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British Asian Athletes in Boxing

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Looking at films like Bohmeian Rhapsody, Bend it like Beckham, Tiger, Ali, etc. It seems like an interesting oppurtunity for British Asian represenation to do biopics on British Asians in sport, music and entertainment industry. The Nike Free style ad notoriously missed out many British people of the Asian community whilst including many athletes and musicians from White or Black backgrounds. Humza Productions made a parody to highlight the under represented ethnic groups who feel left out/ignored by British media representation such as All Asians (West Asians, South Asian, and Far East Asians), North Africans and East Africans (Don't Forget us Somalis). Either way we decided to make a list of British Asians regardless of their success, who have put themselves into the ring be it Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Wrestling or some other form of martial arts/combat sports. We believe they deserve some recognition here. When we say Asian we mean ALL ASIANS so British Asians of South Asian, West Asian, East Asian, South East Asian and Central Asian will all qualify. For this one we are covering British Asian Boxers and oh boy there's a ton of them. But British Asians in martial arts, kickboxing, MMA/UFC and wrestling will have a separate article.

Aadam Hamed

Aadam Hamed with his Father Naseem Hamed

The middle son of the Boxing legend Prince Naseem Hamed. We have British Yemeni Aadam Hamed, who appears to be following in his fathers foot steps to be the next British Asian champion in the boxing ring. According to Naseem himself: His eldest son Samir/Sami intends to become an actor, but also is interested in boxing too, while his youngest Sulaiman is the "Cutest." Despite being a boxer Naseem had stated that his son Aadam is a natural fighter but does't want his kids fighting. This hasn't stop him from supporting his son in his future endeavours as a fighter and only time will tell if the talent runs in the family.

Adam "The Assassin" Azim

From Slough, England we have British Pakistani, Adam Azim aka the Assassin. (Stole my school nickname) Adam was ranked the no.1 amateur boxer of the world, now at the age of 18 he has made his professional debut in boxing. From his amateur career, we saw him win a number of amazing accolades, including 10 National Titles, One European Championship and a European silver medal. He also managed the superb achievement of winning every national title from Schoolboys to Youths, and was the number one ranked Youth Amateur in the world at welterweight. The 17-year-old was writing his name into the history books by breaking records as young as 15, when he became a three-time England Boxing National Junior Champion.

Adil Anwar

Adil Anwar the Platinum Kid from Leeds, Yorkshire. Born to an athletic British Pakistani family with a former gymnast/boxer turned soldier for a Grandfather and several uncle interested in combat sports. It's no surprise that Adil Anwar would also follow suit. With a record of 22 wins, 7 losses and no draws, Anwar was relatively lesser known compared to Amir Khan but still a regarded competitor to the ring. Anwar has notable victories over the likes of Barry Morrison, John Watson, Tyrone Nurse, Dave Ryan, Dale Miles and Lance Sheehan to name a few. He is currently retired though like many British Asian boxers of his day he was inspired by Naseem Hamed.

Adnan Amar

Another British Pakistani boxer, this time from Nottingham, England. Adnan "Nanito" Amar was inspired to take up boxing by the likes of Naseem Hamed, Brendan Ingle, Muhammad Ali, Junior Witter and Sugar Ray Leonard. He had competed in the light-middle weight, light-welter weight and welter weight divisions of boxing. Holding a record of 26 wins (7 KO victories) and 3 losses. Adnan Amar may have been out of boxing for about 4 years but he looks forward to making a return despite being in his late 30s. Theres still a fire burning inside the Nanito.

Ahmet "Pattycake" Patterson

From Leyton, East London we have the Punch Picker Patterson. Born to a Turkish Cypriot father and a Black Jamaican mother. We have our first Black Asian athlete on this article. He first got his fists in the gloves at the age of 14 where he trained at Fitzroy Lodge before leaving in 2010 to get more sparring experience at Repton ABC. During his amateur career he has had 67 fights and during his professional career he is on a 17 win streak no lose no draws with 7 KO victories. His marriage to Diana "Tootsie Time" Clarke was aired on Don't tell the Bride and the two have a YouTube channel together called Diana and Ahmet. Aww maybe Bilal and Mima Shahid should collaborate with them on a YouTube Mr and Mrs style game.

Ajmal "AJ Dream" Faizy

Born in Charinkar, Afghanistan. Ajmal had a tough start in life, whilst growing up a in humble family of farmers. Unfortunately one day the Taliban would leave Ajmal without a father when they killed him for refusing their demands. Ajmal himself was a victim too as they'd beat him and leave him physically scarred. To save his life, Ajmal's mother had eventually sent him away as a refugee to the UK where he was fostered by a family in Derwent and he would go on to train in Boxing under Barry Higginson. After turning 18, Ajmal found he had to leave his foster home and turned to Barry for sanctuary. Currently studying in college to be a plumber whilst also turned professional in Boxing. Fairy has now won 20 fights in his career with his first two victories being wins by knock out in round 1 and round 4 respectively. Ajmal Fairy still misses and worries for his mother and sister back in Afghanistan. Lets hope one day he can reunite with them safely. He is truly a British Afghan champ. As of 2020, Ajmal has moved on from his boxing to work on several businesse, these include "Allen's Fried Chicken" one of which is located in Bolton 300 Chorley Old Road and another one Accrington, 233 Blackburn road. But he also has his own accident management company called "Lala Car Hire" so if you've had an accident. Maybe give Ajmal a little call.

