• Amir-Hamza

Deadpool and the X-Men in Talks for MCU Debut

We all know about the story where the Mouse ate the FOX, right? No? Don't know what we're banging on about? Well a certain Mickey Mouse has acquired 20th Century FOX and all it's assets if you remember over a year ago. With this it means Disney now has the rights to FOX's marvel characters like Fantastic Four, Deadpool and yes the Merry Mutant team THE X-MEN. We can not wait especially if you grew up watching the cartoons as a kid.

Marvel President Kevin Feige has stated that a Fantastic Four movie is in the works for Phase 4 and that there are ongoing discussions for introducing Deadpool and the X-Men into the MCU. While nothing is concrete just yet, Deadpool 3 is confirmed to be in the works by Ryan Reynolds. While we don't know for this Deadpool 3 film will be a direct sequel to the X-verse Deadpool films, will it be a reboot that plays coy with the film inconsistencies or has Deadpool's tinkering with Cable's time travel device lead to rebooting the X-men franchise into another timeline that will now be incorporated into the MCU? who knows. We know Dr Strange Multiverse of Madness, WandaVision and Spiderman 3 will possibly be exploring the possibilities of a Mulitverse which could lead to a CWverse styled reboot of the MCU or at least somehow bring the mutants into the limelight.

Either way we known Ryan Reynolds is likely returning as Deadpool but we have no idea what the case will be with the rest of the X-Men. Some fans are hoping to see the return of Dafne Keen's X-23 from Logan and the possibility of the other cancelled FOX projects being recycled as MCU films like the Beast, Gambit, Shaodwcat, Multipleman and New Mutants sequel films that were allegedly in the works before Disney acquired the rights to 20th century FOX.

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