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Bangladeshi Actors That Should Be Considered For Extraction 2

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Stuntman, Action Co-Ordinator and now Director Sam Hargrave created a smashing action film "Extraction" starring Australian actor Chris Hemsworth as the lead Tyler Rake, set in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The film was praised for it's stellar action especially the one shot scene with Chris Hemsworth vs Randeep Hooda vs the RAB (Rapid Action Battalion). It has been announced that Hargrave and Hemsworth will be making Extraction 2. While it is unknown if it will feature Bangladesh as the setting again we feel we can suggest some Bangladeshi talent for the sequel as the film did not cast any actor of Bangladeshi origin despite the setting.

For what it is worth Extraction is in fact an enjoyable action film but it is not without its flaws. The response from Bangladeshis have been far from positive for many reasons. So lets acknowledge the elephants in the room before we get to our picks.

Raffael Ahsan with Chris Hemsworth

1) Sam Hargrave had Bangladeshi filmmaker Raffael Ahsan translate the dialogue to be accurately Bengali but Hargrave refused to cast any Bangladeshi actor due to none having a notable IMDB resume or fan following. Which lead to many unknown Indians and one French Iranian being cast. Many of which could not speak Bengali fluently enough much to disappointment of the Bangladeshi audience. Just to put this into perspective, Bangladesh is a country that fought for Independence over preserving their language and casting actors that couldn't speak it clearly was an oversight that Sam Hargrave could have avoided.

Tyler Rake and Ovi

2) The film features Indian characters Saju and Ovi who were both portrayed in a more positive light compared to the Bangladeshis who mostly exist as faceless cannon fodder for Rake and Saju or are just blandly evil (Asif Amir). Many argue a case that it proves the film is not inherently racist except it encourages a slight Islamophobic undertone that the Hindu majority India and the Indians are portrayed positively in the film whilst the Muslim majority Bangaldesh and the Bangladeshis are portrayed negatively as a failed nation with the capital city being crime central full of corrupt Cops, physically pathetic RAB forces, psychotic street children turned child soldiers and an one dimensionally boring crime boss. Raffael Ahsan pointed out on the Indian producer Pravna Sahni as against the idea of hiring muslims actor from Pakistani and Bangladeshi background (which could explain how British Pakistani Jay Ali was removed from he initial cast)

Nik Khan portrayed by French Iranian Golshifteh Farahani

3) The other issues with the film is Chris Hemsworth being a "White Saviour" as he is consistently portrayed as being able to beat up waves of Bangladeshis with ease, only having Indian anti-hero Saju give him a fair challenge (Saju was still losing tho) and David Harbour's Gasper the White American mercenary in Dhaka being the only one able to beat him. The only Bangladeshi portrayed in a positive light was Nik Khan the female mercenary that is on his side (possibly some gendered racism there), and it's not even clear if she is Bangladeshi or some other Asian ethnicity Since she never speaks Bengali and there's no mention of her being Bangladeshi.

It is possible that Sam Hargrave did intend to have the film only be set in Dhaka, Bangladesh with Saju and Ovi originally being Bangladeshi Muslims. The films original name was actually just Dhaka before changed to Extraction and on top of that British Pakistani actor Jay Ali (Ray Nadeem in Daredevil) was believed to be cast in a role likely as either Nik Khan (which would explain why a woman has a masculine first name) or Saju before the change. Whether Jay dropped out of the film or not we can't confirm. But hey if Sam Hargrave wants to use Bangladesh as the setting for Extraction 2, we got a few Bangladeshi actors and actresses from the UK, Canada, America, Bangaldesh and more that he could have been considered to go toe to toe with Chris Hemsworth for the Extraction films.

