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All Your Favourite Faces in 1 Movie! "Corner Shop: Thank You, Come Again" TRAILER RELEASED!

Here's a reward for your patience, we hope you enjoy the trailer as much as we had fun making the film!

Courtesy of our bossman Mistah Islah, here's the official synopsis of the finale film:

" Life hasn’t really gone well for Malik (Islah Abdur-Rahman) but when his Father left him in charge of the local Corner Shop and he's been pulling his socks up ever since, that includes planning his sister's wedding!

However, Danger is around the corner (pun intended), as he and his colleague Tony Chang (Michael Truong) unravel a mysterious conspiracy of the Evil Local Mayor who plans to shut down the shops on the High Street to make way for a his shopping centre, leaving Malik & many others redundant."

The crew have been working on the film for over a year, and this trailer barely scratches the surface of what it has to offer!

Familiar faces in the film include Humza Arshad, Modest Street, Smash Bengali, Amber Doig-Thorne, Aatif Nawaz, Sonna Rele and many more.

"Corner Shop: Thank You, Come Again" is set to release on October 27th

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