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10 Cartoons That We Would Love To See In Live Action

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

We all grew up watching Cartoons. On CBBC, Jetix, Fox Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney Kids, CITV, Cartoon Network, Kix, Pop and whatever other kids channel we grew up watching them on. Well we wanted to to list down out favourite cartoons series that we would love to see made into a live action series much like Riverdale is for Archie's Weird Mysteries. Hopefully we mention some of your favourite cartoons too,


(Clockwise from centre) Axel, Lioness, King, Hawk and Shark.

short for as Alpha Teens On Machines. A.T.O.M was a French-American cartoon series set in the fictional Landmark City where 5 athletic teenagers are enlisted by Mr Lee to use his prototype weapons, gadgets and vehicles to fight crime and defeat the crime boss Alexander Paine. The 5 teens consist of martial arts expert (and apparently Street Fighter fan) Axel Manning stars in the main role as the teams leader. Alongside him is Crey "King" Kingston the muscle of the team, wrestler and also an animal lover too, Catalina "Lioness" Leone a Brazilian singer and capoeirista serves as the teams leading lady, Zack "Hawk" Hawkes a narcissistic and egotistical pilot who typically serves as the joke character or comedian for the group though he seems to be a fan of Muay Thai and Finally Ollie "Shark" Sharker the surfer dude of the team, generally not the best fighter being an oceanographer as well as a talented in parkour, swimming and free diving. He is generally braver than Hawk. Considering the French inspired setting it would be interesting to see this cast brought to life with French Moroccan Jawed El-Berni as the Axel, French Mauritanian Omar Sy as King and French Brazilian Gyselle Soares as Lioness could easily fit the team as adults in their 30s if this were to be made into Live Action.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

(Clockwise from bottom) Aang, Sokka, Toph, Zuko and Katara

Despite M.Night's attempts at a live action film. The poor choices in casting and direction in the film did not quite catch the magic of the original cartoon series. Many fans have been wanting a live action avatar series with the idea that it would work better as a Netflix series and preferably with ethnically appropriate cast. The series features a fictional world of four nations, Fire Nationals, Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom citizens and Air Nomads. When the Fire Lord decides to conquer the other nations, it is up to the Avatar (master of all elements) to bring peace to the world. Unfortunately 12 year old air nomad Aang was not ready for his avatar duties and went missing for 100 years. He is discovered by Water Tribe members Katara and Sokka with their help along with additional friends like Toph and Suki. They must help Aang master all the elements. However the current Fire Lord Ozai and his children Zuko and Azula aim to stop the Avatar and unleash their armies onto the world. Fresh off the Boat actor 15 year old Forrest Wheeler has become a fan favourite to contend for the role of Aang with Oceanic actors Auli'i Cravalho (Moana) for Katara and Kekeo Kekumano (Aquaman) for Sokka. Fans of Martial Art fantasy show Into The Badlands had considered Eurasian martial arts actor Aramis Knight for Prince Zuko.

Winx Club

(Anti Clockwise from Bottom) Bloom, Sky, Stella, Brandon, Musa, Riven, Techna, Timmy, Nabu, Aisha, Helia, Flora

Letss look into the magical world of the Winx club. An Italian-American animated show about a red haired Bloom who discovers she is in fact a fairy with the powers of dragon flame. Her friends include Stella a blonde bombshell who's channel light magic through the sun and moon, Flora a nature fairy with plant based abilities, Musa a Fairy with magical abilities channeled via sound waves. They are later joined by Aisha, a wave motion fairy, and Roxy a fairy with a strong connection to animals. The series also features Paladins as the girls love interest and allies such as Blond leader Sky, Brown haired lancer Brandon, Competitive Riven, Geeky ginger Timmy, as well as Nabu and Roy. It was announced that a live action series was in the making with the cast Abigail Cowen as Bloom, Danny Griffin as Sky, Hannah van der Westhuysen as Stella, Elisha Applebaum as Musa, Freddie Thorp as Riven, Precious Mustapha as Aisha, Sadie Soverall as Beatrix, Eliot Salt as Terra and Theo Graham as Dane.


(Left to Right) Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, Hay Lin

Much like Winx, we move onto another series featuring magical group of 5 women. Instead of Fairies we have Witches and thank fully these are the heroic kind. French-American animated series based off an Italian comic. Witch stars Red head mixed raced Will who leads the group with the power of Lightning, her friends include the witty and sarcastic water witch Irma, geeky fire witch Taranee, haughty and vain blonde Cornelia with her powers over plants and earth and finally the bubbly and cheerful Hay Lin with her powers of air and wind. The 5 teenagers have to work together to fight evil forces from another magical dimension most notably an evil Prince Phobos and his general the Serpent man Lord Cedric.

