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10 Muslim Characters DC Comics Can Use in Live Action

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Two of DC's Muslim heroes. Simon Baz and Bilal Asselah

Marvel has started to make moves with their upcoming Ms.Marvel series. Whilst on the DC side of things they had created Zari and Behrad Tomaz who are loosely based on two characters that use the powers of Egyptian deities and are notable non Muslim and white unlike Zari and Behrad. However there are Muslim characters within the DC comics they can introduce into Live Action. Here are a few we can list.


Spanish Bangladeshi Montpellier

(real name unknown)

Starting us off is Montpellier. An unknown vigilante with very little information about him. His brief appearance in the DC comics has him teaming up with The Shade and LaSangre to stop the Inquisitor. According to his backstory, he is born in Bangladesh and immigrated to Barcelona, Spain when he was young and became a vigilante. The lack of info would give writers freedom to play around but considering he is of Bangladeshi descent it is extremely likely he is Muslim like most Bangladeshis. Though Bangladeshi Diaspora in Europe is predominantly higher in the UK and Italy, not so much Spain where the Muslims are mostly Moroccans. However Duolingo reports Bangladeshis using the app mostly choose to study Spanish? Is Montpellier predicting a rise of Bangladeshis in Spain?

Islah Abdur-Rahman with Andrea Martinez

Powerset wise he appears to fight using his martial arts possibly based off Spanish style like Zipota or Keysi mixed in with "snake like" agility and reflexes. Physically he is still human and not confirmed to have powers. Though his gadgets use wrist mount cannons that shoot artificial venom. He is extremely intelligent especially when it comes to detective work, so possibly a forensic scientist outside of his vigilante life?

Potential Actor: Islah Abdur-Rahman our own British Bangladeshi actor who is skilled in mixed Korean Military martial arts and could probably learn Spanish from a certain Spanish speaking friend called Andrea Martinez (aka Claudia).

Gabrielle Daou

Young Justice's Halo is Quraci American

aka Halo

OK this is another inclusion where the character is kinda Muslim and kinda not. In the comics Gabrielle Doe is originally a white non Muslim girl who gain light based powers after merging with an energy being name Aurakle after she was killed by Syonide. However Young Justice does what Legends of Tomorrow does and decides that the original Gabrielle is Hijabi Muslim girl of Quraci descent (Qurac being fictional but the name is based off Iraq and Qur'an). This change of ethnicity and religion was done because the producers/writers wanted an Asian Muslim character that fitted Zerha Fazal's Pakistani American heritage as she would be the voice actress for her. This could also be DC's attempt to outdo Marvel's Kamala Khan with their own female Muslim heroine.

Halo's original appearance in the comics

Regardless Gabrielle Daou would be interesting to explore. The young Justice version merged with the Mother Box rather than an Energy Being which caused her to loose her memories and use the name Violet Harper (much like the comics). However the before the series conclusion, Gabrielle ends up regaining her original memories and most likely will behave more like a typical Asian American Muslim teenager as her initial characterisation as a warm-hearted naive amnesiac played heavy similarities to Teen Titans Starfire's personality.

Potential Actress: Maariah Hussain (left) with her onscreen brother Nohail Mohammed (right)

Who Do I pick?

Maariah Hussain, a British Pakistani actress best known for Ackley Bridge, while she could be a potential Kamala Khan for the upcoming Ms Marvel series. She can also fits Halo too, she is more than comfortable hearing the hijab as she did for Alya Nawaz in Ackley Bridge. She is also quite into Mixed Martial Arts too.

Khalid Nassour/Khalid Ben Hassin

Khalid Nassour aka Dr Fate of Prime Earth

aka Dr Fate

So many of you would know Dr.Fate as DC's Dr Strange. Kent Nelson and Steven Strange are Doctors and magicians with a mythology motif. Kent being tied to Egyptian mythology whilst Strange is more tied to Dharmic religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism). However unlike Strange, Nelson got laid..... ok well he was succeeded by Khalid. So who is Khalid? well.... Khalid Nassour of Prime Earth is the son of Egyptian Muhammad Nassour and American Elizabeth Nelson (the niece of Kent Nelson). Khalid Nassour is the grandnephew of Kent. Whilst wearing the helmet of Dr Fate granted him his power. The Egyptian God Anubis took Nassour's sight making him Blind without his magic. So an opportunity to provide a blind character to DC live action especially after the success of Marvel Daredevil.

