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DC's Black Adam Considers Sarah Shahi For Adrianna Tomaz

Sarah Shahi compared to Adrianna Tomaz

When it comes to casting the leads for minority Superheroes Marvel is killing it with Chinese American Simu Lui cast as Chinese Shang-Chi and Pakistani Canadian Iman Villain for Pakistani American Kamala Khan. Yet DC follows Hollywood's traditions of not casting North Africans or West Asians (I.E. Middle Easterners) for their Egyptian superhero film Black Adam. Much like Gods of Egypt, Exodus, Prince of Persia, 300, ScorpionKing and many more. Black Adam has so far avoided actors of Middle Eastern origins for two of their Egyptian characters. The titular Black Adam and Hawkman. Ridley Scott did notoriously explain how Hollywood won't cast Mohammed so and so from such and such. The very Westernised-named Dwayne Johnson and Aldis Hodge being cast pretty much prove his point.

Adrianna Tomaz, Teto Adam and Amon Tomaz. Happy Families

However recent news seems to point that maybe Warner Bros are now finally trying to include actors of Middle Eastern origin. The rumour has it that they are considering Asian American actress Sarah Shahi (who is of half Iranian origin) for the role of Adrianna Tomaz wife of Black Adam and empowered by Egyptian deity of Protection, Sky, Wisdom and Magic name Isis. This is quite a surprising turn of events as it seemed that the Black Adam film was avoiding any chance of casting actors of Middle Eastern origin and here it seem a West Asian actress could portray Adrianna Tomaz. She wouldn't be the first Iranian-American to portray a character based off her either as Tale Ashe portrays Zari Tarazi in CW's Legends of Tomorrow who was very loosely based off Adrianna. Whilst we don't know what to expect as of now. It's likely the film will also consider a Middle Eastern actor for he brother Amon Tomaz who is empowered by the Egyptian deity of Agriculture, Vegetation, Death, Life, Afterlife and Fertility named Osiris. While there's no confirmation if Osiris is in the film but considering his sister will be. Its likely we will be getting two Middle Eastern actors for the Tomaz siblings in our upcoming Black Adam film.

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