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Disney Plus' Ms. Marvel Showcasing Her New Powers

We finally have the first South Asian lead superhero in live action. Pakistani Canadian actress Iman Vellani will bring the Titular character Kamala Khan to the big screen. Time to check out the trailer and do a little breakdown on it.

  • The trailer opens with a very illustrated thought bubble above Kamala's head much like a children's story book.

  • We get a clip of Jordan Firstman as what we can guess is a guidance counsellor to Kamala Khan.

  • We then get a shot of Laurel Marsden's Zoe Zimmer mispronounce Kamala as Camilla with Matt Linz and Yasmeen Fletcher as Kamala's best friend Bruno Carrelli and Nakia Bahadir

(Left to Right) Zoe Zimmer, Kamala Khan, Bruno Carrelli and Nakia Bahadir

  • Next up we get a look at British Asian actor Rish Shah as Kamala's love interest Kamran who is an inhuman villain in the comics. Here we get the obligatory shirtless scene and it seems MCU Kamran will be British judging by the accent. It doesn't seem like he will be a supervillain at least not yet.

  • Next is a montage of Kamala's fantasies which include being a superhero, winning some kind of competition and of course Kamran.

  • From what it seems the MCU Kamala Khan tends to be a day dreamer or has some kind of dissociation habits, the trailer hints that she's undecided about her path in life. (sure a lot of young people can relate)

Rish Shah as Kamran MCU's Latest Asian Thirst Trap
  • Not a minute into the trailer and we get a montage of Kamala's life. Praying at the Mosque, cosplay as Captain Marvel, despite her mother's disapproval and looking through a chest in the attic. Zenobira Shroff appears as Zuneeba Khan, Kamala's Mother.

  • We get a shot of Kamala picking up a Bracelet that appears to be Mar-Vell's Quantum Bands from the comics. It seem MCU Kamala will not be a stretchy Inhuman in the MCU but instead have cosmic powers like the other Marvels

  • Interestingly the Quantum Bands were in fact created by an Eternal called Kronos in the comics. Since Marvel has introduced the Eternals and many have theorise Shang Chi's 10 Rings are Eternal/Celestial Technology maybe the MCU may connect the Quantum Bands, Ten Rings and Eternals together.

Bole Chudiyan Kamala's got Quantum Bangles?
  • We then get a brief shots of Kamala's father and brother Yusef Khan (Mohan Kapur) and Aamir Khan (Saagar Sheikh). In the comics, Aamir develops the power to conjure force fields and shockwaves at one point. Who knows if this will be the case for the MCU version.

  • Speaking of which Kamala's MCU powers grant her energy construction much like DC's Lanterns. But she seems to have malleable Energy form to mimic the comic books versions stretching and shapeshifting.

  • Notably her forcefield powers coming from a piece of jewellery is extremely similar to Lebanese American Fadi Fadlallah aka Amulet who is a supporting character in Kamala Khan's comics.

Kamala in energy form jumping from a forcefield
  • As the chorus of the Weeknd's Blinding Lights plays we see four silhouettes of who we will assume are the villains of the series. But who are they? my money is on the Kree or Lineage's Inhuman gang if they make it in.

  • We get treated to beautiful shots of what appears to be Pakistan. So the story may move to Pakistan as the setting at some point. Judging by the trailer it seems to be a wedding scene. Maybe Marvel is attempting another Bollywood-esque inspired dance scene.

  • And Last but not least we get a blink and you'll miss it shot at 1:25 of Asian American actor Aramis Knight as the Pakistani superhero Red Dagger (Kareem). It seems he will clash with Kamala in Pakistan tho meeting her may lead to him becoming an exchange student in USA much like the comics. This role would be the first time Aramis can represent his Pakistani heritage from his fathers side.

Aramis Knight suits up as Red Dagger

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