Akaash "The Bash" Bhatia

Born in Loughborough, England but currently based in London. We have British Punjabi Sikh boxer Akaash "The Bash" Bhatia. Akaash turned professional back in 2006 when training in Bethnal Green, East London. He held victories over Kristian Laight, Wlad Borov and knock out victory against Marc Callaghan. He is also short sighted and discussed the topic of being allowed to wear his contact lenses or not during professional boxing. He is currently training under Jimmy Tibbs at TKO Gym.

Alex Dilmaghani

From Redhill, Surrey, meet Alex Dilmaghani the British Iranian boxer with 19 wins, 2 losses and single draw to his name. The 5'8 Southpaw boxer made his debut back in the 2009 scoring a victory against Baz Carey in Troxy, London. He has victories over the likes of Johnny Greaves, Kristian Laight, Ulises Perez Torres, Tuomo Eronen, Andy Almendras, Christian Arrazola and Martin Parlagi. He trained in Mexico under Ignacio Beristain around 2011 to 2016.

Al Safwan Uddin

British Bangladeshi boxer Al Safwan Uddin is looking to make his mark in the boxing ring. Growing up he idolised the likes of Muhammad Ali of USA, Guillermo Rigondeaux of Cuba and Vasyl Lomachenko of Ukraine. Having mostly boxed in the UK and Bangaldesh, he looks forward hoing to find more boxing experience in the USA and Cuba. Its early days for Al Safwan but he hopes to make it professional one day as well as compete for the Tokyo 2020 olympics but that was put on hold for now.

Alvina Razak

The first female boxer being featured on this article, from Bradford we have Alvina Razak. One of the first British Pakistani Muslim girls to take up professional boxing in the UK. Alvina Razak was 14 years old when she struck a bronze medal at the three nations tournament. Her head coach at Sedbergh Boxing Club is Peter Cannon who had this to say: “I’m over the moon, the result didn’t go our way, but for Alvina Razak to be number three in Britain is great, in only her 4th fight,” Razak isn't the only female boxer to be featured on this list and it will be great for many British Asian women to see girls like her and look up to for inspiration.

Ambreen Sadiq

Imagine a British Pakistani Boxer who has managed to be so influential that there's a stage play about her in Edinburgh. However the former world champion boxer didn't have it easy when it came to starting out as a female British Asian Muslim boxer. In a predictable bend it like Beckham fashion, she has had opposition form members of the Asian Muslim community. Not that this has slowed her down or stopped her. Ambreen has opened up regarding some of things said against her and her family from Islamophobic/anti-asians as well as British Asian Muslims ‘It’s great that I can get my story out there. I think girls should be doing anything they want to be doing. I got bullied: people said your mum’s a Portuguese this, your dad’s a Paki this. I took my aggression out on the [punch] bag. It helped me to be a happier person. Boxing for a female is so different, so the fact I was breaking down barriers pushed me on. When I train I do sometimes get my aggression out, but now I love doing it. I’ve never been so passionate about any other sport. Luckily for Ambreen her parents have been more than supportive in her endeavours.

Amer Khan

Its no suprise if you've heard of a British Pakistani boxer name Amir Khan. But we aint talking about him just yet. No Amer Khan is a different man with his name even spelt slightly differently. From Sheffield, Yorkshire, the light heavyweight stood at 6'3" and had a pretty short undefeated career of 13 fights with one knock out victory. He seemingly divided his time between raising funds for charity like when he did for the Kashmir Earthquake, he worked part time as an ambulance driver before becoming a full time firefighter and boxing trainer. Makes you wonder why most of us has never heard of him. But its likely due to his busy schedule, he made very infrequent appearances as a Boxer and spent more time trying to help people rather harm. Still he is an equivalent to a hero that puts his neck on the line considering he works for the emergency services. But is blatantly over shadow by another Boxing Khan.

Amir "King" Khan

Standing at 5'8" and a reach of 71 inches. He is a British Pakistani world champion and olympian Boxer. From Bolton, despite his recent reputation of being one of the most criticised Boxers. He had earned olympic medals for the UK and made his professional debut all before he reached his 20s. In fact at the age of 17 he earned a silver medal for the British Olympic team making him the youngest Olympic medalist for the United Kingdom. He is also considered one of the fastest punchers in sport of boxing something that served him well in his early years as a boxer. Here are a few highlights of the King Khan and his rapid fire fisticuffs.

Ammir Fiaz

Ammir Fiaz was born in Telford, Shropshire, with his father Mohammad Fiaz being the Head Coach and founder at Wellington Boxing Club. it was a sure thing that Amir himself would grow up to become a boxer himself and he grew up to six foot alright. Mohammad was training Ammir during the early days but as of now his his current manager and promoter is John Pegg with Spence McCracken being his trainer.

From his amateur career, Ammir was the Midlands and Yorkshire champion. He was also one of the top-three boxers at the England Boxing National Amateur Championships. As of 2018, Ammir Fiaz made his professional debut winning his first two fight against more experience professionals like Christian Hoskin-Gomez and Chris Jenkinson. Just when things were looking good for Ammir, he lost his boxing license after being involved in a street attack. But move forward from that he is working to earn his license back, he is a future star and can be amongst the top British Asian boxers.

According to Ammir: “My main strength is my speed and footwork. Also, my left hook is part of my signature combo. But speed. I mean, I’m quick with the weight I’m at.”

