• Amir-Hamza

Cobra Kai Season 4 Maybe Coming January 2022

Cobra Kai writer Jon Hurwitz has revealed that the filming for Cobra Kai will be starting very soon and that the series will release possible a year after Season 3 released. So we would hope toes the next season in January 2022. In regards to returning faces, we know that Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence have finally set aside their differences and teamed up along with their respective Dojos Miyago-Do and Eagle Fang. We also can expect to see the return of Miguel, Sam, Demitri, and Hawk as. part of the regulars among the Miyago-Do and Eagle Fang group. Their opposition will be Cobra Kai with John Kreese and his Students Robbie, Tory and Kyler along with returning villain from the old trilogy Terry Silver from Karate Kid 3. Theres also a possibility of Aisha retiring to the series if possible too.

Just remember Cobra Kai never dies.

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