Khalid Ben Hassin aka Dr Fate of Earth Two

But then who is Khalid Ben Hassin? Well he maybe Khalid Nassour of Earth 2. Sounds like something CW would do with their infinite earths. According to the Comics. Hassin is an Egyptian American but this version is the grandson of Kent Nelson rather than Grandnephew. He gains his powers after he and Kendra Saunders are at an archeological site which she remembers her past life as the Egyptian Chay-Ara and Nabu using the Helmet of Fate crowns Ben Hassin as his new Dr Fate.

Potential Actors: Mena Massoud (Left) and Rami Malek (Right)

Who do I pick?

Rami Malek or Mena Massoud. While Rami Malek comes from an American Egyptian Background and happens to have some European heritage (Greek specifically), Mena Massoud being a Canadian Egyptian can also fit the role of maybe the alternative universe Khalid. I mean we had Grant Gustin and Ezra Millers Flashes meet so why not Rami Malek as Khalid Nassour and Mena Massoud as Khalid Ben Hassin or vice versa.

Munira Khairuddin

Aka Obscura

Oh look Marvel and DC have another character counterpart. Munira Khairuddin is a Malaysian American Government Spy/Agent much like Marvels Monica Chang both wear black secret agents uniforms and happens to be a rare example of an Oriental/Far East Asian Muslim character. Little interesting trivia is Munira was school friends with none other Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl/Oracle.

Potential Actress: Emma Maembong Hijab vs no Hijab

Much like many Secret Agents she is trained in martial arts, weaponry and espionage so she would fit right in in her home City Gotham. Especially if she were to be introduced into Titans or Batwoman as a friend of Barbara Gordons.

Potential Actress: Emma Maembong British Malaysian actress. While she is best known for Malaysian cinema. There's nothing stopping her from potentially breaking into the superhero genre on our end.

Rayhan Mazin

Rayhan Mazin

An Arab American Meta-Human whose specialises in Electricity, no we ain't on about Farooq Amar aka Blackout from Flashpoint or his CWverse counterpart Farooq Gibran in Flash season 1. (Those props if you somehow know or remember him). Rayhan Mazin is an American Muslim meta-human of Quraci descent. It is never explained how he got his powers, however he is extremely close to his beloved father who instructs him to never reveal or use such powers in fear of being prosecuted (sounds like an X-Men storyline).

Jan Uddin

For most part Rayhan honoured his father up until he happened to board a plane that had a failing engine and used his powers of weather manipulation to allow the plane to land safely. His fellow passengers were scared of him as he was an Arab Muslim and this also lead to him being detained wrongfully. He did get to at least showcase some of his power against Powergirl and Batman during a misunderstanding. But for most part he was relatively underused and forgotten after the DC comics ditched New Earth for Prime Earth as their new reality.

Who do I pick?

Jan Uddin British Bangladeshi actor who has lived in the UK, Bangladesh, Sweden, Tunisia and now USA. He certainly has the looks and hair. He has made appearances in Eastenders, Shank, Day of the Falcon aka BlackGold, Lies We Tell, Cliffs of Freedom and Agents of Shield.

Selma Tolon

Dr Selma Tolon as Janissery

Aka Janissery

So we had compared DC's Munira to Marvel's Monica. Now we have Selma Tolon who simply is very similar to Marvel's Faiza Hussain. Lets break it down. Both are Hijabi wearing Muslim women of Asian descent, Check. Both are worthy to wield a Sword related to an Arthurian character, Check. Both possess telekinesis to an extent, Yeah sort of. Oh and to top it off both are Medical Doctors who began their careers as superhero when they were on duty to help victims. Wow. Another check.

Semra Turan as Aicha in Fighter

Selma is DC's Faiza Hussain. She is a muslim woman from Turkey who worked as a Doctor for the Red Crescent during an earthquake in 1999. During that time, she fell into a underground chamber in which she found the supposed Scimitar of Prophet Suleiman which was enchanted by none other than Merlin to be other used by the worthy (so basically an Asian version of the Excalibur). She also found Merlin's spell book which she uses to learn and cast magical spells too. She notably teams up with Wonderwoman and many other female heroines to stop Circe when she mind controls all the men.

Potential Actress: Semra Turan Danish Turkish actress best known for the lead role in Martial arts film Fighter. Hopefully she can reuse these skills here as well.

