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10 Youtube Fan Films To Watch During Isolation

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

It's difficult isn't it? Isolating & watching everything possible on Netflix? You've watched the #CornerShopMovie & you're having withdrawal symptoms & missing the best YouTube series on the planet? (We know, we know) which is why we're here to show some love to our YouTube community & give you a list of YouTube Fan Films out there for you to watch!

1) Darth Maul: Apprentice

Channel: T7Pro

Director: Shawn Bu

Franchise: Star Wars

Starring Ben Shamma as the titular character. Ray Park would be proud of this short film dedicated to his iconic villain from the Phantom Menace. Filmed in Germany this project gives us a hypothetical backstory of Darth Maul just before the event of the Phantom Menace films in which he encounters a group of skilled Jedi and takes them on. Against him include German actor and suntman Mathis Landwehr as the Jedi Master with German actress Svenja Jung as his Jedi Apprentice and German Eritrean martial arts actor Iskindir Tesfay as the Jedi Berserker.

2) Sisters of House Black

Channel: Kelsey Ellison

Director: Thomas Fisher, Petros L. Ioannou

Franchise: Harry Potter

For all the Potterheads out there. YouTuber Kelsey Ellison star as Bellatrix Black with her on screen sisters Andromeda Black played by Abbi-Kaye Ellsion and Narcissa Black played by Hannah Snow. Much like Darth Maul: Apprentince. This fan film is focued on the Villains primary Bellatrix but also her relationship with her sisters. Quite a lot of fans would see this as someout an origin story on how Andromeda had left the family and Bellatrix was initiated into the Death Eaters ranks. Filmed in the UK we get a prequel that many fans would wish was made canon to the films timeline.

3) Cable: Chronicles of Hope

Channel: K&K Productions

Director: George Kirby, Harry Kirby, Nathan Stickley

Franchise: Marvel's X-Men

Before Josh Brolin graced our screens as Nathaniel Summers aka Cable in Deadpool 2. K&K production presents us a short fan film centred on Cable played by Icelandic actor Sölvi Fannar Viðarsson and his adopted daughter Hope Summers played by British actress Christine Lynn as they fight to survive being persued by the purifiers. Luckily for fans we also get some Nightcrawler action with teleports and martial arts Bad Ass Mo Fo style with British actor Grant Steven. Lets hope the X-men are done even better for when Disney introduces them for the MCU.

4) Street Fighter X Tekken: Devil Within

Channel: RivenX3i

Director: Christopher C Cowan

Franchise; Capcom's Street Fighter and Namco's Tekken

Many of you may remember a crossover video game called Street Fighter X Tekken? Its seems Capcom's producer Yoshinori Ono and Namco's Katsuhiro Harada are best buddies to the point where they now collaborate to better their respective video games. Whilst Street Fighter X Tekken had some controversy in regards to the Gem System, Pandor being one of the worst comeback mechanics and multiple DLC being unnavailable for gamers. But what good did come out of it was a extremely fun Scramble Mode. Either way Devil Within was made by RivenX3i. Starring Japanese American Martial Arts actor Mark Musashi as Tekken Villain Kazuya (speaking only Japanese too) fighting against Street Fighter's Ryu and Ken. On a meta note Ryu is portrayed by Asian American actor Dan Southworth best known for the voice and motion capture of Capcom's villain Vergil from Devil May Cry. What makes this meta is his Devil May Cry co-star Rubuen Langdon who plays Dante (Vergil's Brother) also stars in this as Ken (who he voices in the Street Fighter games too) and even uses Japanese and uses the SF4 Shinryuken animation.

5) DragonballZ: Light of Hope

Channel: Robot Underdog2

Director: Donnie McMillin, Rita McMillin, Robert Underdog

Franchise: Dragon Ball Z

Many anime fans were sourly disappointed at the result of Hollywood's attempt to create Dragon Ball Z in live action. But dont worry as YouTube channel Robot Underdog2 show us that animes can be adapted into live action if done right. Kenny Leu stars as Future Gohan trying to stop the Andriods 17 played American Martial Arts actor Tyler Tackett and Android 18 plyaed by American Martial Art actress Amy Johnston. With most of his family gone Future Gohan only has Jack Wald as the Young Trunks for backup and not a hope in the world to win this time around. Light of Hope actually has two more videos by Robot Underdog2 thats worth a watch.

