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Evan Peters Cast in Mystery Role for 'WandaVision' on Disney+

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Elizabeth Olsan as Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch with Evan Peters as Peter Maximoff aka Quicksilver

Many fans have anticipated the return of Quicksilver (Portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson) to the MCU believing that we would be resurrected at some point but to no avail. However with WandaVision many fans are seeing the return of Vision and potentially multiple realities. It has been confirmed that Speed and Wiccan will appear in the series as the children of Wanda and Vision, as well as a mention of an Uncle!

Disney's MCU Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver portrayed by Aaron Taylor Johnson (Left) Fox's XMCU Peter Maximoff aka Quicksilver portrayed by Evan Peters

However the biggest shock here is that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has not confirmed his return to the MCU yet... The recent announcement has revealed that Evan Peters is joining the cast in a mystery roles. So what does this have to do with Quicksilver? well Quicksilver was also played by Evan Peters but in a different film franchise. Fox's X-Men franchise and Disney's MCU had previously shared the rights of Quicksilver leading to two different versions. The Americanised heroic Kleptomaniac Peter Maximoff from the 1970s with a love for American Pop culture and penchant for Silver clothes in the X-Men films portrayed by Evan Peters, whilst Age of Ultron's Pietro Maximoff stays loyal to his comic book origins and appearance as a empowered Slavic speedster with a mean streak and lightning bolt clothes that abandons the main villain in favour of the heroes, portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Some fans are starting to believe that maybe Disney's MCU will be incorporating a multiverse idea much like DC's CW arrowverse has and will slowly attempt to merge the X-Men reality of Fox (Now owned by Disney) with the current MCU. The casting of Evan Peters have left fans wondering if he will be reprising his role as Quicksilver from X-Men essentially replacing the original from Age of Ultron. However it is more likely he is portraying a new character (Maybe the villain Speed Demon?) and that if Quicksilver does return, Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be reprising said role. If this is the case, this will be the second time Johnson and Peters are working together on a Comic book film franchise as they player best friends Kick-Ass and Ass-Kicker respectively in the Kick Ass film franchise prior to their Quicksilver roles.

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