Simon Baz

Simon Baz the Green Lantern

aka Green Lantern

OK Lets get this out of the way. Simon Baz the AsianAmerican Green Lantern was obviously going to show up. He is born to a Lebanese Muslim Family in Detriot Michigan, specifically Dearborn. Growing up due to Islamophobia and anti-arab/asian sentiments. Simon grew to up to feel pessimistic (was even considered a possible liaison for the Red Lantern ring of Rage) about the world and began to make a trade as a car thief and getting involved in gangs. He even carries a gun incase he felt to protect himself due to the way he and his family were treated growing up. This anxiety of his is addressed well in later issues.

Fady ElSayed

Nowadays thing looks up for Simon as he and his partner Jessica Cruz are forced to work together on Earth whilst Hal Jordan is busy with the more serious Green Lantern missions in Space. In a way these two would make a great potential buddy cop duo that could be explored in live action. Maybe have the two show up Titans Season 3 since they are the youngest Lanterns and essentially the closest thing to the Green Lanterns have for a Young Justice/Teen Titans counterpart. Batman has Robin and Batgirl, Superman had Superboy and Supergirl, so.. Hal has Simon and Jessica.

Who do I pick?

Fady ElSayed British Egyptian actor who is best known for my brother the devil, citizen khan, ill manors, class and Brotherhood. Also in pretty good shape after getting his qualification for personal training.


Veronika aka NightPilot

aka Night Pilot

Meet Veronika.... right. So no last name revealed. In fact not a lot is known about her. But what is known is that she is a female superhero with flight, invulnerability and energy blasts. Sounds similar to Nova yet she seems to buy clothes in the same space shop as Starlord. Jokes aside. She is supposedly a Muslim of unconfirmed ethnicity and has a fling with none other than fellow muslim superhero Simon Baz.

Aiysha Hart

This happens due to the fact that in the DC universe superheroes now have a dating app for themselves called "Caper" (for real not joking here). This is how her and Simon hook up, though it allows them to keep their full name secret. However it is possible that we could see her again in the comics hopefully to explore her character some more and her relationship with Simon if the writers decide to explore that any further. We have no clue on her background, her brown skin tone and Muslim background could likely indicate North African, West Asian or South Asian. her name Veronika is the Latin equivalent of the Greek name Berenice meaning "Honest Image" or "She that brings victory" (tho whether she used her real name on Caper or a fake is not clear yet).

Who do I pick?

Aiysha Hart British Saudi actress best known for Atlantis, New Blood, Collette, A Discovery of Witches. Will appear in Riz Ahmed's upcoming Mughal Mowgli. She was also a very popular contender for Princess Jasmine in Aladdin.


Agent Tiger

(real name Unknown)

So DC introduces an Asian secret agent superhero and name him Tiger? well I guess its not the worst name. Tigers are awesome. This guy is an Afghan secret agent who works with Dick Grayson aka Nightwing on a mission to take out paragon. Much like Munira he works with Spyral only to be wrongly accused by Huntress to be a double agent. After he and Nightwing save each other's life from the real traitor, they discover Tiger's former friend and believed to be dead agent amed Agent 8 was the real traitor.

Shazad Latif

His partnership with Nightwing breaks up at this point to help his friend Agent 8. Helping frame checkmate for her crimes and betraying Spyral by keeping her identity secret as well as the fact she is still alive. Whilst not much is known about Tiger. it is likely like most Afghans he would be Muslim and he could easily fit a storyline for the Titans series as maybe cop that worked with Dick Grayson.

Who do I pick?

Shazad Latif British Pakistani actor who is best known for his roles in Star Trek and also made appearances in Black Mirror and Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Bilal Asselah

Bilal Asselah aka Nightrunner


Hailing from Paris Commune of Clichy-Sous-Bois is the French-Algerian Batman known as the Nightrunner. Bilal grew up in Paris to Algerian muslim family and community, unfortunately Bilal and his best friend Aarif were caught into a cross fire due to riots and racial tensions. After Aarif had died setting fire to police station in retaliation. Bilal decides to save and protect his city fro civil unrest as Nightrunner.

Jawed ElBerni

Initially Nightrunner could only operate on the bare minimum equipment and the skills he had with Savate and Parkour. But this all changed when Nightwing and Batman both visited Paris and met him. As a result Bilal had trained with the two as well been provided funding by Bruce Wayne to have his own base and basic Batman equipment and armour to function as a more effective protector of Paris.

Who do I pick?

Jawed ElBerni French Moroccan Martial Arts actor and Stuntman. Started off in Bollywood after Salman Khan recognised his talent when filming in Thailand. He has gone on top USA as a hollywood stunt man and actor. Notably appeared with Scott Adkins in Ninja 2 and in the Rush Hour tv show with Jon Foo.

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