• Amir-Hamza

David Ramsey To Return To CW-Verse As Green Lantern

As we all know, it seems to be a case that the Arrowverse is changing drastically. Arrow is finished along with the possibility of Supergirl, BlackLighting and others being on their last legs. This does pave way for new potential series such as a new Batwoman taking over after Ruby Rose's departure from the series leading to Kate Kane being replaced by original character Ryan Wilder. Painkiller is potentially getting his own series after Black Lightning and Superman and Lois are having their own spin-off.

It seems that David Ramsey's John Diggle is not done with the arrow verse after Oliver Queen's death as he appears to receive a Green Lantern ring confirming he is an alternate version of the popular lantern John Stewart (supposedly John Diggle does not use his step dad's surname of Stewart). Whether he will replace the Green Arrow series with his own Green Lantern series or be appearing as a regular in the current Arrowverse shows it is unclear but we are excited to see Ramsey suit up.

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