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Chris Hemsworth to Return for Extraction Sequel

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Netflix's biggest blockbuster of 2020 had millions watching during lockdown. Extraction starring Australian MCU Thor star Chris Hemsworth in the lead role as an Aussie Mercenary sent to Bangladesh to save a Drug Dealer's kidnapped son.

What was unique about the film especially is how it was set in Dhaka, Bangladesh which according to Geography Now was listed as the second least known megacity in the world. But after the success of this film it is likely out both Bangladesh and its capital megacity in the spot light.

Due to the immense success of the film. Netflix has confirmed they intend to make a sequel with Chris Hemsworth returning as the lead and "Avengers Inifity War / End Game" Director Joe Russo to return as a the writer.

For everyone wondering...didn't Tyler get shot by a kid, die and fall in the river?

The director commented to say he left it up to the audience to decide if he survived or not, as at the end of the film we do see someone of his image out of focus in the background by the pool. But since the sequel is announced - I guess he lived!

Currently unknown as to what the setting or storyline will be but fingers crossed we hope to see more of Bangladesh in Hollywood! There was still so much culture yet to explore such as the Bangladeshi martial art Butthan!

Chances that the film will be set in the same country again are slim since the storyline came to a close there, but who knows? Maybe a revenge plot from the Bangladeshi drug lord will come into play!

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