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British TV Presenter Mehreen Baig Releases Debut Book: 'Hidden Lessons'

From Teacher, to TV Personality & Presenter, to Broadcaster, to Podcaster & now Author! Mehreen Baig is proving that her multi talent is one to be followed closely!

Number #4 on 'Hot New Releases' on Amazon, the Hodder Studio published book is described as "a hilarious, heart-warming and utterly compelling book". The publisher said: “Mehreen started teaching at 21, and over 10 years she learnt quite a lot about teenagers and a huge amount about herself. Nothing throws you in at the deep end like standing in front of a group of students, and Mehreen had no choice but to grow up quickly. In Hidden Lessons she will share her story, from the endless frustrations with the system, to the devastating events that have stayed with her, to the hilarious moments that happen every day in schools."

Mehreen's career is on a rollercoaster and it's not coming down, in 2016 Mehreen took part in BBC 2’s BAFTAwinning documentary Muslims Like Us, which followed a diverse group of Muslims living together in a house. She gave a passionate speech when collecting the award for Reality & Constructed Factual at the 2017 BAFTAs. She has presented segments of BBC1’s Sunday Morning Live and The One Show. In 2018 Mehreen fronted BBC documentaries: Islam, Women and Me and Lost Boys? What’s Going Wrong For Asian Men. Alongside a group of well-known personalities, Mehreen covered the Italian section of the Via Francigena for BBC Two’s Pilgrimage: The Road To Rome which aired in 2019. Mehreen also appeared in BBC One’s Walks of Life which explored the fascinating cultural and spiritual narratives that are found throughout the Great British countryside. Most recently in 2021, Mehreen presented BBC One’s documentary The Truth About Getting Fit at Home, where she explored the exercise habits we formed during lockdown, and gave us tips on the right and wrong ways to exercise whilst the gyms are closed.

If you want to hear more of what goes behind the scenes for Mehreen, she talks a lot about the reality of her grind and struggle on The Director's Cut Podcast which is available on YouTube and Spotify!

“Writing this book and being able to share my story is a dream come true. Hidden Lessons is a celebration of my students and their journey, as well as my own. But most of all, it is a tribute to all the wonderful teachers who never stop giving."

-Mehreen Baig

''You're in at 7am, there until 7pm and marking into the late hours. You've got one student who's a full time carer, another who's pregnant, and a third who's just joined a gang. You haven't got enough textbooks to go around, and one of the parents just called you an 'extremist'. You've just gone through a devastating heartbreak and you have to teach Romeo and Juliet to 30 hormonal 14 year olds.

Welcome to life as a teacher.

This is a world that all of us know, but most of us have completely forgotten. It's a world where you're working 50 hour weeks, but you're still just a part-time teacher because the rest of the time you're a security guard, a nurse, a counsellor, or a friend. It's also a world where you spend all day with some of the most interesting people you know. And even when the lesson plan has been abandoned, you're still learning.

Mehreen started teaching at 21, and by the time she left 10 years later she'd learnt a bit about teenagers and a lot about life. This is her story.''

You can buy Mehreen Baig's book here on Amazon!

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