Aqib Fiaz

Trained by the likes of renowned coach Jamie Moore at the VIP Gym in Astley alongside a two-weight World Champion Carl Frampton. The Oldham born fighter Aqib Fiaz is currently undefeated in the boxing world yet he is relatively new to the professional level. He made the decision to turn professional in March 2019 following an amateur career in which he represented his country at Senior level twice. With 75 amateur bouts in his experience belt, Fiaz won nine Area Titles and a National Youth Title at 60kg in 2017. He would go on to achieve his dream at the age of 21 in 2020 when he fought in the Manchester Arena owning his opponent Kane Baker.

Aroon "Harry" Fiaz

The Brother of Ammir Fiaz, Aroon Harry Fiaz stands at an imposing 6'3" tall and fights in the cruiserweight division. Alongside his younger brother Ammir Fiaz, Aroon likely trained under their father Mohammed Fiaz and was probably Ammir's main sparring partner. We haven't found much on Aroon except his clean professional record boasting three victories over the likes of James Conroy, Martin Antos and Jevgenijs Andrejevs. Outside of that, he is a father to Azaan as seen on his instagram page.

Bilal Kelvin Fawaz

Meet another British Blasian fighter. Bilal Kelvin Fawaz, born in Nigeria to a Beninese Mother and Lebanese Father. However Bilal life was a tough one from the start, his mother was abusive to the point that his father took him away and then eventually entrusted "an Uncle" to take care of Bilal. Bilal was eventually taken to the UK by this uncle to reunite with his father, but instead was given temporary residence with a foster family in the UK due to being a stateless person (Bilal couldn't inherit citizenship from Nigeria, Lebanon or Benin). Unlike Ajmal, Bilal foster family were abusive and forced him into domestic servitude until he ran away. He was moved into a half way house in his late teens and it was from then on he would discover his love for boxing. Content with staying in the UK, Bilal now has earned his national diploma in sports science, married in 2011 only to be divorced in 2014, he won national competitions for the Amateur Boxing Association, Light-Middleweight champion of England and held the London middle weight title. He intended to represent England for the Olympics but legally couldn't do so due to still having no citizenship however he was offered a professional contract by Frank Warren but again was forbidden to do so due to his statelessness. Labour Mp John McDonnell and the English Boxing Association both appealed against Immigration and border force from deporting Bilal and with any hope Bilal dreamt o represent TEAM GB for the next olympics will could try soon. He may not be British in the eyes of the law yet, but he is an honorary British Lebanese/Beninese and deserves a mention here.

Choi Tseveenpurev

Here is our first British East Asian boxer on this article. Here we have British Mongolian Choi Tseveenpurev. While he started off in his native Mongolia, he travelled for better training through Finland, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and China before finally settling in the UK. He was referred to as "Britain's answer to Manny Pac" by commentator John Rawlings. He holds a notable record of 44 bouts, 36 of them wins, with 7 losses and 1 draw. One of his notable victories was against the Boxer Derry Matthews. So we reckon he deserves a mention here as an honorary expatriate mention here.

Galal "Gal" Yafai

From Birmingham, England we have the youngest of the Yafai brothers. Galal Yafai. British Olympic boxer in the flyweight and light-flyweight category who seems to have found that a passion for boxing runs in the family. He represented the UK in 2017 European Championships, the 2018 commonwealth games, 2019 European Game and 2016 Olympics. He won a bronze medal during the 2019 European Games, a silver medal in 2017 European Championships and gold in the Commonwealth Games.

Gamal "The Beast" Yafai

Next up is the middle child of the Yafai brothers, Gamal the Beast Yafai. Being in the Super-Bantamweight, he won Bronze in the European championship in 2010. Gamal started his amateur career boxing for the Birmingham City Police ABC and was a member of the British Elite Training squad under the coaching of Robert McCracken. His professional career boasts a record of 18 wins and only 1 loss, 10 of those wins happen to be knockout victories. Some of his notable wins were against the likes of Josh Wale, Jose Aguilar, Brayan Mairena, Lee Clayton and Luca Rigoldi.

Hakeem Ali Hussain

A British Pakistani of Kashmiri origin and also a friend to the Yafai brothers, we have Hakeem Ali Hussain. A boxer who began his training at the age of four under his father Talab Hussain. Turns out having a father and uncle who were also passionate boxers was a great inspiration for the young man. Being a left hand orthodox fighter, Hakeem actually looks up to the likes o Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson. Aside from his father, Hakeem has trained under the likes of Frank O'Sullivan during his amateur career, Professional boxer Jamie Cox has been a older brother figure for the young fighter, routinely sparring together and finally John Costello became Hakeem's coach when he started his professional boxing career.

Hamzah Sheeraz

From Slough, England, standing in at 6'2" tall in the middle weight division is Mohammed Hamzah Sheeraz or better known professionally as Hamzah Sheeraz. Much like Hussain (above) Sheeraz was also born to a family of Boxers. With his Grandfather and Uncle both being enthusiastic pugilists. Thanks to his uncle's influence Hamza was directed into boxing at an early age of 8 years old and had his first bout at 12. Becoming a 3 time finalist at the national junior championship, Hamza Sheeraz almost gave up on boxing when he was overlooked as a contender for the commonwealth youth championships. He was convinced to go professional by his then trainer Lenny Butcher and on his 18th birthday he signed a professional deal with Frank Warren's Queensbury Promotions. Having a clean record of 8 wins 4 of which are Knock out victories. Hamzah has held wins against the likes of Miguel Aguilar, Zygimantas Butkevicius, Ladislav Nemeth, Ryan Kelly, Paul Kean and Guido Nicolas Pitto.

