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British Actress Shivani Ghai Cast in CW's Batwoman

Shivani Ghai compared with Safiyah Sohail

CW's Batwoman has entered it's second season and it's cast one of its new characters. Safiyah Sohail. She has been mentioned a few times over the course of season 1 but never made an appearance. Now British Indian actress Shivani Ghai will be bringing the character to life on the small screens for the first time. But who is Safiyah Sohail and who is the Shivani Ghai?

Safiyah and Kate

In the DC Comics Safiyah Sohail is the Turkish ruler of a small Mediterranean Island nation called Coryana. The Island is likely analogous to the real world Cyprus but added a pirate theme much like Marvel's Madripoor being a Singapore inspired haven for the worst kinds of criminals. Safiyah was also a former lover of Batwoman. It's likely the dynamic between Safiyah and Batwoman may have parallels to Batman's relationship with Talia Al-Ghul in the comics both being West Asian love interests to Gotham's Bat Vigilante.

Shivani Ghai as Ayesha Rana in Eastenders

Shivani Ghai is a British Indian actress best known for her roles as Sairah Khan in British Asian film Everywhere and Nowhere, Ayesha Rana in Eastenders, Batya in The Bible series, Arika in Dominion, Amal Mansoor in London Has Fallen, Felicity in The Catch and Nusrat Preston in Five Days. Her role as Arika in Dominion has similarities to Safiyah being a leader of a nation as well as a lesbian, while she is not of Turkish origin she did once learn Italian four weeks before landing her role as Sarita in the Italian TV Show Un Medico In Famiglia despite not knowing the language prior most viewers were convinced she already knew the language before hand. So we may not be surprised if Shivani bangs out some Turkish for the role of Safiyah.

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