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10 Muslim Characters Marvel Can Use In Live Action

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

With the upcoming Ms. Marvel series we're looking forward to Kamala Khan to lead the first Muslim lead superhero franchise. Alongside her can include her own forcefield/shockwave generating Brother Aamir (if he still has powers), Kamran her love interest turned enemy, knife wielding Kareem aka Laal Khanjeer (Red Daggger) and finally newcomer Fadi Fadlallah aka Amulet may make an appearance in the series after he debuts in the comic this March.

(Left to Right) Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel, Dr Faiza Hussain aka Excalibur and Josiah Al-Hajj Sadiq aka Justice X

But we could get muslim characters appearing in other MCU projects as allies or heroes in their own right. But which potential characters can they use and potentially expand on further than what the comics provide?



aka Liquid-face boy or the 7th light

From Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK we have Zeeshan. A wasted opportunity for a potential British Asian Muslim Mutant. Marvel had used the character as an allegory for 2010 mass suicides of LGBT people in University. In Zeeshan's case he committed suicide when his university friends bullied him for his uncontrolled powers. Though having your face melting wouldn't realistically make your friends laugh at you, think about it. Its a horrifying thing to see. Judging by his name and background he is likely of Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Yemeni heritage (all three quite common Muslim groups in Sheffield).

Potential Actor: Nohail Mohammed (right) with onscreen sister Maariah Hussain (left)

Powerset wise he appeared to be able to change to liquid but the potential could have been more if he was not killed off. Maybe if he were to be introduced to the MCU he could have powers similar to Hydroman or Metamorpho, transforming into water/ice or into varying chemical compounds. If marvel wanted to keep the suicide allegory, they could reference the number of young men in the UK with depression and have Zeeshan be dealing with this before the X-men enroll him into their school for the gifted giving him a feeling of purpose.

Who would I pick?

Nohail Mohammed 19 year old British Pakistani actor best known for Riz Nawaz in Ackley Bridge. He even has the right accent being from Yorkshire too.

Faiza Hussain

Dr Faiza Hussain aka Excalubur

aka Excalibur

Born to a Pakistani family in London. Doctor Faiza Hussain was caught up in the Skrull Invasion when she was keeping the injured alive during the war. One of a the Skrulls machines had somehow mutated her to have Telekinesis. But there was a catch she can only affect living things and not inanimate objects (so the opposite to Agents of Sheild Giyera's Telekinesis). This arguably give her an unfair advantage as she can paralyse, knock out or dissect a living person and keep them alive with their internal organs exposed. But relax everyone, she can reverse this and close wounds, numb pain, heal people and remove foreign objects (like bullets but manually).

Potential Actress: Asmara Gabrielle

Her alias Excalibur comes from her sword which also grants her with a magical suit of armour. She is part of the Champions of Europe and teamed up with Captain Britain (Psylocke's twin brother) , Black Knight (Kit Harrington's character in Eternals) and her father Dr Yusuf Hussain joined M.I.13 to fight Dracula with Blade (Blade is a London boi). Her personality is somewhat a mature, British version of Kamala loving superheroes just as much. Like many Pakistanis she also loves Cricket too.

Who would I pick?

Asmara Gabrielle British Asian Muslim actress best known for playing British Pakistani Fatimah in 'Finding Fatimah.' She will be appearing in the upcoming Cruella film for 2021.

Haroun ibn Sallah al-Rashid

Haroun Ibn Saleh El-Rachid aka Jetsream

aka Jetstream

Born in Morocco is the Cyborg Mutant Jetstream. He was enrolled into Emma Frost's Hellions academy as part of her own team in which he was typically the rival to the New Mutants character Cannonball. Much like his rival he is able to fly and rocket into people at intense speeds. He does this by unleashing plasma from his body. However the downside was his own plasma burnt his body so Emma gave him him cybernetic implants to protect him from his power. He along with Emma and the rest of the students became allies to the X-men and New Mutants, until their deaths. Selene then resurrected him and his dead team mate as her revenants but the New Mutants were forced to defeat her and leaving the Hellions to die yet again.

Potential actor: Karim Zeroual

Storyline wise, they could portray Haroun as having identity issues being a cyborg but rather have his own power harm him, he needed the implants after failing to land whilst flying or getting injured during a mission. His service to the Hellions was mostly out of gratitude for saving him as he is an honour bound character. The mix of plasma powers and cyborg could be used in the MCU to make him more than just a human rocket and maybe add something more creative to his powerset. Little side note, a more common Moroccan transliterateration of his name would be Haroun ibn Saleh El-Rachid.

Who would I pick?

Karim Zeroual 25 year old British Moroccan actor and dancer. Best known for his lead role as Sadiq in Sparticle Mystery. Now most will recognise him for Strictly Come Dancing.