6) Avatar: Agni Kai

Channel: RE:ANIME

Director: Joshua Mabie

Franchise: Nickalodean's Avatar the Last Airbender

Much like Dragonball. Many fans of Avatar; The Last Airbender were not pleased with the live action film by hollywood. Whilst Dev Patel and Noah Ringer did have their Taekwondo backgrounds for the martial arts side. It was not enough for a poorly made film that could not fully represent a cartoon tv show in the limited runtime. Whilst there was rumours netflix maybe planning a live action TV series for Avatar fans. Right now YouTube Channel Re:Anime decided to recreate the infamous Agni Kai fight scene between Zuko and Azula albeit with their limited budget but an impressive performance from Chinese America martial arts actress Nikki Soohoo as villainess Azula, Indonesian American martial arts actor Yoshi Sudarso and Ind0-Malaysian Australian actress Yasmin Kassim as Katara.

7) Resident Evil: The Nightmare of Dante

Channel: Vincejustice4all

Director: Vincent Gatinaud

Franchise: Capcom's Resident Evil and Devil May Cry

An Interesting fan made crossover of two of Capcom's most popular modern games. Horror game Resident Evil known for its zombie and mutant filled horrors and hack and slash game Devil May Cry known for its extreme action and style. What is interesting as while these two franchises are not part of the same universe (unless Capcom does have mapped out Capcom universe), Devil May Cry 1 started off as a genre shifted Resident Evil 4 before Capcom decided to make them into seperate franchises early into production. filmed in France, a lot of voice dubbing from the video games is borrowed but this film perfectly highlights the difference between the series. With Chris, Jill and Barry sticking to RE's basic gameplay of shooting the zombies whilst Dante (portrayed by French stunt man Kefi Abrikh) shows of multiple fun ways to kick zombie ass with a his swordmaster and gunslinger skills mixed in with some stylish tricking perfectly fitting Dante's arrogant personality and fun loving nature when killing Demons or in this case Bio Weapons.

8) Predator: Dark Ages

Channel: The FILMMAKERS Guide to the Galaxy

Director: James Bushe

Franchise: Predator Franchise

GET TO THE CHOPPAH!!! No ok I won't do that again. But whenever we see anything about the Predator franchise. That line probably comes into our heads. Britisj short film Predator: Dark Ages is set during the Crusades where a lone Muslim "Saracen Scholar" (played by British Iraqi stunt man Amed Hashimi) decides to join forces with his enemies the Christian Templars. Joined by Adrian Bouchet as Thomas and Sabine Crossen as Freya, Jon Campling as Richard, Ben Lloyd-Holmes as Damien and Joe Egan as Godfrey. They decide to hunt the mysterious beast that's been attacking their peoples. However theyll soon discover they are way in over their heads and are in fact being hunted themselves.

9) Cole - InFamous live action short film

Channel: Tuperhero

Director: Fred Cavender

Franchise: InFamous

Filmed in France, fans of the Suckerpunch's InFamous are given an interesting take on the video games series with minor changes that gives us, what appears to be a what if scenarios of scenes that could have been in InFamous 2 featuring Danee Puig as Cole, Richard Howard as Zeke (with the perfect look and accent) and Anne Sinagra.as Trish from the first game. Throughout the film we get flashbacks of Cole and Trish arguing, Cole awakening in Hopsital and being persued for his powers as well as him fighting the Militia of New Marias. Dodgey French accent aside this film does try its best to give us a sub par live action portrayal of Cole and Trish in this seemingly alternative timeline of the games.

10) Justice League: Dawn of Apokolips

Channel: Sheilds

Director: Nathaniel Sheilds

Franchise: DC Comics

Lets be honest. We all want to see if Zack Snyder's director cut of justice league is really so much better than what we initially got from the DCEU's Justice League film. Nathaniel Sheilds however did their own Justice League film a full one hour length fan made film featuring Darkside (Ruselis Aumeen Perry) as the main antagonist vs .Superman (Ben Johnson), Batman (Wes Clark) Wonderwoman (Laura Jerdak) Flash (Alex Niforatos) Green Lantern (Sly Clayton) Supergirl (Paige Awtrey) Batgirl (Sydney Stewart) Batgirl. Many villains also show up in the film so enjoy the Justice League.

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