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Humza Productions Launches "Badman" Season 2 With an Epic Start!

YouTube's answer to an Asian version of Topboy, YouTuber, Actor, Writer and Author Humza Arshad lands a very dark & gritty 2nd season of his hit web series - Badman.

With over 448k subscribers, 'Badman' was a more serious take on its predecessor 'Diary of a Badman'. The series follows Humza's journey as a young British Asian Muslim based in London finding himself in situations that get him in a lot of trouble. The series explores themes of gang violence, mental health, family drama, relationship issues & street crime. It has been supported by the Metropolitan Police as well as the BBC.

Season 2 starts strong, with cinematographer Mazzi Cuzzi on board there has definitely been an evolution in production quality. Humza's writing has yet proved to be artistic, as well as quirky & comedic in his comedy improv. If this is the 1st episode, it's exciting to see what Humza has in store for the episodes to come! Especially now that Badman, Bubblegum & Corner Shop all exist in the same universe!

You can watch the Episode below & let us know what you think!


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