Hamza "Thriller" Uddin

Next up is a young aspiring British Bangladeshi boxer name Hamza "Thriller" Uddin. Having been ranked the number 1 junior amateur boxer of England, the undefeated youth has earned the National Champion title 4 times, along with the International box cup champion title and GB 3 Nation Champion title once respectively. The Walsall lad first got into boxing at the of 8 and looked up to Naseem Hamed as his inspriational, unsurprisingly he has been compared to Hamed for his "Lightning Quick movements" and "Tenacious fighting style". Much like many of the previously mentioned boxers, Hamza Uddin was also heavily inspired by his Father Siraj Uddin who was also a former aspirational boxer. So this is another case where it runs in the family. Lets hope to see Hamza Uddin make it big in the future of boxing.

Harry Dhami

Meet Harry Dhami, from Gravesend, Kent. With a reach of 196cm and standing at 6' tall, Dhami was one of the earliest known British Asian boxers to win a British title. While he has been retired as of 2003, he is the manager and owner of the Elite Boxing and Fitness Gym in Gravesend, Kent. By the end of his career he had a record of 23 fights, 17 wins, 5 losses and 1 draw.

Haroon "Harry" Khan

The Lesser known younger brother of Amir "King" Khan. Meet Haroon "Harry" Khan, coming from a sporting family with boxer of an older brother and cricketer cousin (Sajid Mahmoud). Harry Khan was originally into Football and played for a local club before it was shut down. It's likely he got into boxing at the same time as his brother and represented England during his youth in commonwealth games, but unfortunately was overlooked when hoping to rep team GB for the olympics.

Hassan "The Hitman" Azim

So we have Adam the Assassin Azim and now we have Hassan The Hitman Azim. Sensing a theme here with the Azim family name. While he isn't the only British Asian Athlete to go by the alias "The Hitman" (Sunny "The Hitman" Hira might want a word). Azim is a promising Amateur boxer who was looking to make his professional debut. Well that is until the Pandemic put everything on hold. Hassan takes his boxing craft to the professional level, after signing with MTK Global in 2020. He made his amateur debut on the 29th of December 2017. Defeating Danish Oliver Ollenberg with a unanimous decision. His many achievement includes six national titles, He won bronze for Great Britain in the Light-welterwight Division in the junior olympics, a silver medal at the European Youth Championships, He defeated Moroccan Mohammed Boulaouja by a technical knock-out. The third-place match was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hassan was chosen to be the closing ceremony flagbearer for Team GB, which was a big honour for him.

Humza Ali

Born in Walsall, West Mids is another fighter called Humza (well spelt different to Hamza). Meet Humza Ali is a professional boxer with one fight under his belt at the featherweight (57 kg) division. Ali comes from a traditional British Pakistani family.

He was the Midlands champion on eights occasions, with six times champion title at junior level and two timer at senior level. Humza made his professional debut versus Anwar Alfadil (GB) on May 5, 2017. He won the best of four rounds fight on points at the Stadium Suite, Banks’s Stadium, Walsall. His opponent had eighty plus fights going into this boxing match.

Humza had been inactive due to recovering from a shoulder injury. But like a true determinator, he is fighting fit again and raring to go. In reply to a question about his ambitions, Humza told DESIblitz: “I’m looking to have one fight and then step up from there. I’m in the sport to be the best. So my ambitions are world titles."

Ibrahim "Ibby" Nadim

Ricky Hatton's new star in the boxing ring, Ibrahim "Ibby" Nadim. From Keighly, Yorkshire, the 21 year old, Ibby was a top class amateur and comes to the paid ranks with a very good amateur pedigree behind him. Though he has been out of the ring for almost a year due to the Corona Virus pandemic, this didn't stop him against the Matador Jonny Fillips who he successfully outboxed in his third professional fight. The nation that longer experience would come out on top was expelled by Nadim who used his superior boxing skills to gradually impress referee and scorer Bob Williams.

While his trainer Hatton had been slightly critical of his super bantamweight's gung-ho approach in his opening two contests, decisions over journeymen Misael Zeledon and Stefan Nicolae, but it was a more measured performance which won him plaudits in this display at the SSE Arena, Wembley.

Inder Singh Bassi

Much like Canada's Pardeep Nagra, whose experience would influence the boxing biopic film: Tiger. British Indian Skih boxer India Signh Bassi has made waves in the UK boxing scene. Having faced problems due to his adherent to Sikhism's 5 Ks, most notably Kesh. Bassi does not shave his beard or cut his hair as a testimony to his religion which goes against the traditional norms of boxing where boxers are expected to be short haired and clean shaven. But Bassi follows the footsteps of his grandfather former boxer and Soldier Major Singh Bassi to push onwards. The Clayhall Combatant started off his boxing training at the age of 8, coached by Keith Markham at Gator where Bassi had a long amateur career of 75 fights. As of now he is being coached by Kevin Lily who is a WBO European Middle Weight Champion and Southern Area lightweight champion. Bassi won the London title five times, as well as being crowned the Elite Home Counties and Southern Area champion, and was a three-time national finalist

