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Disney's Mulan star Crystal Liu support for Hong Kong police causes #BoycottMulan protest

Chinese-American actress Crystal Liu took to her social media platform Weibo of 65 million followers to voice her support for the Hong Kong Police Force.

For anyone who doesn't know, the Hong Kong Police Force have been accused by international human rights groups of excessive use of force / police brutality in confrontations with protestors and the public. Protests have been escalating as thousands of activists occupied the Hong Kong Airport causing flights to be delayed for 2 days.

Liu's posts sparked angry protests online to #BoycottMulan on Twitter and Instagram, even over on the official Mulan Instagram & Facebook accounts.

The boycott was initiated in a forum which has spread, hoping to get international support for their campaign calling for world wide filmgoers who support freedom and democracy to join in.

Angry complaints were also directed at Disney for hiring someone who they believed condones violence. Writing that the "image of Disney will be tarnished".

We can only hope that the tense situation in Hong Kong can be resolved, as well as the boycott as Disney fans are eagerly waiting for the live action version of Mulan!

(even if there is no Mushu the dragon...)

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