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BBC's Teen Thriller "Get Even" is now on Netflix.

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Earlier this year on February the 14th, 2020. BBC IPlayer released Get Even. A Teen Thriller series based on the "Don't Get Mad" book series by author Holly Phillips.

Get Even cast left to right: Mia McKenna-Bruce as Bree Deringer, Bethany Antonia as Margot Rivers, Kim Adis as Kitty Wei and Jessica Alexander as Olivia Hayes

The series centres on a quartet of school girls who form the DGM (Don't Get Mad) group to expose Bullies at their school. Only for one of their targets to be murdered and with a note saying DGM in his hands. Clearly a frame up the girls need to find out who murdered their target and who is trying to frame the group. The series has been released on Netflix for the international audience, here's the Netflix trailer.

Who are the four main girls in the series? and who are actresses playing them?

Kim Adis: Kitty Wei

Kim Adis. The First British Filipina lead.

The first character we have is Kitty Wei a British girls of Far East Asian origin whose feels pressured by her parents to overachieve due to their high expectations. She appears to be the de-facto lead out of the four which is a big step. Her actress is Filipina born British actress Kim Adis who is now the first British Filipina lead in a British film or TV show, this is also the first British South East Asian lead in a UK production. Before her, the UK's Far Eastern Asian community have been severely underrepresented compared to other Asian and African minorities, granted this is due to Oriental people in the UK make up a smaller ratio of the UK population compared to the Black and other Asian minorities. Kim Adis was born in the Cebu Province of the Philippines before she came to the UK where she was raised. Whilst Kitty Wei maybe her first leading role she has had roles as Rose in The Turning, Claire Mahek in The Complex: Lockdown. Her upcoming roles include Kim in After Party and Lowre in 2 episodes of Foundation. She also appeared in DC super hero series Krypton as a Kryptonian named Anda.

Mia McKenna-Bruce: Bree Deringer

Mia McKenna-Bruce on set of Rebels

Bree Deringer is a daughter of a Rich Father, though she frequently gets into trouble at school. While this is an overdone character archetype, it will be interesting how to see how it is handled in this situation. Mia McKenna-Bruce is most likely the best known actress out of the main quartet among the British Audiences. She has had roles as Penny Branning, the daughter of Jack Branning in Eastenders, Tee Taylor in the Tracey Beaker franchise with Tracey Beaker Returns and its following series The Dumping Ground. These two are some of her most recognisable roles prior to Get Even. She has also down some shorts with the British YouTube Channel: Million Youth Merits where she portrayed Nikki in Watch What I Do and Amy in Exposed. She also appeared in the Netflix series Witcher as Marika in one episode. So Mia will defo be a firmiliar face for some of the British audience.

Bethany Antonia: Margot Rivers

Bethany Antonia in Pin Cushion

Margot Rivers is described as the girl who games in her free time and has few school friends. So setting her up as the Nerdy character that apparently has either no social skills or just non-existent friends circle. Margot Rivers will be one of many examples of a Black and Nerdy character archetype. A growing trope, especially as nerd culture is actually become the norm as of late. We can imagine her motif to be part of the DGM group. Birmingham actress Bethany Antonia is a relatively new actress on the scene so not much is known about her as of now. But what we have found is she has had roles as Jade Okonji in Doctors, Chelsea in Pin Cushion, Leane in Stath Lets Flats. It is noted her character in Chelsea was considered the Moral Compass of the films tale on Bulying, fitting in and self confidence. So its clear Bethany has experience in this type of genre and storyline. Looking at her acting profile it seems Antonia is fluent in French, has many musical talents from singing (with Belt and Mezzo-Soprano being specific skills of hers), she is skilled in dance from Ballet, Ballroom, Hip-Hop Jazz and Tap to name a few and also is a pianist. So hopefully she will get to show off some these talents of hers on screen.

Jessica Alexander: Olivia Hayes

Jessica Alexander in Disney's Penny on M.A.R.S

Olivia Hayes is described as the girl who is perceived to be the most popular girl in the school. But as we all know looks can be deceiving and it will be interesting to see what the series has in store for her as well. Jessica Alexander is also another relatively new actress on the scene with a handful of roles and not a lot of background information on her. Her prior roles included Sienna in a short film called Truck, however she did have a longer term role in 16 episodes of Penny on M.A.R.S as Lucy Carpenter a character who can be described as antagonistic towards the main in a very alpha female or queen bee kind of way. So there's likely going to be some Lucy Carpenter aspects to Olivia Hayes.

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