Jawaid "Too Sleek" Khaliq

British Pakistani Boxer Jawaid Khaliq was one of the first British Asian Muslims to earn an MBE probably the first British Asian Athlete to do so. Coming from a. Kashmiri ethnic background in Nottingham, England. Jawaid Khalid started boxing at the age of 16 where he would go on to become an amateur champion. He won the ABA Championship in 1996, a commonwealth title and an IBO World Title which he defended 7 times and retired as a champion. He made his professional debut at 27, many of his fights being taken on short notice such a day or two days before the fight. Outside of boxing Jawaid had also supported his family as a taxi driver and the local community he runs a Youth Academy the "Jawaid Khaliq Boxing Academy" alongside a community project "down knives gloves up". He also helps promote fire fighting awareness for his community. Before his retirement Jawaid had victories over the likes of Sean Sullivan, Wily Wise, Jack Bielski, Maxim Nesterenko, Jose, Joaquin Rosa Gomez, Roman Dzhuman, Jan Piet Bergman and Ener Julio.

John Marvin

Finally our first British South East Asian boxer in the list. We have a soldier, literally Lance Corporal John Nobel Tupas Marvin. Well we call him John Marvin for short. But the British Filipino is from the Isle of Wright of all places. Much like fellow British Filipinx fighter, Natalie Hills. John Marvin has it rough. He used get into fights a lot in his youth till one day the police intervened and encouraged him to take up boxing. He joined Ventnor Club and was trained by Darren Green. Eventually Marvin enlisted into the British Military (not the only British Asian boxer to do so), having served in the Royal Regiment of Wales and with the title of Lance Corporal. He likely trained in British Military Martial Arts like CQC or Defendu. But Boxing was his real passion and after being discharged from the military. Despite having served in the UK military and won the accolade of two-time Combined Services Senior Boxing champion, he also represented his mother's nation the Philippines in the Asian Amateur Boxing Championship winning silver in Bangkok 2019 and also South East Asian Games winning gold in Kuala Lumpur in 2017.

Kaisey Khademi

Another Afghan born British Boxer. We have British Afghan Quaise Khademi or better known by his professional name as Kaisey Khademi. Born in Kabul, his extended family were in danger from the Taliban leading them to flee the nation for the UK. He was granted asylum after nine years from his arrival in the UK. But has now been living in East London. The Super-Flyweight boxer so far has a clean and spotless record of 8 victories no losses no draws. 2 of these victories have been KOs. Lets hope to see Kaisey Khademi to keep that clean record in his future career.

Kash Ali

Standing at almost 2 meters tall is the British Pakistani heavy weight Kash Ali. At 6'6" tall he is the tallest British Asian Athlete mentioned here and on the article before. Even beating out 6'3" Kash the Flash Gill and 6'2" Prince Ameen. Kash has had a career of 19 bouts, 18 wins and one loss. Oh and we should address the elephant in the room that one loss was a disqualification for biting David Price. Damn. Granted he isn't the first sportsman to have bitten another, (Luis Suarez) or the first Boxer to do so either (Mike Tyson). But we will say Kash is giant and can deal some heavy blows regardless. Despite the bad rep he got, he is still fighting strong as always. Since his disqualification, he has beaten Artur Kubiak, Kamil Sokolowski and Phil Williams and will likely get back to his winning streak again.

Khalid Ayub

Guess who's gone from Amateur to Professional. From Halifax, Yorkshire is the 6'2" tall Khalid Ayub has had a promising amateur career so far. Winning four national titles, two GB titles and Represented England in the 2016 European Championships in Croatia. Having worn his first gloves at 3 and had his first bout at 10 years old. the young man was destined to be a fighter. Ayub currently trains in Slough, on the outskirts of London, alongside The Azim brothers, who won a plethora of titles between them in the amateur ranks. Ayub, who will be fighting at light heavyweight in the pro ranks, is eager for the chance to train alongside the siblings.

“I didn’t really have any plans to turn professional until one or two months ago,” he added. “I have got a new training team that I am going to be training with down in Slough. “My team down there, they wanted me, instead of going back into the amateurs and fighting as a senior, they said I should turn professional and build my experience that way

Khalid "Kal" Yafai

The oldest of the Yafai brothers. We have Khalid "Kai" Yafai, the British Yemeni Superfly weight represented Team GB at the Olympics and the European championships. he achieved a silver medal in the European Championships 2010 Moscow before making the transition into professional boxing. So far he had a 26 win streak until last year February where he faced his first professional defeat. But a record of 26 wins out of 27 is still impressive and we believe that Yafai will get back up after his recent defeat. Among is notable victories he has beaten the likes of Christofer Rosales, Isaac Quaye, Jason Cunningham, Dixon Flores, Jozsef Ajtai, Luis Concepcion, Suguru Muranaka, Israel Gonzalez and Norbelto Jimenez.

Kid Galahad

Abdul-Bari Awad aka Kid Galahad, born in Qatar raised in the UK to a British Yemeni family. His father was actually a member of the Qatari Armed Forces, so we know the blood of a soldier flows in the Awad family veins. Hisfamily immigrated to the UK, where he would grow up in Sheffield and take up boxing under the training of Brendan Ingle. Awad decided to take up boxing because it kept him off the streets and he didn't want to follow his siblings example which lead them into jail or gang violence. So we can say that Awad made the right choices in life. Whilst training at a gym, Awad had a chance meeting with none other Naseem Hamed who encouraged Awad to seek out Brendan Ingle for some serious boxing training and from then on the only way was up for Kid Galahad. While we can't really say why Abdul-Bari Awad called himself Kid Galahad, the name certainly stands out on this list. He has some interesting parallels with kickboxer Abdul Ali who also met and was encouraged by a famous boxer (Muhammad Ali) and used a stage name Ali Jacko. Either way Galahad's record boast 27 wins and only one loss. His notable victories are against the likes of Isaac Netley, Jazza Dickens, Sergio Prado, Fred Mundraby, Adeilson Dos Santos, Simas Volosimas, Emiliano Salvini, Reynaldo Mora, Jose Cayetano, Irving Berry, Toka Kahn Clary and Claudio Marrero.