Jan Uddin

Probably the most likely Bangladeshi actor to end up in a big budget Hollywood film. Jan Uddin is a British Bangladeshi actor, though he has lived in Birmingham, London, Bangladesh, Sweden, Tunisia and now in Los Angeles. He has had roles in Eastenders, Shank, Lies We Tell, Cliffs of Freedom, Black Gold and is rumoured to play Asimov in Netflix's adaptation of Cowboy Bebop. However it is notable that he is the only actor of Bangladeshi origin to appear in the MCU so far as he was the Chromicon Isaiah in Marvel's Agents of Sheild in Season 6. Considering Sam Hargraves works on Marvel films and that fact he had marvel actors like Hemsworth and Harbour (almost had Daredevil's Jay Ali too) in his film. He could have easily cast Jan Uddin in a role plus Uddin has met with the likes of Mustafa Shakir in Cowboy Bebop (Bushmaster from Luke Cage), Simon Kassinides in Cliffs of Freedom (Sunil Bakshi from Agents of Shield) and Sean Gunn in The Code (Kraglin from Guardians of the Galaxy). So its only a matter of time that he would get a bigger role in through someone at Marvel or Disney could have easily let Sam Hargrave know about Jan Uddin. Uddin is no stranger to villainous roles or violent characters and he is fluent in Bengali as he demonstrates in the Urban dystopian film Shank. Which was the only time to date he has had the chance to do so. Standing at 6'1", with a ripped physique too. He can easily stand toe to toe with the likes of Chris Hemsworth.

Dana Abraham Hannan

Better known as Dana Abraham professionally, born in Dhaka, raised in Canada. We have Dana Abraham Hannan. A relatively new actor starting out with short films that he both acts and produces. Before that he was into boxing and was quite the contender having fought in international and regional bouts during his youth, so casting him as Bangladeshi character in an action film set in Dhaka makes perfect sense. In Typical Canadian fashion he is quite a big and muscular guy too standing at around 6'2" and his boxing training already give him a physique suitable for a action hero. Add in his tattoos and you've got the look of a bad boy you don't dare cross. Whilst most of his previous acting roles are shorts, it shows it has commitment to do his own work as Producer and Actor and he still has two upcoming roles as Clay in Neon Lights and Dr J. Perez in Maternal.

Assad Zaman

British Asian Actor Assad Zaman maybe not super well known for now. But who knows what the future holds for this young man. He has appeared in mostly British acting roles such as Sathnam in Apple Tree Yard, Hasan in Our Girl and has appeared in as PC Asif Kamali in Small Axe episode 3 Red, White and Blue alongside John Boyega (best known for Attack the Block and Star Wars). With John Boyega portraying historical figure PC Leroy Logan, Assad Zaman's character PC Asif Kamali is loosely based off PC Logan's friend and former colleague PC Dal Babu who retired form the force in 2013. Considering John Boyega's popularity it is possible we may see more fo Assad Zaman especially since Star Wars is owned by Disney (who also owns Marvel studios). With a little bit of One Degree of Separation, Zaman could be contacted to work with Sam Hargrave on an Extraction Sequel or a Disney project (cast him as Ezra in Star Wars) According to his Manchester School of Theatre profile, Zaman has some stage combat experience (Much like Daredevil actor Charlie Cox) to help him adapt to action roles in future, despite having used Urdu in Small Axe. His only foreign language on his profile is Bengali pretty much confirming Zaman is likely of Bangladeshi origin and hopefully will get to use it in a future role.

Islah Abdur Rahman

Of course we have to mention Mistah Islah himself. As we all know him from his web series the coronership show. He has made appearances in other works such as Neal in Those 4 walls, Ismail in Rocks, Imran in Make Me Famous and Zaki in Man Like Mobeen. In Cornershop Show and Man Like Mobeen, Islah gets to show off his knowledge of Bengali. Also he technically is a member of the Men In Black as Agent C, maybe Chris Hemsworth's character can recruit him in a future film. While Islah is known for his comedy and musical talent. He is also a martial artist who trains in Korean Military Martial Arts under his uncle and if you follow his instagram, you'll see he knows his way with armed and unarmed combat to a degree. He may not be as physically imposing as Hemsworth but if actors like Jason Statham and Randeep Hooda (who are 5'10") can trade blows with the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Chris Hemworths (both of whom are around 6'3"). Then Islah would not be out of his depths in a action film especially as a rival/Antagonist to Hemsworth's character.

