• Amir-Hamza

Deana Hassanein co-hosts "All Arabic All Za Time" on Tribe Urban Radio

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

It looks like there's another Radio Show to be excited about. Fellow Halalian, Deana Hassanein aka D-Money is timing up with Tribe Urban Radio for a new show "All Arabic All Za Time" or AAAZT/TripleAZT for short. Joining her will be her musician brother Heiro and their producer Cataleiah. All Arabic All Za Tine is dedicated to celebrating Arabic Music and Artists. Featuring Arabic Rap, Trap, Hip-Hop, Pop and of course all the classic you pretty Habibis would know and love if you grew up in an Arabic household. But whether you're Arab or not, you are welcome to vibe with the crew on Monday's 12-2pm GMT on www.TribeUrbanRadio.com or Download Za App.

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