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Disney+ & Marvel's Moonknight Finds Director and Lead

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

There's been some update in Marvel's Moonknight series. Moonknight is one of those lesser known heroes with a strong fan following from his comic days but was not all too well known outside of that. So here's a brief run down of the character. He is marvel's mentally ill batman..... OK that's the lazy answer. Marc Spector aka Moon knight is a Czechoslovakian American Jew who works for the CIA and suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder. One day on a mission he is left for dead in Egypt only for the Egyptian Moon Deity Khonshu to save him and provide him super human powers (albeit his power level depends on the moon's phase). As part of his multiple identities Marc Spector is the original who operates as a mercenary and then vigilante, Steven Grant will be the millionaire persona he puts up and Jack Lockley the street wise taxi driver who keeps track of what goes on in the mean streets of the criminal underworld.

Khonshu the Egyptian Deity of the Moon

Egypt director and writer Mohamed Diab is attached to the project as the director for the upcoming series. Whilst Moon knight is not Egyptian himself. There was fan rumours on the idea that Moonknight maybe changed to Egyptian American. It is possible Diab will use his experience in directing films like 678 and Clash will come into play regarding Egypt's political climate as well as tackling Marc Spector's Multiple Personalities clashing. 678 focuses on the dark truth that women in Egypt face on a daily basis, whilst Clash is filmed entirely in a the back of a police truck with people of different social and political view clashing. So we can imagine Diab will put in something quite Social and Political in regards to the Egyptian setting.

Oscar Isaacs and Mohamed Diab attatch to Moonknight

Casting wise it is announced that Oscar Isaacs will be playing the lead. This actually gives Marvel it's first Latino Lead in the MCU. Though it comes into question what is happening with Moon knight and his cultural identity. Marc Spector in the comics is born to Ashkenazi Jewish refugees from Czechoslovakia (his father was a Rabbi). In fact his status as a Jewish superhero stands out compared to other fictional Jews is that he is much more orthodox in the religion and his belief in God (Despite the source of his powers being an Egyptian Deity). It seems to be many fans wanted a devout practising Jewish actor could provide more personal input for the role fan favourite choices include British actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen (whose father is Sephardic Jew of French-Egyptian orign), British American actor Rafi Gavron (who is mixed Ashkenazi origins and skilled in Parkour), Israeli Ashkenazi actor Oded Fehr (whose family immigrated from Germany and the Netherlands) and finally British actor Daniel Radcliffe (ironically he does not identify as Jewish despite his mother being of Ashkenazi origin).

Oscar Isaac's previous marvel role as Fox's Apocalypse

In the case of Oscar Isaacs. He is a Latino American of Cuban, Guatemalan and French origins. He is also raised Protestant so it begs the question if Moonknight's identity as a Czech American Jew will be kept intact. However Oscar Isaacs has been able to get away with passing himself off as other ethnicities as he did for X-Men Apocalypse in which he portrays the Egyptian Mutant Apocalypse (well a Mutant that Apocalypse body steals from....) so it's unknown if the MCU version of Moonknight will retain his Jewish religion or will he be rewritten to be a Christian Latino American. Many fans of Isaacs are excited especially his fans form his best known role as Poe Dameron. He was also the voice for Miguel O'hara (Spiderman 2099) for Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. So he's has had his fair share of Disney and Marvel projects before he steps into the role of Moonknight.

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