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BREAKING: Spider-Man No Longer a Part of MCU due to Disney & Sony Split!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

A reported standoff between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures has ended Marvel and Kevin Feige's involvement with the Spider-Man film series, according to Deadline. Since 2016's Captain America Civil War, Marvel have been heavily involved with the Spider-Man character, with Kevin Feige acting as lead creative producer on both of his solo films. Spider-Man Far from Home recently crossed the $1 billion mark, becoming Sony's highest grossing picture ever, in the process.

The reason for this unexpected split seems to be Sony's unwavering stance on co-financing the next 2 Spider-Man films with Disney. The deal would've seen Disney and Sony operating under a 50-50 co-financing split. According to Deadline, the deal would've also given Disney a stake in all Spider-Man-related ventures, including bringing Tom Hardy's Venom into the Marvel Cinematic Universe - a move that many fans have asked for. Sony did not want to change their current agreement, which sees Disney receiving just 5% of each Spider-Man movie's first dollar gross.

Feige reportedly would've stayed on for the forthcoming Spider-Man films, had the two companies come to a deal, but Sony turned down Disney's offer straight away, without so much as a counter-offer.

Previously, it was assumed that Jon Watts and Tom Holland would BOTH return. While it is true that Holland is signed on for the next few films, Jon Watts is reportedly NOT signed on for Spider-Man 3 as of yet, and it is a mystery as to whether or not he will direct it, given this devastating news.

What this means for both Marvel and Sony, is still unclear. They could still come to a deal but, at the moment, it seems unlikely. The MCU seemed to be working towards Tom Holland's Spider-Man as the new leader of The Avengers, and Tony Stark was a heavy influence on this iteration of Peter Parker. Maybe Spider-Man will be treated the same way our beloved Netflix heroes were treated, existing in the MCU in theory but with no cameos or appearances. This may however, mean that Sony is more likely to do a Venom / Spider-Man cross over as they have the rights to the vast roster of Spider-Man characters.

Fans all over the world have launched boycott social media pages of the re-release of Spider-Man Far From Home with extended scenes as a form of protest (not to mention heart break!) How do you feel hearing this news? Sound off in in the comments!

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