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Black Panther Director Ryan Coogler planning a "Wakanda" TV Show on Disney plus?

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Last year, we have had some tragic news, well a lot of tragic news for the last 13 months. But last year we lost Chadwick Boseman the actor who brought King T'Challa aka Black Panther to life on the big screen. While fans have been split over killing off T'Challa or continuing the character's story with a new actor. It seems to be Marvel will be going with the former option and not recast the character at all (so Storm and Black Panther romance for the MCU future). But it seem the director Ryan Coogler has other ideas for Wakanda. Who knows maybe they'll ask GeographyNow for some ideas on exploring Wakanda as a nation and looking at the comics for further source material on the country.

It seems with the lost of the lead character, Ryan wants to explore what makes Wakanda the nation it is with a TV series centred around it. This is actually a viable idea that could answer some questions or explore stories mentioned in the MCU. It wouldn't be the first time a superhero series centres on a lead character home before the lead character becomes the man they are known for (Smallville, Krypton and Gotham are good examples of how the series could be handled)

Atandwa Kani as T'Chaka

So what can we expect? Well the series can explore the history of Wakanda, the multiple tribes, their life style, their deities, choice of weapons, clothing, look at the unique occupations of Wakanda like the Dora Milage, the War Dogs and the Science division each with its own leading lady Okoye, Nakia and Shuri respectively. Maybe reintroduce Atandwa Kani as young T'Chaka and his enemy Ulysses Klaue. Ryan Coogler did admit to regretting killing off Andy Serkis' Klaue so this series could utilise him again with a younger appearance or explain a possible way to revive him as the man of living sound like his comic book counterpart.

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