Kamran Kam

Whilst not as well known as his fellow British Bangladeshi mentioned above. Kamran Kam does have the look and skills to be an action star. He notably is a practitioner of several martial arts and is very passionate about his muscular physique too. He has also spoken Bengali for a short film called Way of the Tiger directed by Azeem Mustafa. While it seems that Kam could have had a promising career. He has fallen under the radar since 2017, possibly due to a false scandal by the daily mail which accused him of abusing job seeker benefits, however several other articles and justice4jobseekers had confirmed the Daily Mail accusations against Kamran Kam are false. This did seem to leave Kam with very poor publicity and possibly the reason while he went off the grid which is a shame. He has worked and befriended other British Martial Arts actor such as Silvio Simac and Selina Lo. His latest appearances in acting was a short film called 007 Sapphire directed by Coloin Emerson starring martial arts actors like Jean Paul Ly (Jail Break, also stunt double for Goken in Street Fighter) and Sia Alipour (Kickass, Endeavour also our number one pick for Pince of Persia), he also has appeared in Break (2020) a British action film starring Sam Gittins, Jamie Foreman and Adam Deacon. Hopefully Kamran Kam could make an attempt to return to acting and really show off his fully potential on a big budget action film.

Char Avell

Lets be honest. This is really a wildcard here. Sayfuz Ali or better known by his stage name Char Avell is mostly a British Bangladeshi RnB Singer. However he has shown that he is open to the acting world as he has made appearances in Cornership Show as Jahanghir aka Bruiser who may or may not be the same guy in Badman as he also appears as a similar character in Humza Arshad's Badman series though named Char Avell after himself of course. (Either Jahanghir has an identical twin or is using a new nickname). He also appeared in the BBC comedy Coconut alongside with Humza Arshad again. While it may not seem likely that Avell will make it big into acting at the moment. He certain is one of the only few British Asian singers that have shown a small interest in acting and should really consider it as a viable possibility as one of his songs was preceded by a short teaser that wouldn't be out of place for a London gangster film. He has recently done a few comedy based songs with Iksy and used Bengali, whilst also pointing out that he is 6'3" which is very tall for a Bangladeshi but would defo suit someone playing an imposing action star.

Abdul Ali Jacko

Another wild card here. British Bangladeshi Abdul Ali was once known by his ring name Ali "Lionheart" Jacko back in the day when he was a world champion Kickboxer. Being trained in multiple style from Wushu, Jujutsu and Shaolin Kung-Fu, he was one of the UK's best athletes in the 90s as well as one of the best British Asian athletes of all time. He was inspired by none other than Muhammad Ali to take up a martial art or combat sport when they met by chance on an Airplane and he is also good friends with Bollywood star Salman Khan whom he did some of the music for in Salman Khan's wrestling film Sultan. Thats right Ali is also interested in Music and Films. In fact he is currently starring and producing his own independent film Jack Stall Dead where he will be playing the lead and the film will feature Martial Arts actor Silvio Simac in a role as well. So lets not sleep on the Lion Heart yet.

Priyom Haider

Bangladeshi American Priyom Haider would describe himself as a "3rd world village boy with an unpronounceable name" (his insta bio). However he is charismatic 5'11" young man with a ripped physique as well as a pretty long list of acting credits to his name going far back from 2011 to 2020. Whilst many of his roles have been supporting or just in minor films. He does have a unique passion for his fan made short films based on franchises like Mortal Kombat, Terminator, Jane the Virgin and Expendables which can be viewed on his personal website. He is also a practitioner of martial arts with Jeet Kune Do, Kung-Fu, Karate and Taekwondo. So he is no stranger to action roles and could easily be in an action film in future. He has appeared in an uncredited role in Chef directed by Jon Favreau (Happy Hogan in the MCU) and there could always be a chance that Jon Favreau could work with him again or at least recommend him to others at Marvel/Disney like Sam Hargrave for example? Priyom is may very well be future Bangladeshi American star.

