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'BBC Future Sounds' Artist Bilal Shahid Blocked Mistah Islah on Facebook!

It's always nice to see old friends catch up, or more precisely, when one unblocks the other. Mistah Islah talks to the first music Artist to guest star on the Director's Cut Podcast about his highlights and struggles being a British Bangladeshi Artist in the music industry.

Bilal Shahid was recently announced as one of handful of Artists to be a part of 'BBC Future Sounds' where the BBC Asian Network champion upcoming talent opening doors of opportunities for them. Bilal Shahid is already a rising star in his music as well as his creatively sharp eye for cinematography in his music videos, we can only expect more from him in the coming years!

"East London’s Bilal Shahid has crafted his own sound of contemporary Bangla music fused with contemporary R&B. ‘Mon Juriya’ and ‘Tumi Amar’ have reworked classic folk tracks and re-introduced them to a new audience. His 2020 releases have seen him embrace a grittier sound with ‘Where U Been’ and ‘Red Handed’. Bilal has been supported by Asian Network’s Jasmine Takhar and Nadia Ali." -BBC

Watch the podcast in the video above!

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