Sooraya Qadir

Sooraya Qadair aka Dust original designs by Ilustrator Sara Alfagheeh

aka Dust

Born in Afghanistan is the Niqabi wearing Sooraya Qadir. She was seperated from her mother but was rescued by Wolverine and Fantomex, sent to X-Corps in Mumbai, India (yes an Indian branch for the X-men). She enrolled to Xaviers school for the gifted where she had difficulting adjusting at first. She and X-23 became best friends that mirrored Wolverine and Nightcrawler best exemplified with Logan/Laura questioning Kurt/Sooraya over their religion and respecting their views despite not agreeing. She had Surge as a roommate before hand and she did not like Sooraya or her views, unlike Laura. Jay Gurthie aka Icarus (not from the Eternals) developed feelings for Sooraya and even considering converting for her. But nothing came of it. Still an interesting idea.

Potential Actress: Maria Mozhdah

Powerset wise Dust can transform her body into silicon sand (much like Sandman). This makes her extremely difficult to harm and she can flays the skin of her enemies when she gets vicious. Her sand form is vulnerable to Water and Air based attacks that can over power her sand form. But unlike Sandman she has shown no weakness to fire (which turn Sandman into glass) and she has some resistance to certain psychic and magical powers like detection, mind control and psionic blasts.

Who would I pick?

Mariah Mozhdah 20 year old Norwegian Afghan actress. Best known for her role as Nisha in the Norwegian Pakistani film What will people say.

Kamal El-Alaoui

Kamal El Alaoui (616)

Here is a member of Magneto's Acolytes. Kamal El-Alaoui. Why are we including a villain? well, Magneto and his followers are villains yes, but they are more willin to help the X-Men for the greater good, so verging into Neutral here. Either way Kamal himself is a muscular 6'7" Mutant of Arabic origin. Judging by the spelling of his name. He appears to be from a former french colony like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria or Lebanon.

Future X-men Kamal in WATXM series

He is essentially the Colossus of the Acoyltes but his power is more similar to Kevin 11 (from Ben 10) and Absorbing man (agents of shield) where he mimics the materials he touches. While in the comics he is nothing more than a loud brash bruiser who refers to the Acoyltes enemies as Infidels (just to remind you he is Arab Muslim apparently). In Wolverine and The X-Men (WATXM) series he is very different. Firstly he is a member of the Future X-men, secondly he is not seen with Magneto, or on Genosha or with the Acolytes and his appearance and personality is different. Being darker skinned, more calm and stoic. But this version can be used for the MCU if they want.

Potential Actor: Badr "Bad Boy" Hari

Who would I pick?

Badr Hari A towering 6'6" tall Dutch Moroccan Kickboxer. He pretty much fits the comic book look more. If Wrestlers like Dwayne Johnson and Kickboxers like Van Damme can tackle the film industry why not Badr Hari too?

Monet St.Croix

Monet St.Croix Muslim Mutant

aka M or Penance

The last Muslim Mutant for this article. Monet was a member of Generation X before she joined X-Force and later the main X-men team. Culturally her Father is supposedly from Monaco whilst her Mother is French of Algerian descent. However she was born in Bosnia. Whilst she stated she is "Muslim and Mutant" due to her Mother being ethnically Algerian which she says "do the Maths", unlike her fellow X-woman Sooraya. She does not appear to be practising in any way at all.

Powerset wise,

Potential Actress: Leila Bekhti (right) with her Husband Tahar Rahim (Left)

she seem to win the lottery of paragon esque powers, Strength, Speed, flight, healing, psychic powers and even a red skinned demonic monster form. She is definitely is a leading lady and hopefully in live action they can explore her self identity as a Muslim and a mixed race superhero as she proudly identifies with her mothers culture more but is apparently her fathers favourite child. Though her older brother Marius is unfortunately a tragic life force draining mutant and her youngest sisters are the twins Claudette and Nicole idolised Monet to be like her. So not surprising that Monet comes off as the star of her own family.

Who would I pick?

Leila Bekhti a popular French Algerian actress. She has quite the extensive acting background in her home country France. Lets hope she can breakout into the mainstream soon as Monet St.Croix. Wife of Tahar Rahim aswell.

Naveed Hashim

Naveed Hashim aka Arabian Knight

aka Arabian Knight

Naveed Hashim was a Palestinian who fled for Saudi and became the successor to Abdul Qamar in the first Arabian Knight. He notably was tasked to team up with British hero Union Jack, Israeli Mutant Sabra and fake Italian/Russian agent Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. (sounds like they'd get along well). Despite some issues with Sabra, the team successfully worked together to stop the agents of R.A.I.D and there attempted attack in London.

Potential Actor: Rawkan Binbella Rawkan them Dreads

Ability wise, he has no powers. But is a skilled martial artist and is magically connected to his Scimitar which can hurt anyone unworthy of using it. (Thor would be proud). His Scimitar also can unleash energy slash or beams. In addition, his military uniform is made from the magical fibre of Abdul Qamar's flying carpet which Naveed can shape-shift back into a carpet or use it flying or shield himself from harm and it obeys only his telepathic commands.