Legend of the Dragon

(Clockwise from bottom left) Aang, Beingal, Cobra, Master Chin, Zodiac Master, Xuan Chi, Ling

Many of you may have heard of Chinese New Year (or as Michael would say the real new year) or at least the Chinese Zodiac. British animated series Legend of the Dragon starts off with Chinese twins Aang and Ling compete for the right of being the Dragon guardian. With Aang being chosen, Ling becomes jealous and turns to the dark side becoming the Shadow Dragon under the orders of "The Zodiac Master". A former pupil of Aang and Ling's master Chin who is also bitter over his dismissal on the chance to become the snake guardian. Aang and his master Chin are not along however, as they are joined by Tiger guardian Beingal and Monkey guardian Xuan Chi. The series boasts many allies and enemies some of which being guardians of other zodiac signs. We can definitely see real life siblings Brandon and Nikki Soohoo playing the lead twins with theCSNetwork's very own Rukku Nahar and Michael Truong as Beingal and Xuan Chi if this series makes it into live action.

American Dragon

(Left to Right) Jake, Rose, Spud and Trixie

In the borough of Manhatten, New York we have a young Asian American hero Jake Long aka the American Dragon. Jake Long and his mother's side of the family have the mystical ability to transform between their human form and dragon form. Whilst his American dad is unaware of this. Jake has the support of his mother, grandfather, sister and magical dog Fu-Dog for support one mastering his power. But as a typical high school teen, he has a crush on a girl at school named Rose who is has a secret of her own. She is part of the dragon slaying huntsman guild. Luckily Jake does have his friends Trixie and Spud at his side when things get serious. If the series ever made it into live action we would love to see Asian American Ryan Potter in the lead role of Jake Long especially after his role as Beastboy in Titans shows us how he could fit a martial arts shapeshifter.

Kim Possible

Kim and Ron (Foreground) Shego and Dr Drakken (Background)

Kim Possible had recently received the live action treatment last year in 2019. Despite getting an 100% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. The film itself performed poorly for the audience. Many of the issues were generally the film couldn't quite capture the essence of the TV show as well as the villains portrayal was up to scratch. However they could be potential for this to be an action based teenage series. The main heroes are the Titular Kim Possible a red haired green eyes vigilante who like many teenage heroes has to keep her double life secret. She has the help from her best friend a clumsy side kick Ron Stoppable, Rufus their Naked Mole Rat and guy in the chair Wade Load. OK the series didn't prioritise their character names. But it was a great action packed show for young male and females alike and hopefully the cast of the TV movie could do the magic as a live action TV Series.

Storm Hawks

(Left to Right) Finn, Junko, Piper, Stork, Aero, Radar and Starling

Now time to fly in the sky with the Storm Hawks. Cartoon Networks animated series about teenage Sky Knights in the world of Atmos, where every country is essential a floating Island or on a mountain top due to the ground level being the wastelands of infernal flames, sulphur and magma as well as terrifying creatures. Each country or "Terra" as they are called are protected by Sky Knights. One of these groups are the Storm Hawks. Led by the red haired dual sword wielding Aero they fight against Master Cyclonus and her forces of darkness. Aero's team consists of Finn spiky blonde hair sharpshooter armed with a cross bow, Junko a rhino-like humanoid from a species known as Wallops armed with super strength and large "knuckle busters" to increase his striking power, Piper the resident geeky, navigator and energy crystal expert being the only female of the team but also a bad ass staff fighter and uses her own helicopter bike as opposed to her team mates winged bikes called skimmers. Finally Green skin humanoid Stork the pilot of the Condor (the cruiser/carrier) where the team live. Part of the Merbs species he is generally the paranoid or pessimist of the group.

Totally Spies

(Left to Right) Sam, Clover and Alex

Set in Beverly Hills, California is the French-Canadian animated series Totally Spies. Another potential female action show with a trio of teenage spies living double lives for the World Organisation of Human Protection (WOoHP). The trio consists of Sam the intellectual red head of the group and the main problem solver. Alex is the sweet all-loving heart of the team best known for being quite the animal lover and almost very childish in comparison to her friends. Clover a tall Blonde athlete of the trio tends to be their impulsive muscle of the group and most combat capable. There is an air of Charlie''s Angels with this trio of women as well.

Generator Rex

Set in a world where 5 years ago there was an explosion that spread nanites to infect all living things. These nanites may randomly activate within their hosts turning them into monsters called E.V.O (Exponentially Variegated Organism. Some of these E.V.O retian their humanity whilst others go mental. This is where our Latino cyborg hero Rex Salazar comes in. Amnesiac 15 year old Rex is an E.V.O but with the unique ability to retain his human form and use his nanites to cure other E.V.Os from their infection, much like many high tech superheroes he can use his nanotech to shapeshift his body into various Sci-Fi weaponry and use his bio-mechanical abilities much like Cyborg from the DC comics. It would be great seeing as he is of Mexican and Argentinian origin, for young Latinos to see a superhero of their background play a lead role in a live action series.

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