Rahsaan Islam Noor

Another Bangladeshi American actor, Rahsaan Noor mostly has worked in Bengali/American films with roles like Johnny in Kings of Devon, Amar/Raihan in Simanaheen, Asada Khan in the Promise Land, and Afzal Khan in Bengali Beauty. In these lesser known films, he gets to represent himself and the Bangladeshi American community, so it should make sense that if American Filmmakers are looking for Bengali speaking talent in any of their future big budget film. They should have at least come across Rahsaan at some point. While he may not have the look and physique of an action hero yet. He did play a gangster in Kings of Devon which can be a good parallel to Asif Amir from the first Extraction film. Plus if Disney can turn Kamali Nanjiani into a muscular ripped action hero. Surely someone in a big budget action film will do the same for Rahsaan if necessary.

Taskeen Rahman

Bangladeshi Australian actor Taskeen Khan is a memorable sight to behold. Despite having lived in Australia between 2002 to 2017. He returned to Bangaldesh to start an acting career where he is now best known for his villainous role as Zishan in Dhaka Attacks. He has had other action roles such as Lengra Kashem in Mrittupuri: Killzone a film about Bangladeshi gangsters trying to muscle in Australia's street crime. In Casino he portrays the crime kingpin Joburaj and will also appear in Operation Sunderbans as Rakib alongside other major Bangladeshi action stars in Dhallywood. What makes Taskeen really stand out aside form his perchant for villainous roles, is his unnerving icy blue eyes. if he ever gets the chance to break out into Hollywood, he could easily play Aquaman long lost brother or a water bender in an Avatar based series with his unique look. Due to having lived in Australia, Chris Hemsworth and Taskeen Rahman could bond over some shared experiences as the both of them have lived in Australia for significant portion of their lives.

Arifin Shuvo

Another Bangladeshi dhallywood actor that could reasonably attempt to make a shift to international films. Afirin Shuvo is known for many acton roles and even making an impressive body transformation quite similar to something you'd expect from Christian Bale or Hrithik Roshan where he goes from fat to fit. Shuvo is best known roles as an action hero would include Dragon in Agneepath, Durjoy Chowdhury in Kistimaat, Jishan in Warning, Sunny in Musafir, AC Acid Rahman in Dhaka Attacks and Raja in Mrittupuri: Killzone. Many of these films had the 6'1" actor put on muscle and learn skills such as martial arts and parkour for action set pieces.

ABM Sumon

ABM Sumon is a Bangladeshi model turned actor. He is also known for action films and has a hobby in mixed martial arts which would serve him well. He is known for roles like Ashfaque Hossain in Dhaka Attack, Aadi in Aadi and Masud Rana in MR-9. The latter film is an American Bangladeshi project which features actors like American boxer turned actor Mickey Rourke, Indian Wrestler Dalip Singh aka the Great Khali, Swiss Martial Arts star Daniel Bernhardt and Scottish Italian actor Gianni Capaldi (who happens to be a relative of both Peter Capaldi from Dr Who and singer Lewis Capaldi). Hopefully an action film with an international cast like this may put Sumon on the map for an American director. If Korean actor Byun Hyung Lee can make it into Hollywood with G.I.Joe and Terminator. So can Sumon right?

Sanj John

ABM Sumon is not the only potential Bangladeshi actor that could also get attention from Americans. Sanj John is another actor who will be appearing in MR-9 as Agent TR-11. He is relatively new to the acting industry but has an impressive physique for an action film form his hobby as a bodybuilder and fitness model. One of his first roles was actually the item song dancer in Dhaka Attacks but his other roles are Shuvo in action romance Bandhan and Tony Boss in the thriller Dhoka. Interestingly much like Dana, he also has multiple tattoos on his arm one of which looks suspiciously similar to Akuma's symbol in the Street Fighter games . San John was also a contestant on a reality tv show Big Boss which is similar to Big Brother but this one was in Bengali.

While we mention several male actors of Bangladeshi origin. But lets move on to spotlight some women, actresses of Bangladeshi origin that should also a chance to appear in the Extraction sequel. Since we had action girl Nik Khan does not hurt to consider a few more females for a sequel.