Who would I pick?

Rawkan Binbella Saudi Arabian actor best known for MMA film Jaber and also teamed up with British actor Ed Skrein for the film Born a King. Hopefully he can also breakout in the international level.

Josiah Al-Hajj Saddiq

Josiah Al-Hajj Saddiq aka Justice X

aka Justice X

What if El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz was Captain America? well.... you get Josiah Al-Hajj Saddiq. For those of you who are confused. El-Shabazz is the legal name of Civil Rights activist Malcolm X after he abandoned his Black Supremacy views and turned to Islam after his Hajj. Writers decided to make an African-American convert to Islam as a potential Captain America. Whilst this idea did not hit off, he is in fact the maternal uncle of Eli Bradley aka Patriot of the Young Avengers.

Potential Actor: Abubakar Salim

To put it simply. After Steve Rogers became Captain America, the government experimented on African Americans to recreate the serum, Josiah father Isaiah was the only successful one to survive the procedure and missions. The government created Josiah using IVF but his mother Faith and sister Grace hid him with a foster family. From there he grew up a tough life, rejected Catholism, serving in Vietnam, joining the supremacist group: the Black Panther Party (nothing to do with Wakanda), working as a freelance mercenary before eventually converting to Islam and becoming a Muslim Minister before teaming up with Warmachine as Justice X.

Who would I pick?

Abubakir Salim British African Muslim actor best known for his voice acting as Bayek in Assassin's Creed Origins and also Yousef Hassan in Informer. Whilst Mahershala Ali would be the obvious choice. Considering he played Cottonmouth and now is attached to play Blade (despite Blade being British and not American) maybe we need another brother to put forward.

Monica Chang

Agent Monica Chang

Shield agent Monica Chang first appears in the comics as an Agent tasked with interrogating Hank Pym (the first Antman) in regards to his cyber virus A.I Dimitrios which was used to defeat Ultron at one point. But then grew to attack military and intelligent agencies before possessing one of Tony Starks armours.

Potential Actress: Tania Gunadi

Ethnically she is Chinese American by her mother Lisa Chang. Her father is unnamed but could potentially be from a Muslim background and

Monica prefers to her mothers name (similar to Chloe Bennet not using her father's surname Wang). This is potentially character they can introduce to Agents of Sheild or at least in another Marvel project with similarities to Punisher's Dinah Madani, Daredevil's Ray Nadeem and Agents of Sheild's Trevor Khan as all are Asian American Muslim government agents.

Who would I pick?

Tania Gunadi Indonesian born Chinese-American actress. She has a long list of voice acting voice but can easily make it into mainstream acting too. She is muslim like many Indonesians and is ethnically part Chinese which is surprisingly appropriate for Monica Chang.

Adam Casim/Molek

Adam Qasim

Ok So here we are just reaching a bit, but lets explain who these two are. Adam Casim was an American man on holiday with his wife Beth and son Benny. A man named Shiv attacked the family burning them alive in their car. Casim whilst on fire attacked Shiv but it was the Nightstalkers and Punisher that saved Casim and got him to the hospital. Adam Casim finds that he somehow took a portion of Shiv's occultist powers and had hellfire at his disposal, unfortunately he was driven but revenge over the loss of his family and was on the warpath for Shiv and his cult. The nightstalkers had to kill Adam in the end. Molek on the other hand is one of many ghostriders from different times and cultures, Molek being an Asian Muslim one.

Molek the Asian Muslim GhostRider

Typically in Marvel, Ghostriders are made from a host and spirit of vengeance. Johnny Blaze has Archangel Zarathos as his spirit of vengeance, Danny Ketch has Noble Kale, Robbie Reyes has his Uncle Eli Morrow. It is likely MCU Robbie Reyes is merged with Noble Kale since his Uncle Eli Morrow is not his spirit of vengeance and Robbie possesses Elements of comic book Robbie (ethnicity, family) and Danny Ketch (age, ruthless demeanor). The same could be done with Adam Casim as the human host and Molek being his spirit of Vengeance. The name Adam Casim would usually be spelled as Adam Qasim as it is not unusual for a Muslim name. Molek appears to be derivative from the Arabic Malik, so it is easy to try and re-imagine this version as a maybe an Asian Muslim ghostrider. Hey DC made Andrea and Amon Thomas into Iranian American Muslims. So why not?

Potential Actor: Arsher Ali (left) and wife Roxy Shahidi (right)

Who would I pick?

Arsher Ali British Pakistani actor best known for his roles in Matloob in Britz, Hassan in Four Lions, A-Rab in Beaver Falls, Bennet in Doctor Who, Imran Aziz in Informer and Sameer Qureshi in Ackley Bridge. We have high hopes for this one. Also his wife Roxy Shahidi is also an Actress too and could play Beth Qasim.

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