Merdud Takaloo

Sometimes known as just Takaloo, Merdud was born in Iran before his family left for the UK and settled in Margate, Kent. He began a professional boxing career in 1997, after a successful career as an amateur fighter with 72 bouts, 60 of them resulting in his victories. Known for his showboating and gutsy style, Takaloo sometimes ended up bruised but still held a decent career with 26 wins out for he 34 fights he had professionally. 17 of his victories were knock out wins. So despite having a spotty win lose record of 26 Wins and 8 Losses. He gave as good as he got in the ring.

Mo "Mallet Fisted" Hussein

Murad Hussein aka Mallet Fist Mo Hussein is a former boxing champion of British Turkish Cypriot origin from Hackney, East London. He was mostly active during the 1980s as a professional boxer earning himself the British Boxing Board of Control Southern Area lightweight title (god that was mouthful) and the Commonwealth lightweight title. He was trained and managed by Jimmy Tibbs, promoted by Frank Warren but as of now he works as a trainer with Irish champion Paul Upton being one of his most notable trainees.

Mohammed Sameer

Starting his boxing training at the age of 12, Mohammed Sameer attended boxing clubs after school before he fell in love with the sport. He trained at Stamford Boxing club for six years, with Rick Green as his first coach before Mark Artherton took over. Sameer looks up to boxers like Amir Khan, Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather and Naseem Hamed as his influences. In his first professional bout, Sammer fought against Scott Hillman taking 3 out of the 4 rounds to win by KO. We can tell this 6 foot tall middle weight has a promising future ahead of him.

Muhammad Ali Saleem

Well things are gonna get confusing because this is Muhammad Ali. Not the African American boxer that everyone knows. This Muhammad Ali is British Asian, oh and he isn't the only British Asian called Muhammad Ali either. It probably doesn't help that all three Muhammad Ali's spell their names the same. So for this British Asian Muhammad Ali, we will refer to him as Muhammad Ali Saleem, as his father is Shahid Saleem (why the surnames don't match? we don't know). Either way Shahid Saleem was a huge boxing fan but due to a strict upbringing he could never get into the sport, however, he was nothing but support of his son Muhammad Ali Saleem. Saleem was one of four muslim boxers to represent Team GB in the Rio Olympics. However lets address a big issue that hit Saleem the following years. In February 2018, Salem was banned from boxing after Trenbolone (an Anabolic Steriod) was found in his urine sample. Whilst Ali Salem denied any attempts that he was intentionally doping he couldn't prove or explain how he had Trenbolone in his system. Whilst the ban only lasted two years, it would lead to Saleem to go professional with the intention of cleaning up his reputation. He has so far won his first two and only tow bouts. Only time will tell where his reputation will lead him.

Muhammad Ali Zahid

Now onto the next British Asian boxer named Muhammad Ali. Now going by Muhammad Ali Zahid to distinguish himself from the other Muhammad Alis. However one thing very unique about Zahid is that he is a the first professional boxer to have type 1 diabetes. Whilst it may not sound like a lot but it was a strong up hill battle for Zahid to get his Boxing license because of it. So far his professional record is a spotless 6 wins no losses no draws. So lets see how far Zahid will go as a pugilist.

Nadeem "Golden Boy" Siddique

Nadeem Siddique with Junior Witter

Straight outta Bradistan. Ok we joking, but from Bradford, Yorkshire. We have Nadeem Siddique aka The Golden Boy. Unsurprisingly Golden Boy is a supporter of Bradford City FC and also is a huge fan of Sugar Ray Robinson. During his amateur career he was a 5 time Yorkshire champion and a two time English champion. During his professional career he acclaimed Central Area Welterweight Champion Title and British Masters Champion Title. With a record of 27 bouts, 25 wins and 2 losses. 9 victories by KO. Outside of his boxing, he is the founder of "Make the Weight" Gym in which Mike Tyson attended the opening with many A-List celebrities. In fact the event was dedicated to a Mike Tyson fan named Qasim Rahman who passed away just before he could meet Tyson. Alongside fellow boxer Junior Witter, Siddique organised charity events such as car washes to raise money and awareness for victims of Palestine and Gaza.

Naseem "The Prince" Hamed

Standing at around 5'4" (163cm) with a an arm reach of 64 Inches is the British Yemeni world champion Boxer. From Yorkshire, a working class devout muslim boxer known for his acrobatic flips and dancing showboating personality. Among his spectacular entrances involved Front Somersaulting off the ropes into the ring and even back flipping as part of his celebration, re-enacting Michael Jackson Thriller, wearing a halloween mask and being carried onto the stage with a "Flying Carpet" or a "Palki" (Palaquin). His final record before retiring was 36W 1L 0D (31 wins by KO). Heres a highlight video of Prince Naseem Hamed over the years.