Afshan Azad

Many of you guys will recognise Afshan Azad for her role in Harry Potter as Padma Patil. Yes as it turns out she is of Bangladeshi origin and not Indian unlike her character. Whilst she hasn't done much acting since the series. She explains in The Director's Cut Podcast what happened to her career since Harry Potter and the fact she was almost Latika for Slumdog Millionaire too. While she seem content with being a presenter and a YouTuber along with a strong Instagram and twitter following, there's always a chance for her to return to the acting scene if she wishes too and a role in the extraction sequel could be the way for her. If we can get another character like Nik Khan in Afshan Azad would probably love to play this role.

Shefali Chowdhury

Another Alumni form the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We have Shefali Chowdhury who played Parvati Patil in the Harry Potter franchise. Co-incidently she is also Bangladeshi much like her on screen sister despite the two of them not being sisters and coming from different cities. Chowdhury herself is actually Welsh Bangladeshi whilst Afshan is from Manchester. Before Harry Potter she actually had uncredited roles in A Peck on the Cheek as a Refugee and Kannathil Muthamittal. Since graduating from Hogwarts she hasn't done much outside of short films roles like Jane in Heist: Jane, Frieda in I Am The Doorway and most recently in 2020 was the Doctor in Odilo Fabian or (The Possibility of Impossible Dreams), yes that's the name of the short film. Interestingly I am the Doorway is a short film based on a book written by Steven King the same brain behind the It, Shawshank and Green Mile.

Farzana Dua Elahe

Meet Farzana Dua Elane, a British Bangaldeshi actress and DJ. She has had many roles in British Films and TV Shows such as Shahinara in England Expects, Parveen Abassi in Eastenders, Aisha in Britz, Barsha Chowdhrey in Our Girl (which was set in Bangaldesh to), Bobbie Cheema in Honour, Rahana Shirani in Next of Kin and finally Nadia in Menhaj Huda's Everywhere and Nowhere. She has had plenty of roles in American productions too however such as Tamina's Maid Servant in Prince of Persia, Mahira in The Hundred-Foot Journey (Based on the Book), she appeared in the Irish-American Fantasy Martial Arts series Into the Badlands as Portia and Daria Tilissi in the Transporter TV Series. She is fluent in English, Bengali, Arabic and Hindi so it would be a great choice to have a fluent Bengali speaker but a polyglot actress can fit the role of someone who works in more International affairs like the mercenary team that Rake works with.

Laila Begum

A relatively newcomer to the film and tv industry is British Bangladeshi Laila Begum. She so far has a had a long list of theatre roles as can be seen on her star now profile but there could be potential in her. So far outside of her theatre work she has credit under the role of Ms Begum in False Paradise and Sara in Me, My Djinn and Mental Health. Her spotlight profile states she has some stage combat and sword fighting experience, She also has acro-balance and dance skills some of which she has used for uncredited roles. Like a true Bangladeshi she also has perchant for poetry.

Arianna Afsar

Meet Bangladeshi-German American Arianna "Ari" Ayesha Afsar. She was initially a model and beauty queen winning the Miss California 2010, Miss San Diego County 2010 title and competed for the Miss American title in 2011. She is also a singer having competed in American Idol and progressed as far as the live semi-finalists. Acting wise however she has been busy too. She played Elizabeth Hamilton in the Chicago production of Hamilton, Ellie in Martian land, Carrie in My Haunted House, Dolly in Mauj Mastiyan, Kathy in Canal Street, Maria Barnes in Revenge Tour and her latest role being Ari in The Person I Am When No One Is Looking (Boy that's another long ass name for a production). Hopefully this former beauty queen/singer and now actress can breakout into something bigger.

Rebeka Choudhury

Bangladeshi born New York raised actress Rebecca Chowdhury has appeared in a few US TV shows such as Blue Blood, Do No Harm, Political Animals and also had an appearance in a horror film called Apparation. Whilst many of these roles have been minor. She will be appearing in short films like Love Lies and Larceny and Pickpocket. One of her latest roles was in fact Priya in Inside Game. She has also made appearances in Hasan Minaj's Goatface comedy sketches. While this aint much to go on for now. Rebeka could still grow into something more. Only time can tell for this New Yorker.

