• Amir-Hamza

DC Inclusive Casting of Barbara Gordon For HBO Solo Film and Titans Season 3

We all remember that DC and Warner bros Studios have been collaborating with HBO MAX right? Well it seems they have found their Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl (and later Oracle). The breakout star from In The Heights, Leslie Grace has been cast as HBO's Barbara Gordon for her own solo Batgirl film. The Dominican American is the first Ethnic minority actress to portray Barbara Gordon who is traditionally a white redhead. This will interestingly be the first Latina lead super hero film however whether or not Leslie's Latina heritage will play a part in the character's story is hard to tell as none of Batgirls stories have presented her as an ethnic minority.

On the TV side of things. Season 3 Titans have revealed their latest trailer and their own version of Baraka Gordon. But not as batgirl. No this version of Barbara Gordon will be Oracle. You see in the comics, Barbara was shot by the Joker, leaving her spine broken and herself paralyse from the waist down. She became the Bat Family's girl in the chair. Feeding them information and assistance from the bat computer. Titans took things a step further, casting actress and musician Savannah Welch who happens to be an amputee. Lacking her right leg. This is the first time a disabled actress has portrayed Barbara Gordon. This is an impressive step up for Disabled representation in the Superhero media.

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