Qais Ashfaq

Another British Pakistani boxer from Leeds. Meet the medal collector Qais Ashfaq. Qais Ashfaq's boxing career had him start off earning medals during his amateur career with a bronze medal from 2015 European Games in Baku, he's earned two silver medals, one from the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, the other in 2015 European Championships in Samokov and his gold medal was earned in 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games in the Isle of Man. Since July 2017 he turned professional, singing with Hayemaker Ringstar. He has a record of 10 fights, 9 wins and one loss. His notable wins are against the likes of Fadhili Majiha, Stefan Sashev, Joe Ham and Ashley Lane.

Raza Hamza

This young and ambitious Birmingham born British Asian Boxer Raza Hamza is not yet a recognisable name. But he certainly has ambition and is a unique young man too. With five British titles, three English titles and two Asia titles as an amateur, you wouldn’t bet against him. While his father worked as a mechanic, his mother was a stay at home mum that was also a big fan of boxing and had watched matches with a young Raza Hamza. In fact she was the one to make Raza to see the benefits of the discipline required to excel at the sport and even encouraged Raza to go to the gym. He threw himself into it at the Aston ABC gym leaving little time for anything else which kept him on the straight and narrow. “I came home from school, ate, went to the gym, arrived home at 7pm and went to bed. There was no time to get into trouble.” Unfortunately when he was 12 years old, Gaza's mum passed away before she could see her boy grow into the fighter he is now. He is also quite a peaceful guy outside of the ring, doing yoga and meditation in his free time. Hell he even travels to Wales for Mountaineering and visits Yoga Temples in Thailand.

Ryan Nandha

Next up we have Ryan Nandha, a 26 year old boxer originally from Bedford but now lives in Leicester. Fighting out of the Fight Factory Gym in Stoke under his coach Lindon Newbon. He actually started off as a Muay Thai fighter and even competed in several amateur bouts Muay Thai boxing before he decided he would stick to full on boxing to go professional. In regards to why he chose to go professional and chose boxing of Muay Thai, Ryan Nandha had told Eurosport: “I spent seven weeks at Gleason’s Gym in New York and that made me realise that I wanted to be a boxer rather than a Thai boxer. I was training with former world champion Yuri Foreman and on the other hand fighters who were just starting out in boxing and it was such a great experience. When I came back to the UK I wasn’t sure whether to try the amateurs or go professional, but most of the gyms here advised me to turn professional now. I am now ready after five or six months preparation sparring with other pro’s for my debut.”

Safiyya Syeed

Meet the Hijabi Boxer from Bradford, Yorkshire. Safiyya Syeed. However before she earned her 1st Dan black hijab in serving knuckle sandwiches (little Musconception joke there), she actually suffered from anorexia and bulimia. Both being psychological illnesses associated with avoidance of eating. Safiyyah believes her disorders started when she recovered from a long term illness which had made her throw up regularly for two and a half years. Once she regained her health, she began to fall into unhealthy and unsustainable eating patterns and eventually became so unwell she could not stomach more than a few chips on a plate before vomiting. The problem lingered for Safiyya even when she started her Nursing apprenticeship and boxing at a local gym on the side. However slowly over time her busy training and study schedule did begin to bring back Safiyya's appetite and health. Though it wasn't as cut and dry as her family, doctors and even coach clocked something wasn't quite right before she started to make a full recovery. So in a way Saifyya was fortunate to at least have people look out for her, especially with eating disorders being a very psychological issues that can make someone feel isolated. But beyond that Safiya Syeed as a cooler story about herself in the boxing gym, in her own interview with the Sidelines Podcast: "We had to be in partners and a trainer said to someone else: 'Shut up! Before I make you spar her [in a mocking way].' "I heard him and I said: "We'll get in the ring then!" "So I got in the ring and everyone was watching, a big guy, he was 6 foot, but I needed to prove a point because he disrespected me...and I ended up busting his lip!

As the International Boxing Association lifted the ban on religious garment in boxing, Safiyya has entered amateur boxing level and who knows maybe Safiyya can work with fellow athletes like martial artist Ruqsana Begum and wrestler Nor Diana to promote Begum's new sports Hijab line.

Sahir "Saz" Iqbal

From Bolton, Lancashire, standing at 6'1" and weighing in at 70kg is the Welterweight Sahir "Saz" Iqbal. Iqbal fell in love with he sport of boxing at the age of 9 when he joined his older brothers at Bury Amateur Boxing Club. Sahir was very successful at the amateur level. He was a national champion five-times, European silver medallist, along with collecting a gold medal at the Haringey Box Cup. He made his professional debut against Matthew James Hall in 2018. As of now, he currently holds the World Boxing Council Youth World Welter title.

Samir Hamed

(Left to Right) Adam Hamed, Kid Galahad and Samir Hamed

There's not much we can say about Naseem Hamed's eldest son Samir. Why? Well unlike his younger brother Aadam Hamed. Samir is very private to a point where most of his social media is on private, contrasting with Aadam who posts regularly to the public. Though according to Naseem Hamed himself, Sami (as he calls Samir) has aspirations to be an actor but does Boxing as a hobby with his brother. We still felt the British Yemeni at least deserves a mention with his family on here too.