Bree Ali

Bangladeshi Canadian actress Bree Ali has been on our screens since 2015 and doesn't seem like she is stopping soon. Born and raised in Kuwait, Bree had also lived in Singapore, Bangaldesh, USA before settling down in Canada. She also has some family in Thailand and it is possible that in addition to English and Bengali. She may know some Arabic and Thai form her time in Kuwait and from her mother's family in Thailand. She is also a singer and guitarist which can be seen on her YouTube channel. May even have some boxing experience if her photo on instagram is anything to go by. Some of her acting roles include Fiona in Scars, Dana in Bowtie, Miss Farrow in A Lack of Colour, Reenactment Dana in New Eden, Hana in Shortest Way Home and Dr.Travers in Unlatched. Many of these are in fact short films but don't cut her short just yet.

Zaarin Bushra

Meet Zaarin Bushra or sometimes called Z as a nickname. Born in Bangladesh but raised in Canada. An Aspiring Filmmaker and Actress. Whilst she is relatively new to the industry at the moment having two credits to her name so far. They have both been recent acting credits with roles like Pooja in White Elephant in 2019 and Steph in Neurovenge which is expected to release in 2021. She also has some knowledge of French, Spanish and Hindi in addition to her Bengali and English. She also has an interest in filmmaking and producing too so there maybe some projects from her working off camera as well as on camera. It will be interesting to see where she goes in her future.

Salwa Khan

Another Bangladeshi American, we have Salwa Khan who has been acting in films and TV shows since 2015 and her career could show promising progression. She has appeared as Aunt Lis in Bernard Dies, Mazdahura in 3.0 Safaar, Indira in the TV Series God Unfriended Me, Dr Harris in Bull and her latest credit is Sumita in the upcoming Either Side of Midnight. Her backstage profile shows she has multiple language skills from Bengali, English, Urdu, Hindi and French as well as Dance and Stage Combat so she can likely adapt to anything requiring athletic talent too.


Here is a big wildcard out of these Bangaldeshi women. Japan's very own Rola. Born Eri Sato to a Bangladeshi father and Japanese/Russian mixed Mother, she became a well known Tarento celebrity in Japan as well as having one of the largest social media followings of Japanese celebrities. Despite being born in Tokyo, she lived in Bangladesh till the age of 9 and attended an American international school there. Whilst she started off as a model she has ventured into music singing the song Memories for Pokemon Movie Kyurem vs the Sacred Swordsman Keldeo. She also made her acting debut in the Resident Evil: Final Chapter film as a female soldier named Cobalt. Interestingly debuting in an American Hollywood film. She has expressed her desire to use her language skills more and growing up in Bangladesh and Japan certainly makes her as unique stand out compared to the other Bangladeshi actor here.

Mahiya Mahi

Going onto our first Dhallywood leading lady, we have Mahiya Mahi a popular actress in Bangaldesh. She is known for several of there action girl characters in her films with roles like Tanisha "The Killer Queen" in Agnee and Agnes 2, Trisha Hassan in Warning and Chaity in Dhaka Attacks. She tends to team up with Bangladeshi action star Arifin Shuvo quite a lot and it's likely the two get to train together aswell. If there was any actress of Dhallywood that can break into Action cinema in the US or internationally Mahiya Mahi would be the first choice to consider.

Eamin Haque Bobby

Another one of Dhallywood's action girls. meet Eamin Hague Bobby or sometimes just Bobby for short. She has consistently been cast in Dhallywood action films ranging from Khoj, The Search, Dehorokkhi, Action Jasmine where she plays the lead role. She also played a superhero. In the Bangladeshi film Bizli: Origin, she portrayed the titular character who appears to be a female super heroine with electrical powers. Whilst Bangladesh's film industry may not really be much compared to the superhero films we have in the US. It's still worth noting that they tried it and Bobby's love for action films would make her likely candidate for a Dhallywood actress to become known internationally.

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