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Eastenders Star Robert Kazinsky Wants To Be Guy Gardner For HBO's Green Lantern.

Guy Gardner compared with Robert Kazinsky

There has been an update on DC's HBO-verse. Are we calling it that? We gonna roll with it. The upcoming TV series centred on the Green Lantern has confirmed it's main characters will include Alan Scott (Technically the first Green Lantern though not part of the corps), Guy Gardner (the 2nd Green Lantern after Hal Jordan), Jessica Cruz (the Latina and first female green lantern of earth) and Simon Baz (the first Muslim and Asian Green Lantern). While casting is not confirmed there's one actor who has confirmed his interest in the series, particularly for one of the mains.

Some Fan Art rendering of Robert Kazinsky as Guy Gardner

British actor Robert Kazinsky has express interest in the role of Guy Gardner the 2nd green lantern after Hal. Known for his red hair and equally fiery temper, many fans of Guy Gardner will remember him being the frontline Green Lantern in Batman the Brave and the Bold cartoon series. As for Robert Kazinsky, who is he? well many of us British fans will remember him as the psychotic soap villain Sean Slater in Eastenders. While he did make a brief return to the role last year he has broadened his horizons as of late. Some of his early British roles have included a slimy music producer Sven Garley in the 2005 Basil Brush Show, he appeared as Casper Rose in Football drama Dream Team and of course Sean Slater in Eastenders. Since leaving the British soap opera, he has gone on to work in American films and tv shows such as Chuck Hansen in Pacific Rim, Randy in Hot Pursuit, Orgrim Doomhammer in the Warcraft film, a younger revived Jimmy Pritchard in Second Chance and finally he had a cameo role in the MCU film Captain Marvel The Biker Don that gets his motorbike stolen by the titular character after he fails to woo her with his charms. Check out his best work as Sean Slater in the video below.

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