Sanjeez Singh Sahota

British born Indian Sanjeez Singh Sahota actually got his interest in Boxing from when he was living in Madrid, Spain. Back in 2005, the 14 year old became interested in a TV Series called "The Contender" from then on he started his journey into boxing. While he didn't really have a lot of friends or Amigos, at first due to be new to Spain. He decided to hit up the gym and began to idolise Isle Smith and Peter Manfredo. Sahota had to travel 400km from Murcia to Madrid just to take part in Amateur bouts. He gave his opinion on the Boxing Scene between the UK and Spain stating: "The amateur set-up in Britain is a lot more developed and advanced than in Spain. When I started off there weren’t actually that many bouts taking place whilst they’re pretty much every week in the UK."

Shabaz "Maverick" Masoud

Shabaz Masoud is a professional boxer who fights in the super bantamweight division (54-55 kg). He is the cousin to fellow boxer Ammir Fiaz, Shabaz was born in Rochdale on March 4, 1996. Though his residence is in Stoke-on-Trent. He comes from a Punjabi, Pakistani background. At the amateur level, he was national champion in 2018. Known by his nickname Maverick, he has won his first seven fights, on points and one victory on technical knockout. Shabaz believes he is world champion material due to the support he has received: “The difference between me and these other guys is I am with the right team.” He is currently being coached by professional boxing coach Ben Davison and promoted by Frank Warren whilst Dubai based MTK Global co-manage him. He idolises the likes of Billy Joe Saunders, Tyson Fury and of course Naseem Hamed.

Shamim "Shaka" Khan

Another British Asian soldier that also boxes as part of the Army Boxing Team. British Bangladeshi Private Shamim "Shaka" Khan joins the likes of John Marvin on this list as a Solider and Boxer. Private Khan also works as a Petroleum Engineer outside of his military duties in Aldershot, but hopes to represent England one day in the sport. Despite having lost on his debut bout, Private Khan has only been defeated three times and made a real impact when defeated Tom Payne of the US Marine Corps in a special fundraising event at the Royal Albert Hall.

That victory helped the British forces to a 5-4 triumph against the Americans and there is talk the two countries could fight again, but this time in the States. As of 2020, "Shaka" hd represented the UK Military again in a boxing competition against the Belgian military doing his usual unorthodox style and when fighting Amin Amaziane of Belgium On the Sunday of that event, Francis Storey (Finchley) was game and gave Shamim plenty to think about but it was the 35-year-old Khan’s hand raised after three rounds.

Shinny Bayaar

Shinebayar Sukhbaatar or better known as Shinny Bayaar is another Mongolian expatriate boxer in the UK. In 2009 Bayaar traded blows with Daniel Thorpe and won before having his application for British citizenship granted and being given the opportunity to fight for the British Flyweight title. During that same year he would go on to take the British Flyweight Championship title from Chris Edwards winning a split decision on the fight. With a record of 23 bouts, 15 wins, 6 losses and 2 draws Bayaar may not have the cleanest record but he is another rare example of UK boxer of Far East Asian heritage.

Simran Kaur

Alongside Alvina Razak, Ambreen Sadiq, Safiyya Syeed and technically Ruqsana Begum. Here is Simran Kaur one of the few well known British Asian Women in Boxing. The young British Indian Sikh boxer, Simran Kaur is a 5 time national youth champion and she looks forward to the Tokyo Olympics despite the Pandemic having put the event on hold. Having started out at Len Woodall Boxing Club in Telford and then moving on to Wolverhampton’s Merridale ABC, she now travels to Northampton four times a week to train at Kings Heath Boxing Club. Before joining up with Team GB, Kaur had her first fight in Finland,, before going for gold in the European Youth Championships at the end of the summer. She has three European silver medals from previous events. She is also very close to her brother who introduced her to boxing and acts as one of her coaches and mentors.

Sohail "Showstar" Ahmad

British Afghan Boxer the Showstar, Sohail Ahmed arrived in the UK as a refugee at the age of 12 with no family. Ahmad mostly sought refuge in Shelters and foster homes. This experience sparked a desire to succeed from an early age and his battle against adversity is belied by his showmanship in the ring. He started boxing at the age of 17 as an amateur, turning pro in 2015 at age 25.

With steely determination he focussed on his education and training, gaining a place at London Metropolitan University and a degree in sports science. His record now stands at 16 wins and one loss from 17 fights. In between fights, Sohail finds time to work as a boxing coach and personal trainer. He trains at the Secret Boxing Gym in London Bridge with his head trainer, Richard Williams, and specialises in functional training as well as boxing training to lose weight, led a healthy lifestyle and achieve confidence. He is also a TCA Sportswear ambassador, an East London technical sportswear brand that features the best fabrics and technologies and is consciously designed for performance.

Ukashir/Kash "Untouchable" Farooq

Finally we have a Scottish Pakistani Boxer Ukashir "Untouchable" Farooq. Someone get a little MC Hammer in the house. Sometimes called Kash Farooq, he was born in Lahore, Pakistan and originally moved to London to seek asylum in 2002. He was eventually relocated to Glasgow, Scotland. He got his first taste at boxing in 2010, when a friend invited him along. After watching a training take on the pads, Ukashir was offered to come back to the gym Ito try out boxing again. In no time he was hooked onto the sport. He held the British Bantamweight title during 2018 to 2019 and holds a boxing record of 15 bouts, 14 wins and one loss. Among his victories, he has beaten boxers such as Dimitrijs Gutmans, Michael Barnor, Georgi Andonov, Scott Allan, Jose Hernandez, Duane Winters and Angel Avile.

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