will be directed by New Zealander director Niki Caro whose credits include The Zookeepers Wife and McFarland, USA. The storyline is very much the same with the Mongolian Huns intend to invade China from its Northern Territories, thus the Emperor of China Issues a decree that one man from each family much enlist into the Imperial Army. Mulan being the eldest child of a veteran warrior, decides to take her fathers place under the disguise of a man.

Chinese American actress Lui Yifei is attached to play the iconic lead joining the ranks of Live Action Disney princesses.

The Hong Kong Martial Arts legend Donnie Yen best known for his portrayal of Wing Chun master Ip Man (in the Ip Man Franchise) will portray the mentor figure Commander Tung who is the live action's stand in for General Li in the original animate series.

Chinese Hawaian martial arts actor Jason Scott Lee will play Bori Khan, the Hun leader taking the role of the animated Shan Yu (should be noted Shan Yu is a title not a specific personal name)

Macanese New Zealander Yoson An is attatched to play main love interest and rival Chen Honghui taking the role of Love Interest Captain Shang Li from the Animated films. He previously has appeared in New Zealander Web Series Flat 3 which we mentioned in one of our previous blogs.

We can expect the three comedic soldiers Ling, Chien Po and Yao will appear aswell with Jimmy Wong, Doua Moua and Chen Tang attached for the Trio. The biggest surprise casting will be the addition of Gong Li as Xian Lang a powerful witch who allies herself with the Huns. The original animated film did not have any magical antagonist for the titular character so this will be exciting! It should be noted she coincidently has somewhat similar name to the character Xianniang in the original Ballad. However Xianniang was a warrior princess who becomes Mulan's Laotong (Sworn Sister) so it is very unclear if there is any connection at this point.

We also get a somewhat dragon like being when Mulan's father asks the ancestors to watch over her...could this be Mushu?!

Mulan arrives in cinemas March 27th 2020!

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