• Amir-Hamza

Cobra Kai's Xolo Mariduena in Talks for Blue Beetle Role

So a months ago we did an article on Latino superheroes in the future of live action. One of which happened to include Blue Beetle with our own fan favourite choice of Xolo Mariduena for the character. Well it seems that Cobra Kai's very own El Serpiente is taking on a new animal motif in the DC world as Mexican American teenager Jaime Reyes aka the Blue Beetle. It seems that fans had wanted to see the Cobra Kai star in the role of the iconic Latino superhero and latest news indicates that Xolo Mariduena will be suiting up soon. On top of that Netflix has released the teaser for Cobra Kai Season 4 which is slated to be released on the streaming platform this winter in December. So Xolo has been busy lately.

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