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Captain Marvel's Directors May Be Helming Ms Marvel

Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck departed from the Captain Marvel franchise but the filmmakers might still have a job within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tucked away in a new report from The DisInsider is a mention of Boden and Fleck being the frontrunners to direct Disney+'s Ms. Marvel show.

Though principal photography has yet to start on Ms. Marvel — the series has yet to cast the titular character, after all — early speculation has led some to believe the character will appear on-screen before heading off into her own series. Last year, Kamala Khan co-creator G. Willow Wilson expressed her excitement of the character was getting her own big-budget series.

“It is so far beyond what either [editor Sana Amanat] or I ever envisioned going into this series six, going on seven, years ago, that I almost can’t process it," Wilson said last November. “I think there’re some characters who are very much set up for the big screen; they’re very naturally sort of cinematic. But with Ms. Marvel, we really weren’t interested in creating something that had very obvious film potential. I was really leaning — and I know Adrian [Alphona] and Takeshi [Miyazawa] and all of the artists as well — were really leaning into the comic book-ness of this character. She’s got very comic booky powers. God bless them trying to bring that to live action; I don’t know how that’s going to work out in a way that doesn’t look really creepy.”

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